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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 1,570/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Wailmer (Babylonian)8928,601 / 51,108
Bewear708,811 / 14,911
Bewear7013,762 / 14,911
Bewear691,303 / 14,491
Bewear7313,179 / 16,207
Bewear7013,822 / 14,911

About Me



Information About Myself

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Name : _Ark
Age : 13
Zodiac : Cancer
Birthday : July 6th
Favorite Pokemon Type : Steel
Games I like : Pokemon, Danganronpa, Stardew Valley, Persona 5
Dislikes : Rude/Mean people, 70% of society, Celestia Ludenburg
Avatar by : kelbunny13

Before Contacting Me

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·I won't except a friend request from you if I have never spoken to you before, sorry.
·Anything not in my trade panel isn't for sale, unless I make a post saying otherwise.
·You may not trade with me if you are on my blocklist. Bye!
·If I see that you have acted rude toward me or anyone else a few time, say hello to my blocklist!
·No, do not PM me or PalPad me asking me to buy something from you
·I'm open for any conversation, but don't just say "Hi" or "Hello". Also, do not act creepy or ask innoproprate things.
·If you are in my blocklist, know you are there for a reason. Don't try talking to me and getting me to unblock you, it isn't happening.
·If you did read this, thank you so much!

Shiny Hunt

_Ark is currently hunting Stufful.
Hunt started: 05/04/2020

Chain: 71


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Newest gifts
CyberBot88 1 Year ago
Gojirath 2 Years ago
ShadeKinoSoul 2 Years ago
UltimateRayquaza 3 Years ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #432024379
Registration: 20/01/2020 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 319:57 Hours
Total interactions: 119,340
Money: 428,167
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Appears momently
Not doing the best rn
1 Year ago
*slides in after randomly remembering this site* "Wait, this still exists? Huh."
*Casually leaves for another 4 months*
2 Years ago
Sorry for close post, now to see how much stuff I missed. Dang, only 15 days? Felt like 2 months. Anyways wonder what that new event Pokemon is...
3 Years ago
Guess who's back, back again. I am back, but you don't need to tell a friend
3 Years ago
I've been thinking for some while. I'm gonna leave this site for a while, probably purely because I've gotten bored of it. I may come back to it one day or in a few months or so. If you wanna talk to me you can contact me via discord but uh, yeah. *boops the sign out button*
3 Years ago
I've cleared out my Friend list some and unfriended people I haven't or rarely talk to, so if you see that I have unfriended you that's why.
3 Years ago
Nice fresh batch of eggs here, interaction exchange
3 Years ago
The new Easter Event is halve bad, halve ok.
The Easter Swanna is fine in my opinion, but that Ducklett really isn't vibing with me. Like, just looking at it makes me wanna gag ngl.
3 Years ago
Can you guys feed my Easter Ducklett a berry so I can get more stuff for the contest? Heart for party interactions back.
3 Years ago
I'm gonna really try out the beauty contest this month, Mimikyu you're up!
3 Years ago
Saw a shiny of the event Pokemon here. Hopefully thr non shiny isn't like that because I'm already kinda not a fan about this one...
3 Years ago
New egg :3 interaction exchange?
3 Years ago
Bruh new Pokemon come out and nobody told me :0
3 Years ago
Well, looks like I'm settling for the normal event Pokemon like a loser. Anyways wonder what Pokemon it'll be based from. Got any guesses?
3 Years ago
I had the event egg in my party...now it isn't there. What 0_0
3 Years ago
If this event just gives us old event Pokemon Im gonna scream
3 Years ago
Guys I hate that I might be spamming some of my friendlist's feeds. We have 15 minutes until reset! We are almost there, I'd like to kindly ask you all to click like it's SCS, or like there's no tomarrow. We can do it!
3 Years ago
I have a new suggestion. It sucks but uh here
3 Years ago
When ever I go to golden slots and lose on legend mode, I get that annoying puzzle piece animation.
Are you taunting me for being unlucky? Go on, say it! I know you are!

sorry for close post
3 Years ago
Hey guys! We are really close to getting 2x today. I'd like to encourage everyone to interact a little more today so we can all get that good interaction boost!
3 Years ago

Now selling

Stufful and Bewear for 900 PD each!

Weather Balloon = 10k PD [STOCK: 3]

I am buying Mega Able Steelix/Onix.

Contact me though private message/Pal Pad to purchase

Shiny Hunt Plans

I am currently hunting...

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Shiny Stufful!

Future Hunts will be...

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Shiny Drilbur!

Shiny Komala!

Shiny Torkoal!



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