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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 2,863/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
26646 / 2,107

Shiny Hunt

TomatoSoup is currently hunting Spiritomb.
Hunt started: 10/01/2021

Chain: 127


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Absbor 19 Hours ago
TomatoSoup 21 Hours ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #958874211
Registration: 17/12/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Dec/2021
Game Time: 791:10 Hours
Total interactions: 501,445
Money: 2,804,975
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Can the U.S. not catch on fire for like 5 minutes? We JUST started 2021. It's barely been a week ffs.
12 Days ago
If that $2000 stimulus check gets passed, I will buy someone a switch/steam game of their choice, within reason. :P
22 Days ago
Alright. Sorry for making everyone wait. It took some time to compile names haha.

The winner of #SoupKitchen is -drumroll-
~Sun~! Proof!
I will be contacting you soon!

Thank you so much to everyone for spreading the message around! I was able to help over 50 users! It might not seem like much since this site has tons of users but all of them were able to participate in the advent calendar for the day without having to spend 10k+ on a pokemon that would be 1k the next day. Last year, the price gouging was ridiculous and I did what I could to help anyone who needed it with a lot less mons and less available time, much like the year before. This year, I saw a lot more people helping each other and after everything that's happened in 2020, it was a relief to see that.
Thank you all again! Happy Holidays everyone!
27 Days ago
I'm alive again
27 Days ago
I'm going to take a nap so I won't be around to help anyone for a few hours (I'll take a 4 hour nap and pop back in) So you can still leave me a message but please keep in mind that I'm offline and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I've been up for 18 hours to keep up with any requests and I'm kinda sleepy now haha.

If you're unable to wait, I'd suggest asking around for someone else. Sorry! :(
27 Days ago
I am lending Delbird, Vanillish and Spheal for free to anyone who needs one! All I ask is that they be returned. If you need one, please PM, PP, or leave a comment! Please only ask if you actually need them.

Also, This is a giveaway! I'm giving away 2,000 nugs at reset! Please spread around this message so I can help as many as possible.
To enter, share this message and heart this feed!
28 Days ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 5 Years now!

→ Claim your gift

5 years and I'm still too lazy to finish my dex haha.
1 Month ago
This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
2 Months ago
Riako is Cat Lady confirmed.
2 Months ago
You bought 1 raffle tickets. Good luck!
Your tickets: 1 || Total tickets: 493,742
Your current chance of winning: 0.00%

You guys are looking at the future owner of the 1OS Shiny Magearna.
3 Months ago
EHP: 7,904 /7,905
That should be illegal
4 Months ago
There's a glitch in the matrix
4 Months ago
Worst thing about doing a dragon type pokemon hunt is that you can't trade gems for eggs. The price for dragon gems are unreal.
4 Months ago
Buying anyone's unwanted Regis!

(Prices from price check)
Regirock - 5,000 - 10,000
Regice - 12,000 - 18,000
Registeel - 18,000 - 20,000
Regigigas - 40,000 - 50,000

Shiny Regirock - 110,000 - 145,000
Shiny Regice - 110,000 - 145,000
Shiny Registeel- 110,000 - 145,000
Shiny Regigigas - 170,000 - 215,000

Can pay in PD or Nuggets.

Comment or palpad me.
5 Months ago
Obligatory check-in
5 Months ago
Woah, I exist.
11 Months ago
Shout out to ProfessorGreenie for making all of these new shadow pokemon sprites!
1 Year ago

The Regi Protection Foundation

Welcome to the Regi Protection Foundation!
This is a sanctuary for any and all Regis!
For more infomation, click here!

Rehoming prices:
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5,000PD - 10,000PD

12,000PD - 18,000PD

18,000PD - 20,000PD

40,000PD - 50,000PD

Regi Trio

110,000PD - 145,000PD

170,000PD - 215,000PD

Giratina Hunt

I'm buying Giratina summon items!

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(According to price check) (Additionally, I added the max I'd be willing to pay for a single item)
Griseous Orb: 90,000PD - 120,000PD (200,000PD max)
Spooky Manor Map: - 130,000PD - 160,000PD (225,000PD max)
Dark Orb: - 145,000PD - 180,000PD (250,000PD max)

Willing to pay with PD, Nuggets, Items, or Pokemon!
I'm also offering to hatch a Giratina for you (In exchange for the summon item) as I know the mini games can be hard.
Palpad me if you're interested!


About Me

Some boring info
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Previous username: GhostTina

Female | 22 | Straight | Soup | Taken
Birthday: February 20th

Heyo. Name's Kristina but people usually call me Tina/Tuna. Kris, or Soup.

I'm pretty chill so feel free to add me or message me.

I work Monday-Friday 3pm-11:30PM central time so if I don't get back to you.. Well that's probably because I'm working. I work at a plastics factory, it's not the best job but it pays well.

I like anime and video games and I tend to play a lot of Overwatch or Pixelmon on my days off.

I was born in Florida but moved to Minnesota in May, 2018.

I'm not very good at initiating conversations but I do like to talk! I don't really have any close friends on this site since I tend to be a loner. There are a few people i do admire from afar But I'd like to make some friends at some point!

Feel free to ask me anything!