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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 5,187/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
crème de mint
(Minun (Flirty))
633876,456 / 1,203,967
•° Lucky Star °•
786493,267 / 1,484,598
•° ily °•
331432,729 / 2,030,815
1014,662 / 30,907
Miss Posh
(Furfrou (Dandy))
374351,133 / 420,751
•° Afterglow °•
30274,568 / 164,712

just some cool kids on the block


Game Records

Trainer ID: #620556922
Registration: 18/06/2016 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 813:08 Hours
Total interactions: 113,144
Money: 554,221
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


#hashtaggiveaway WINNERS!
Sorry for the delay, I realized how much time I needed to tally the winners and put then through an itemizer x( (there were 97 entries, so much more than I expected!)

Anyway, here are a list of winners (#1 to #15)! <3 linkyy
I'll be messaging #1 first for which Pokemon they want to pick from the box, so on and so forth. If you're at the latter half of the list, it might take a little while to get to you, so sorry!

Thank you for joining everyone. ^^
7 Months ago

Hi my dudes I’m sorry for the delay in raffling! Been super duper busy atm but I’ll find time in a few hours or so. c: Life has just been crazy with my heavy to-do list!
7 Months ago
#hashtaggiveaway is almost ending! roughly 6 hours left. make sure to get in your entries by posting the hashtag :]

(winners will be raffled once I finish my exam tomorrow lol)
7 Months ago
cool, #hashtaggiveaway is still trending.
get your posts with the hashtag in because this is going to end tomorrow! I won't be able to raffle right after the closing time since I'll be super busy, but I'll definitely announce the winner within a day or two from closing. c: Thanks!
7 Months ago
#HashtagGiveaway (woah! we're top trending apparently)

Heads up that I'm hosting a pokemon giveaway. :) You can check more info on my previous feed.

And P.S.: I'll only count feeds that include the hashtag, not comments or PMs. ^^ This is to promote the hashtag in case more people are interested!
7 Months ago
Hey everyone.

After much consideration I've decided to move on from this site. It was short-lived fun, but I think I'd be better off elsewhere.

I'm raffling off my shinies/mega found here. Some of them are event Pokemon so yeah.

I can't think of a good hashtag so just post #HashtagGiveaway and I'll enter you into a raffle (one entry per person only). Will pick the top 15 from a randomized list, first one on the list will get first pick in the box, etc.

Ends same time next week. Good luck. :)
7 Months ago
more drawn fusions!!

I am def keeping miss whimsius, *might* auction out lickimunch if i feel like it mmm.......
11 Months ago
I think I'm getting better at making fusions.
Also been thinking about fairy/fire types so,,,

Floette + Litwick = a potpourri pokemon!
11 Months ago
If anyone's selling gold boxes (or knows someone selling gold boxes) lmk :') these gold keys are just rotting in my inventory and I wanna use them lol
1 Year ago
I'm bored so would anyone happen to have some gold boxes laying there? I need 7 lol.
1 Year ago
is it just me or is pokefarm acting up? hnghh
1 Year ago
Shadow Clefairy caught!!
Ahhh!! a baby!! my lucky star finally has a shadow company c:
1 Year ago
Finally got a shadow butterfree. I swear I've used up like 10k PD just for my radar to search it ; -;
1 Year ago
I think shadow pokemon are just....... the shadows of pokemon that became sentient.
1 Year ago
Anyone trading nuggets for PD? I kinda want another shadow slot hrmm,,
1 Year ago
Ahh got a female shadow rapidash! Cool!
1 Year ago
Ah yes. Thank you to the retro game. I have 400 ultra balls I never needed again until now x)
1 Year ago
Making a feed to remember which grass I left at
1 Year ago
chain 106 on pfq without shiny or albino,, idk if this is normal or I'm just unlucky as hecc ; ;
1 Year ago
i made a gymsona! it's a normal + fairy-type kind of peg c:

(somehow I feel like the piece is lacking? esp. in shading i guess hkjdf i don't know how to properly shade)
1 Year ago

hi I'm skar/flower
& I'm exhausted

(she/her pronous ye)

I'm buying fairy gems!

credits and other stuff below

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[ king lulu deer ]
[ glukoko ]
[ optimistic-runaway ]

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Shiny Hunt

f1owercrown is currently hunting Mawile.
Hunt started: 24/12/2018

Chain: 1,500
48 23 0