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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 452/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Igglybuff13 / 6
(Giga Gengar)
14249,880 / 68,928
Igglybuff10 / 6

Hi hello

Hello, welcome to my profile..!

Please refer to me as Pesk, if not ThePesk. currently (not prepared to go into) 7th grade, so thats cool. I am highly into drawing, music, Kid Icarus, and I have a (unhealthy) Vocaloid and Utaite addiction.

I do have more interests/ fandoms (listed below), so feel free to pm me! please don't be intimidated in any way by me, I really want people to talk to..and I'm most likely more scared to even reply to anything bc anxiety. so yeah, that wraps that up. have a good day!

Main fandoms (as of Augest 2020):
Kid Icarus, Rhythm Heaven, Smash Bro's (mostly ultimate tho hhaha--), Pokemon, Vocaloid, Utaite, Animal Crossing, Cookie Run
Animes (rank: Newbie weeb): Darling in the Franxx, Konosuba, Days of UraShimaSakataSen, trying to get into more..!
Other fandoms: Bfb (Battle for B.F.D.I), Inanimate Insanity, Slime Rancher

also extra thing if you ever want Vocaloid song recommendations pm me i have a bunch i will gladly share ok bye---

Btw my acnh creator id is:
I gotta a good amount of Vocaloid based custom designs, so yeah

If you were curious

just some other unimportant stuff about me.

Favorite Pokemon: Sylveon, Drifloon, and Raboot for the most part
Favorite Mega: Diancie
Favorite Shiny: Drifloon!!

Smash Main: Pit and Pittoo!!
Other Characters I use: Pichu, Palutena, Hero, Jigglypuff
Favorite DLC (so far): Byleth and Hero
Am I good at playing smash? not at all!!

Favorite Kid Icarus Character: both of the Pits!!
Least Favorite character: Chaos kin
Favorite chapter(s): chapters 13 and 22
Least favorite chapter: 21 (mostly because of the epilogue. I cried.)

Favorite Rhythm Heaven minigames: both Tap Trials, Nightwalk, and 10 other minigames (plus 3 remixes, 3 endless games, and 1 rhythm toy (and counted!))
Favorite Rhythm Heaven song: Nightwalk (Rhythm Heaven Fever) and the Tap Trials!
Perfect count:
Tengoku: 1 DS: 3 Megamix: 75
I am unable to play Rhythm Heaven fever right now since I don't own a Wii, but I hope to play it soon!

favorite Cookie Run characters: Strawberry, Mustard, Pintaya, Ananas, Birthday Cake, Roguefort, and squid ink Cookie

Favorite Slime rancher slime: Phosphors!

favorite Inanimate Insanity Chatacters: Lightbulb and Paintbrush
Favorite BFB Characters: Puffball, Bell, and GB

Animal Crossing dreamies: Lily, Cousteau, Croque, Judy, Bob, Stitches, apple, merengue, flurry, broccolo
villagers on my island (acnh): Merengue, Apple, Flurry, broccolo, stitches, Pashmina, Croque, Judy, Beau, Chadder

Favorite Darling in the Franxx character: always has, and always will be ichigo :))

favorite song artists: Mafumafu, Soraru, Neru, PinnochioP, and more Mafumafu (and soraru.!!)
favorite songs: idk man i just listen to a lot of Mafumafu and Soraru. Probably Roki (MikitoP but mostly the AtR cover) and Jigsaw Puzzle (Mafumafu)
favorite youtubers: Failboat, Fyrus, Mafumafu, soraru,,,,


shiny hunts

name: Phos.
chain 46
tall grass eggs

broke chain

Nickname: *-Roki-*
Chain: 226
Tall Grass Eggs

Game Records

Trainer ID: #905969800
Registration: 20/03/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 654:37 Hours
Total interactions: 129,486
Money: 444,677
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Hi I finished this thing i was working on, where i drew a bunch of characters, all from the same song. So I have all of them in 5 (uneven) groups so uh, here they are
3 (small blood warning..?)
and 5
have a good rest of the week, gamers.
Yesterday, 11:40
So those drawings im working on aren't gonna be finished. not today at least, since i still got 5 to go. So for the time being, have this thing i drew because i wish they were real,,
2 Days ago
Hi im tired (kinda)
Would anyone want me to post some art tomorrow? I've been working on a thing and its going well so far, so I might post it
3 Days ago
hi i am stressed about school starting in 5 days for me. so uh, does anyone, by some chance, have any good Vocaloid song recommendations? I just need something to new to listen to
12 Days ago
hi last art post for a while (probably)
I was trying out a new style and ended up with results i was proud of so i thought i'd share them!
I also made a wallpaper for my phone so theres that too.!
alright enjoy :))
14 Days ago
hey remember how i said i might draw last posts drawing on my phone?
no? well i drew it on my phone! i think its a bit messy, tho..
16 Days ago
have a drawing i make today because the song its based off song was stuck in my head!!
might try to actually draw it on my phone, but i also fear that it would be too hard, but who knows, i might do it
16 Days ago
i have more art for you all today so uh here :))
Image 1
Image 2

also bonus wholesome meme i made with a few heart emoji's ok enjoy :))
17 Days ago
Bro there's a spider on my bed?????????????? And i dont know where it went?????? Help?????
I dont want to eat it in my sleep what do i do??????
18 Days ago
I got more art for you guys here you go
image 1
image 2
sorry about the quality on the second one anyway enjoy
18 Days ago
i drew pink friend kirby
19 Days ago
Im glad i've only liked vocaloid for 3 or 4 months but im already getting my 2nd vocaloid plush
21 Days ago
So i ended up telling Marina move in AC and i feel soo bad :((
Like i regret it, but i already plan on getting another normal personality,,,and she's wanted to move,,
22 Days ago
So i tried the love test thing since everyone else is doing it
And well
I tried with myself,,and i might've gotten 1%
I think that might be bad?
23 Days ago
Drifloon!!!!! baby balloon!!!!!
24 Days ago
I go to check on here before i go to bed and the user bar is loosing it
When they said "L4ons��8���8�H�8�x�8��8�.png" i felt that 😔
26 Days ago


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