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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 3,983/7,549


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[ Idle playing: Catch me on Pokefarm or DeviantArt]
Nicknames: Neko/Sui/Neko-san | RLName: Yelrak
Gender: Female/Her/She
Location: In the woods of Florida, USA
Birthday: Aug.27.1992

Suineko Traits
-Mean, in the nicest way
-Prone to rage
-Friendly, selectively

My better half(other pokesona): Kirozey
- Nice
- Doesn't like to rage
- Friendly

(I'm mainly a shy Ditto but other times I'm a deviously mean Zorocune)

I have Discord Group: [Family Friendly*]
- Ask for invite if interested~
* = Some cursing allowed but in moderation, no curse bombs!
(I don't curse unless it's a joke)

Things I do:
1. Art. (Pixel and digital but mostly pixels)
2. Listen to music.
3. Watch Youtube.
4. Click on lots of other pokemon sites.
5. Play vidya james. (Mostly console but like pc games too)
6. A mix of all 5 at once.

Plushie Exchages

1. I will attempt to equal the amount gifted if possible.
2. If there isn't any that I need, I have favorites now.
3. If I randomly gift you some don't feel the need to return the favor.
4. I forgot what else I was going to include here, oop.
5. I just like having the number 5 on this list. :3c

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Shiny Hunt

Suineko is currently hunting Impasta.
Hunt started: 26/02/2020

Chain: 113

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #436104487
Registration: 07/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 990:26 Hours
Total interactions: 383,619
Money: 30,109
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


This Impasta hunt has sucked the joy out of the site for me. I can't hatch anything else, I've boosted my account two times and nothing to show for it. I don't feel like wasting anymore nuggets on this hunt. I had high hopes when I used the boosts for shiny chances and egg chances but nothing from that. Just felt like I wasted all those nuggets someone spent their money buying or saved up.

I'm probably just going to back to my idle play. Spending my time and effort on pokefarm again since I got HM and uber charm back for my melan flamingo hunt for my birthday later this month. I feel I get more bang for my buck there personally.

I could not be that active enough to collect the stuff I need to do hunts like this, I don't know. Just not for me. I have slow internet 90% of the time and have short attention span. So imma just pokefarm and art instead of trying to get more nuggets to boost this hunt for the 3rd time.

Good luck on all your hunts and so on~

8 Days ago
When you're just trying to vibe but a tropical storm trying to turn into a hurricane decides to ruin it. 😔

I just want to do pokemon things and art so I can escape real life stress problems, smh.
14 Days ago
Amazing how fast I run out of keys, boxes and dollars run out when I stop doing them for a week instead of forest. I forgot how much my income is dependent from rumbles.

No shiny galar or more rare items for me, I need that daycare and nugget money.
I hope I can get some more free time from pokefarm so I can click.
maybe the duck lord can bless me with good rng for last shiny pasta

(I highly love and appreciate all who have been helping me during this hunt~)
1 Month ago
When you can't sleep again so you just make up some more interesting drama to your story you haven't touched in forever again.

Can't help but to think "Ah yes, let's just scribble over the official artwork like a child." when I look at what I did to Zapdos on the far left. I also have issues drawing birds so, going to be a fun challenge. It's the legs man, lil twiggy leggies. I know how they work just my brain can't get my hand to draw them. I also confused myself with that foot. I'll fix that later. Just a quick sketch and rough outline, will add and adjust more later obviously.

Well, at least it's good to see I got my creative juices back...for now. Bad part is it's keeping me awake again. Good times. :'3
1 Month ago
21 eggs and no impastas u mu

Three days left of my premium.
Why you doing me dirty like this?
Last time I got a shiny soon after I got the premium. :'m

I shoulda maybe...gotten enough nuggets to exchange for event points for that event egg pass huh? Maybe next time if I can find some goods to sell for money for it. Yes. Good talk me @ me.
1 Month ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 7 Years now!"

Okay but...I swear this gets earlier each year or is this just me?
It's suppose to be on 07/07.
It used to be a day early but now it's 3 days early. 😂
1 Month ago
Hot take but, I wish you could trade and buy less than 50 nuggets.

Bums me out when I need or want less than 50 nuggets but I can't do that. It'll always be more than I need.
1 Month ago
Moonkern sprite is finally done.
Now Moonflora and Moonkern are complete 4 years later~

I might do a concept sheet for it later since there's some things I want to show or explain. Probably will make one for Moonflora to show the closed petals and it using the stem spikes/thorns to protect itself or attack.
1 Month ago
...giga Grimmsnarl looks like it's doing a Jojo pose
1 Month ago
Many months later, still have this one up.

Still wanting some offers on this light rock.

Anything more than the sell back price would be good probably. Not sure if that item market is fair. I've been getting mixed reviews about it.
like the pokefarm market
1 Month ago
Oh I didn't know the mega-able pokemon from events come with a mega stone for it. Interesting. I guess I missed the memo on that too, lmao.

Good that it does if I want the mega now. I'm missing lots of other ones too 1 less stone needed. uwu
1 Month ago
When your cat keeps falling asleep on your desk and he bonks his face on the desk then he looks at you like it's your fault...b o i if you don't-

There's a whole bed over there for you to sleep on. Go join your uncle and sister who are peacefully sleeping over there, smh.

Which is where i'm going. It's 4pm. It's too hot to do anything productive and all 15 of 16 eggs were vines and not pasta. 😔
1 Month ago
16 eggs in daycare?

I hope some are pasta eggs. I think I might store some and buy some nuggets from someone for a week's worth since I'm going on pokefarm break soon. All July. So maybe I'll share more time for here. I'll do clicks and stuff. It'll be good.

Get a week premium, get one shiny.
Hatch eggs and look for pokemon I'm missing.
Scream at another pokemon for a shiny while I got nothing to do.

*Shakes lens*
Check faster!
1 Month ago
I'll add these to my DA sooner or later. Decided to share here too. I've decided to redesign my Moonflora design. Making it more simple design and limited amount of colors used.

Anyways, Here's Moonflora.
I also made a shiny version. Not sure why I went so bright but aight.

Comparison, old versions:
Digital version:~x~
Pixel version:~x~

(DA posts on each will have more details- going to sleep at 9am)
If I made a mistake in this post, oh well. I'm too tired to fix it, lul
1 Month ago
When you get lots of bug and dragon gems from rumbles.
1 Month ago
When did galar rapidash get a mega?

(I take it this is a error or a foreshadow of what's to come)
2 Months ago
I was very confused about the grass patch next to the timer before release next to the daycare eggs...I thought it was saying my eggs had a virus or something.
"McScuse me?"

At least now I can see the time without needing to hover.
(This is very good for mobile, even if I never play on my phone)
2 Months ago
Oh, my rumble butterfree team brought back a "dynamax crystal".

I wonder what else I can get.
gimmie shiny galar pokemans
2 Months ago
That moment when you bend over to check if a plant has rooted or not in your garden and a construction guy howls at your butt.

I turned around like wtf? Him and whoever was in the truck with him was laughing. Then he waved at me while laughing and shouted "Sorry!" lmao.

It made me laugh and I really needed that, worst and best thing ever.
2 Months ago
"Recruits: Zigzagoon (Galarian)"
Galar ziggy baby coming home~
. . .
In a day.
Sorry I mean; "in about 1 days"
"1 days"
It's "1 day" smh.

I'm just joking- no shoot
2 Months ago




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