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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 2,644/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mawile29 / 15
Mawile15 / 6
Mawile25 / 15
Mawile29 / 15
Mawile25 / 15
Mawile16 / 6

just some cool kids on the block


Game Records

Trainer ID: #620556922
Registration: 18/06/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Aug/2019
Game Time: 805:01 Hours
Total interactions: 112,877
Money: 1,186,097
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


#FreshCrystals congrats !! ♡
2 Days ago
#IccysFinalGiveaway yeet
5 Days ago
ughhh PFQ is still down, I feel bad since today had 3 (or 4??) bonus stuff sdfklj
5 Days ago
Been thinking about leaving this site since I already got my Shiny Mega Mawile (well, on PFQ but it still counts) :')
6 Days ago
How much is the exchange rate between PD/nuggets to PFQ currencies? :0 And would anyone be selling PFQ currencies around here?
10 Days ago
ughhh so many cute albino/special pkmn on pfq I need ; 3;
10 Days ago
ayooo so anyway uhh I made a PFQ here, not sure what I should be doing yet but I'm excited to be around!
11 Days ago
I don't wanna start anything, but I just want to remind people that Pride Month was formed in commemoration to the events that took place in Stonewall in 1969. Riots were made to fight for the homosexuals/gays who were oppressed at that time.

The more you know! ☆
12 Days ago
changed my icon !!! bi n proud!!
here's the orig. ver. uvu <3
14 Days ago
I'm so extra hyped to make pride adopts and such. qwq I also wanna buy pride merch and join in our uni's pride march ahhh <3
14 Days ago
happy pride month!! I changed my icon to match my sexuality uvu <3
14 Days ago
Might terminate this chain early and start a SM Skarmory hunt hmmm,,,
15 Days ago
my nuggets: 667
mystery box: *gives 2 nuggets*
me: heh. nice
16 Days ago
Interaction exchange? :0
18 Days ago
"slightly increased breeding chance" but I've only gotten three 3 eggs from the DC today.

20 Days ago
Got no friends on PoGo, so add me! 6852 8457 1325 xoxo
(lmk if you've added me so I can add you back!)
20 Days ago
I literally thoughg Aipom was a Gen IV poke. And then when i saw it in RSE I thought it was a Gen III. Damn monkey was actually a Gen II poke, I'm surprised I never knew that
21 Days ago
I don't think I've ever announced it here yet, but--
I passed my dream med school, I'm so happy! I'm getting my confirmation slip tomorrow uvu
21 Days ago
oh lmao i didn't think i had reached the 1000th mark but welp here i am
26 Days ago
Anyone want to throw random pokemon at me and see what fusion I can make from them?
I like drawing soft/cutesy stuff, just so yknos my strengths.

Might auction off a design if I like how it turns out lol
26 Days ago

hi I'm skar/flower
& I'm exhausted

(she/her pronous ye)

I'm buying fairy gems!

credits and other stuff below

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bless them for their art
[ lastsecret.net ]
[ king lulu deer ]
[ glukoko ]
[ optimistic-runaway ]

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Shiny Hunt

f1owercrown is currently hunting Mawile.
Hunt started: 24/12/2018

Chain: 1,274
41 18 0