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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 9,598/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Trapinch26851 / 1,833
Trapinch261,317 / 1,833
Trapinch26483 / 1,833
Trapinch261,775 / 1,833
Trapinch26656 / 1,833
Trapinch27202 / 1,998

Shiny Hunt

TomatoSoup is currently hunting Trapinch.
Hunt started: 29/07/2023

Chain: 702
19 19 0


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Nightwing~ 1 Month ago
TomatoSoup 1 Month ago
TomatoSoup 1 Month ago
TomatoSoup 1 Month ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #958874211
Registration: 17/12/2015 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Apr/2024
Game Time: 1195:24 Hours
Total interactions: 1,037,448
Money: 672,350
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


I am today years old when I learned I can change the color of the pokeradar.
4 Months ago
I forgot how painful it is to fish on mobile
5 Months ago
If you're homophobic and you know it, unfriend me.👏👏
If you're transphobic and you know it, please block me.👏👏
If you're a bigot and you know it, and you really want to show it, if you're a hater and you know it, don't talk to me.👏👏

Happy pride month friends! 💚🏳️‍🌈
6 Months ago
Do you guys ever just violently crave something? For me, I'm craving rice a roni (chicken flavor) right now and would become violent if someone were to deny me of it. I'm going to the store to pick up some now before I turn into a criminal.
7 Months ago
Getting a 1os is overrated. But getting last on site? Now THAT'S an achievement.
7 Months ago
Eggs collected. Again. Not to bothered by the reset since I knew it was coming. Still fun to find them tho.
8 Months ago
Hey guys. I wanted to throw this out here cause not many people know about this but if you're looking for a pokemon collect-them-all type game, I highly recommend checking out VaruBot for discord.
You catch pokemon via the bot. That's the gist of it anyways. You can grow berries, shiny hunt in the wild or by eggs, collect, etc. There's also a gts and a 'PC' on their little site. I also believe they're adding in battling soon, if not already. I kinda forgot. Once you complete your dex, you level up and then can start again (you keep your old pokemon and get a new challenge) Just a neat thing I found awhile back. You can either join their official discord and play with a bunch other people or invite the bot to your own private server so you can play with friends.
If anyone needs info, just hmu or comment and I'll tell you what I know. 💚

Quick disclaimer: Not an ad. Just a recommendation.
8 Months ago
The update made sense if it came out 8+ years ago. To push out an update like that now doesnt make sense to me. Especially when there's plenty of things that could be worked on instead.

Even for those who join and get their friends to let them mass dex takes time anyways since they'd have to get junk mons and can only trade 15 at a time. The majority of users who work on completing their dex either hatch the pokemon themselves through the lab, gem collector, tall grass, or breeding. 3 of which costs PD or spend PD in the auction house or GTS. Both of which also cost money. Or they hatch AND buy. It's not free to any of us to complete a dex. Personally, I didn't like it, even though it doesn't directly effect me.

I also think saying "it's his site, he can do what he wants" is counter productive to the community. Yes. It's his site. But he's not the one who has to deal with these changes during gameplay. We do. So if we don't like something, can't we say so?
8 Months ago
Next time on:Things that literally no one asked for!
"Minor update: You now need to ask your pokemon's permission to nickname it and you can only nickname it once"
8 Months ago
I was secretly hoping it was going to be a valentines Regigigas but I guess the gross genie is fine too.
9 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Giratina hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #87)!
9 Months ago
I feel like the only thing you'd get from the trade up challenge is blocked by majority of users.
9 Months ago
I feel like Regigigas is being neglected for this event. He's gen 4 too. He needs some love.
2 Years ago
How dare you guys want a collectable pokemon on a pokemon collecting site. /s
2 Years ago
Also, incase anyone forgot.
No matter what month it is. Just throwing that out there.
2 Years ago
Alright! Let's share the love during this wonderful month of pride.

The winner of this giveaway will receive 5,000 nuggets! To enter, heart this feed!

For all of you out there who are struggling to tell your families/friends about yourself or for those of you who are facing hate or criticism after showing off your colors, or anyone in between. Never stop being you. Never change to fit someone else's ideals. Love yourself for who you are.
I know there's a lot of unjust hate in this world towards people of the LGBTQ+ community and I wish I could do more to spread positivity beyond a giveaway. Regardless, please stay safe everyone. <3
2 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Baltoy hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #718)!

Eyyy! Shiny Mega! I'm finally f r e e.
2 Years ago
** I am an ally **
If you're being harassed, bullied, or are otherwise uncomfortable or scared by someone's actions towards you, whether online or irl, or if you're going through something mentally or emotionally. I am here for you .
Even if we've never talked before or if we've talked a million times. If you need a safe person to reach out to, get advice from, or even if it's just to vent, you can talk to me. I will never, EVER share anything you come to me for and I will not pry into your personal life, nor demand more information. What you choose to tell me is entirely up to you. I am here to support you, not judge you. If you need help seeking staff or legal aid, I will assist you to the best of my abilities.
I will do anything I can to help you.
You are not alone.
2 Years ago
If I didn't already have depression, this site would have certainly send me spiraling down. 😞
2 Years ago
I got my Snap! (I pre-ordered the physical copy the day the released date was announce lmao). Now I just gotta speed run work so I can come home and play. That's how time works, right?
2 Years ago

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