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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,006/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
~DrGrimm's Charm~
324121,707 / 394,876
(Sentret (Retro))
14112,615 / 60,067
13125,554 / 64,846

Shiny Hunt

ThePumpkaboo is currently hunting Dratini.
Hunt started: 01/11/2021

Chain: 98

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ThePumpkaboo hasn't collected any medals so far.


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Visiting the Dream World Shop (4 Seconds ago)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #503308753
Registration: 11/06/2021 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 185:08 Hours
Total interactions: 265,046
Money: 470,051
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Is anyone selling nuggets? I really need them for a premium account ;w;
Today, 02:01
Interaction Exchange? Heart for return!
Today, 00:30
I think that (maybe) some of my friends know that I got a shiny retro before getting my shiny ralts on my previous hunt, and I think I'm more proud of getting the retro than the actual ralts-
Yesterday, 18:50
By Nevv - 10 Hours and 24 Minutes ago.
First and Last giveaway from me,I've decided to giveaway all my stuff and pokemon
Prize :
1. Ditto
2. Glastrier
3. 3 Legendary Kanto Bird
4. 3 Lugia (Normal,Retro,Shadow)
5. 3 Legendary Kanto Bird (Galarian form)
6. Weather Trio + Primal and Mega item
7. 3 Legendary Dogs
8. 5 Regi's (check my giveaway box)
9. Eon pokemon + Mega Form
10. Lake Trio
11. Shaymin + Sky Shaymin
12. Kyurem + DNA Splicer (Black and White)
13. Hoopa + Hoopa Unbound
14. Cosmog evo line
15. Retro Gastly evo line
16. Shadow Mewtwo + Mew
17. Ho-oh + Celebi
18. Raylong + Jirachi
19. Dialga + Primal Dialga
20. Darkrai + Aurora
21. Victini
22. Xerneas + 2 Zygarde (100% and 10%)
23. Tapu Fini + Magearna
24. Marshadow + Zeraora + Eternatus
25. Mega Charizard X + Mega Gardevoir
26. All Shiny (Check my giveaway box)
27. All my item + 700k pd
To enter giveaway just heart this feed and share #byenevv (i want to quit ph after giveaway ended) end after completed my kanto dex and get Mewt
Yesterday, 14:39
Yes I am very food at art lol

2 Days ago
you know the machine rumble mission? maybe it's just my luck, but I can't seem to find more of them, just two pieces... This has nothing to do with the hashtag, sort of, I just hate him for sending me to do things that are impossible xD #FireRowan
3 Days ago
Mega stone?! :OOO
4 Days ago
Forgot to say but TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE AUCTION!! The character from the auction will be PM to the winner at 7:00 pm!
4 Days ago
Two more days until the auction at my art shop finishes! Wait, did I not tell you about the auction earlier? well, my bad ;w;
6 Days ago
7 Days ago
By Togepie - 28 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.
So! Holiday is nearing! What have I to offer? NOTHING! HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. But I'm doing a giveaway anyways because everyone else is and- well- what better would I have to do with the Eternal Rock I cannot use? and the *eyes FluffyStar* 15 MEGAABLE BEEDRIL-anyways- ahem! Anyways!
Errrrrr to join the giveaway, share #IAmNotThrowingAwayMyShot
1: Eternal Rock (I'm a newbie and newbies think they are good, oki???)
2: 2 Megaable Beedrill and ????
3: 1 megabble beedrill
Happy Holidays!
Giveaway ends- er- soon. Start of December, Idk.
9 Days ago
By PenguinPowerful - 13 Hours and 8 Minutes ago.
Hello Everyone!

As Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are coming up (yes I celebrate Hanukkah, I’m Jewish) I thought it would be a good time to do a giveaway!

How to enter
Like this feed and share #MenschOnABench

5 Dynamax Crystals
1 Super Honey
1 Mystery Box (Black)
2 Mystery Keys (Gold)
1 Rare Candy

Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving! Giveaway ends on the first night of Hanukkah which is Sunday the 28th. So the giveaway will close at reset!

Good Luck!
10 Days ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Old Vinyl!

another one?!
10 Days ago
Interaction exchange? Heart for return! :)
12 Days ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Old Vinyl!

another one :D
12 Days ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Old Vinyl!

what's this?
16 Days ago
By MsLovelyRainbow - 29 Minutes and 11 Seconds ago.
Okay. I decided to do this again! I don't have great prices although ;-;
Because I just got my vaccine! The prizes are
1. Special coupon for my shop + a shiny future hunt that you request me to do
2. Special coupon for my shop
3. Some gems that I have idk?
If enough people join I might up the prizes. I was a little bored when I decided to make this so -_-

Yes please! Y'all better get your vaccines! I got my vaccine then got covid, and i was quite sick with a 105 fever, but can you guess how sick I would've been without the vaccine? Comment your opinions, I don't care.
19 Days ago
oh- I just realized my dratini box was still named ralts- hold on a sec lemme change that-
19 Days ago


Hello there, and welcome to my profile! I'm ThePumpkaboo, but you can just call me Pumpkin :) I'm a girl, my age is ** and my favorite pokemons are Ditto, Pumpkaboo, Gardevoir, and Gallade!


My art shop <3

Credit to Fluffidi <3(please don't eat me ;w;)

We have a long way to go ;w;


Please Train Me!