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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 6,104/6,119


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About Me

Nickname: Suineko | Realname: Carley
Gender: Yes. Wait that's not-
Location: In the woods of Florida, USA
Birthday: Aug.27.1992

-Mean, in the nicest way
-Prone to rage
-Friendly, selectively

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Shiny Hunt

Suineko is currently hunting Impasta.
Hunt started: 03/02/2019

Chain: 55

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #436104487
Registration: 07/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 850:41 Hours
Total interactions: 176,068
Money: 616,183
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


"Strange Ornament caught!"

First time for me, noice~
Yesterday, 04:41
I can't find my last egg and my friend can't find her 2 eggs. x'D

So we're both flipping the keyboard but, I will be going.
I don't know what part I have not touched yet.

We both used the site maps and still missing eggus. Different ones too.
Stange. Hmms.

People said it's not on pages that are commonly blocked like the premium pages but you know me, "I bet it's in there".

I'm sure people are tired of the easter posts so, I won't add to the pile. u wu
(Goodluck to everyone who needs those last eggs~)
4 Days ago
I'm convinced someone stole my last egg.
*Squints at her Kecleon*
5 Days ago
This spaghetti hunt is slowly but surely killing me. OTL
6 Days ago
*Sees egg on the page I left off on last night*
> clicks egg
[Event has ended]
"Oh...o-okay." lol.

Interesting bug, I did see others had this issue too.
Happy Easter everybody, and happy late april fool.
7 Days ago
Ravioli, Ravioli, give me the pasta eggolies.
18 Days ago
2 more eggs and i'm finally at the 40 mark of the chain.
So many pasta eggs suddenly. I'm sure now they will stop making them.

Bought 2 from the shop since I didn't know what else to do with my nuggets. I would get a premium if I could but, eh. I'll live.
I had 205 nuggets at the time. Now I have none.
Me spending like, 5 months for 1 week seems like a bad idea sooo...pasta eggs it was.
22 Days ago
Ooh, I got a female mega leaf dino too.
HP 14
Atk 7
Def 7
Sp.Atk 7
Sp.Def 7
Speed 7

27 Days ago
Getting a shiny before 40 or sooner after 40 chain from this hunt would make this day go by a lot faster and better. I could use something nice happen to me for this day.

Just has been a slow and off day for me. Maybe if i'm super depressed and angry about being anything happy today tomorrow won't be as painful.
I wanted to pretend it was just another day or just not a sad day but its hard when everything wants to rub the holiday in your face.
1 Month ago
I blame NASA/Space-x for me being awake. I was about to sleep around 3am but then they had to go send a rocket to space and make me panic because I had no idea why the window was shaking so bad and what was exploding.

Sure it looked cool. That red and blue trail behind it but, I swear they need a national warning system for people out of the loop. Just like, "psst, we're going to be making a sonic boom in 15 minutes".
1 Month ago
Halfway to 40 in this hunt. Oh boy. :'3
1 Month ago
1x Ultra Saddle found!
Ooh, very noice. u wu

Now to find the time to use it.
2 Months ago
Hi, I love you and goodnight~

(I've been told not everyone gets told this or sent this kind of message so, tonight I will tell you that I love you stranger and I wish you to have a good sleep or nap time..and hopefully those nightmares stay away.)

(~u wu)~
2 Months ago
"You own 10047 pieces of this item."
I don't think I have enough lum berries. lol.
Am now poor. ; w;
2 Months ago
Selling Impastas for cheap.
Pay what you want basically.

I will be putting them in the auction for 0pd as starting bid.

I do not have any at the moment. Currently auctioning them off.
Not sure how active this hunt will be but, I will be active enough to scan and adopt eggs from daycare.
2 Months ago
Imma do me a Impasta hunt for no good reason.
I don't know how well this will go. My friend Aluna let me borrow her male to try out~
They seem to love each other very much, got 1 out of 7 eggs so far.

Long effortless hunt here I come. I never did a event hunt neither so, more experience I guess. I will probably be too busy with pokefarm hunting tbh. ; w;
2 Months ago
5 days to get 575 dream points for the last shiny plush, which is caterpie.
Hmm. I wonder If I can get it. Hmmspzts.
2 Months ago
Pokeheroes finally turned into Facebook.
"You were supposed to destroy them, not join them!"
2 Months ago
Many years later, I finally have the last Harvest Sprite. Nicsu~
3 Months ago
"1x Vortex of Time (Map) found!"

Oh nice, have not gotten one of these in a long time.
3 Months ago



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