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Formerly: LordVallar
Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,827/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Stoutland1189,933 / 47,097
Carracosta17453,115 / 91,351

Poetry by Me

These are all extracts of my works and incomplete in case of someone stealing them.

"Lovely" By Stewart C.H Walker
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Lovely stars lovely sight tis nothing but a moonlit night..
There for and there without tis not less than yet still more than as tis thy's own self and beauty..
Inside yet outside tis alike a mirroring effect tis thyself as thee tis lovely..(Extract)

"Have a day.." By Stewart C.H Walker
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Have a day as radiant as the moonlit sky,
A night filled as a rose is when yet to bloom,
And a life as thy own grace.. (extract)

"Scraps" By Stewart C.H Walker
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Hath thee heard? hath thee seen!
The lowly sirs hath taint and blight,
they starve and cry but none shall hear their plight..
They screech of joy as feast of scraps unbeknownst be ridden of the house still immune..
yet sadly still tis scraps as they shan't beknown lest the hoard unplugged beclose again
Tis not to be.. Tis not to be! as life wherever seen still scrounges for feed..(In editation)

"The ravings of a madman" By Stewart C.H Walker
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The ravings of a madman, a happy a strange a sad man.
Bequethed with brain and wit alike.. yet without wind shall still fly a kite.
With passage of thyme he may seep t'ae rhyme..
Upon midnight when bells do chime he'll howl and yell alike none his kin'(e).
He will yell! He will sing! And bring many a calf a unfair suffer'ing..
Upon end of full moons time, he will change from w'ere to 'gone!'(almost done)

Poems continued

"Fire, fire..." By Stewart C.H Walker
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Fire, fire burning bright..
Tis the warmth in the night.
Yew shall fizzle to stars delight..
An' Oak is still and sturdy yet shall
somehow give up with nay' a fight.
Spruce shall last when packed up tight and
Birch burns with colours behest travelers delight!
A flame shall dance when ember still yet after
tine wind shall kill!



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Rate me on a ratio of 1 to 10 please?
*stolen from Aspen Corvus and many others*
Today, 18:10
A chapter on Lauki and Kiwi when their drunk!
*Lauki aka Lauren Kieran and Kiwi aka Kye and Wiliam aka two ships drunk at once!!*
Today, 17:24
When you compliment people and they just say ok or i know
Today, 15:00
Does anyone on pokeheroes play dark souls?
Today, 14:18
Praise the Sun!
Today, 14:08
Does anyone know of a way to show videos that arent super short like a 30 sec video? (I tried on img.bb but it said the file was too large *me trying to show people my cat being cute again*)
Today, 13:10
My cat being an absolute cutie, she looks like a cushion doesent she?
Today, 12:09
Updated profile.
Yesterday, 23:53
My freind Sans is super nice ^^
Briliant person over there if anyone wants to meet one of the few ideal humans. *Val complimenting freinds on public feeds bcs Whynaut pun intended*
Yesterday, 22:41
When you have 17 commisions atm each valued at 25k before hand and 25k after.
Ima be broke.. *and some other smaller and laryer commisions*
Yesterday, 22:25
I love my cat ^^
Everyone else: Takes photos of their pets being cute
Me: Takes photos of my cat catching, killing and eating a mouse. Oh as well as its remains afterwards being brought to the doorstep by my cat as a 'gift'.
Yesterday, 21:37
So i had this peice of drama work i hated..
And i had to write over 4000 words (it was about 4670 i think) for a story based on a original character. I wrote it in 10 mins or less by stringing along a jumbled mess of thoughts,
Personaly i think it looked like a drunk person wrote a peice of lovecraftian fiction...
BUT it still passed with flying colours!
Yesterday, 12:49
New day new avi :P
Yesterday, 12:40
In a physics lesson we where talking aboutaceleration and deceleration at the time
And we started to talk about a certain type of train that would burn its self up to decelerate
Then my stupid sleep deprived self said
"So if i where to strap a human to the front of one it would be good for decelerating?"
And they said "Yes" then i said "Then why dont we do that already?"😅😂😂😂 im too sleep deprived to think.
Yesterday, 11:09
Another 20 kins another avi!
This is gonna get annoying reaaal fast.
(Night all btw)
1 Day ago
Another hour another avi!
(Nostalgia = constantly changing avi val)
1 Day ago
Another avi another hour
1 Day ago
New avi
(It will take a bit to load)
1 Day ago
How are you all?
2 Days ago
Any suggestions on what i should write a poem about?
2 Days ago

About Me

Name¤Val (Though as you will have guessed its Stewart C.H Walker as it says so in my poetry section😂 but its my prefered name🤷🏼‍♀️)


Sexuality¤Pansexual~Aromantic (too a point.)

Personality¤Im kinda shy and i normaly put up a facade about how im feeling but i love talking to new people and making freinds, please feel free too palpad me!

Likes¤Philosophy, Reading, Poetry, Art (though im bad at it), Chatting and a whole bunch of other things.

Dislikes¤Mean people, Ignorance, People being mean to my freinds, Spicy food and a whole lotta stuff.

Taken or single?¤Single as a pringle! (Which doesent make sense they come in packs but im still single T-T

Lets be honest now no one even cares enough to read this!.. Right?

My PH family,

My PH family;
God Brother: Dark_Demon
Pack Alpha: TheBlackAlpha
Pokè Aunt: Lady Luck aka LuckLady
Whimsi's pet: The_Radio_Demon
Boombox: BoomBoy
Newtons Apple: -Lavenderblush (Its a joke about how she is very smart)
~Corvus~ the cute corvi!

Pal pad me to join my ph family


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