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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 7,406/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1 GS + 1 SS
23181 / 1,383
Combee243 / 48

Who's this person?

[ Idle playing: Catch me on Pokefarm or DeviantArt]
Nicknames: Neko/Sui/Neko-san
Species: Zorocune (Suicune + Zoroark hybrid)
Gender: Female/Her/She
Location: In the woods of Florida, USA
Birthday: Aug.27.1992

Suineko Traits
- Deviously sneaky
- Unfriendly to humans. (Unless they have coin or gifts)
- Loner (Selectively)

My better half(pokesona): Kirozey
- Nice
- Doesn't like conflict
- Friendly

I have Discord Group: [Family Friendly*]
- Ask for invite if interested.
* = Cursing is allowed in moderation.

Things I do:
1. Art. (Pixel and digital but mostly pixels)
2. Listen to music while arting.
3. Watch Youtube while arting.
4. Cry while arting.
5. Screaming while arting.
6. A mix of all 5 at once.
[PSA: I get social anxiety easy]

Plushie Exchages

1. I will attempt to equal the amount gifted if possible.
2. If there isn't any that I need, I have favorites now.
3. If I randomly gift you some don't feel the need to return the favor.
4. I forgot what else I was going to include here, oop.
5. I just like having the number 5 on this list. :3c

(More others favored in shop)


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Newest gifts
Bobma 12 Hours ago
Bobma 12 Hours ago
Riako 18 Hours ago
MeepTheMareep02 3 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Suineko is currently hunting Combee.
Hunt started: 01/12/2022

Chain: 53

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #436104487
Registration: 07/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 1123:51 Hours
Total interactions: 569,174
Money: 109,268
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Forgot the part where people don't see the pokemon's name in the AH unless they click on them.

Welp, I'll just say it here:
I will be putting bees with star stats on the AH while I'm releasing the rest of them.

I will be naming them with this template:
(1-6) SS = (Number Of Silver Stars)
(1-6) GS = (Number Of Gold Stars)

All start with the bid of 100PD.
(Maybe 500PD if more than 3 SS/GS)

No idea of value or interest, this is sort of interestingly fun to do even if nobody cares. 🤓
(Not taking requests because I don't trust myself; happy AH hunting)
Yesterday, 01:09
Even if this hunt is daycare only, I really don't mind.
I think I would rely on daycare only anyways since I don't have many gems or like doing the tall grass thing either.

This hunt also feels better than the Impasta hunt.
I think only because I'm actually adopting and hatching something every day instead of waiting to be disappointed by either no pasta eggs or no shiny, lol.
3 Days ago
Me in the auction house like: You want bee? All I have is bee. Take bee. Bee friends. Your bees now.
6 Days ago
I wish that week premium from the black friday box wasn't activated automatically... Welp I guess time to pretend to hunt something. Maybe Combee with a pair made from the random bees I've had for years for honey when I thought it was easy profit.

Jokes on me, I forget to check them every day. :')

10 Days ago
I was wondering why Nebula Stones were so cheap but after doing the Alola area for pokemon I need, I see why. Small handful already. Time to sit on them. :)
(Or find someone who needs them)

Even if shiny hunting is hard on here, sort of a shame that makes the pokemon and/or their shiny common too.
Just me I guess but good for people with good hunting rng, lul
13 Days ago
If there's anyone or anyone you know going to be selling spare, cheap or giving away free Fuecoco, will you let me know?
(If it's a event one I'll pay, if it's fair price to me)

Unable to click due to unstable internet connection. I still have my hotspot(using it right now) but, It's not very stable; Flip-flops from 5G to dial-up speed range.

Could always click on my phone, but I get less strain on pc and can click faster with mouse and keyboard.

(Recently cancelled our ISP and accidentally used all my hotspot data for the month because I fell sleep during a 6 hour stream on source quality; giving it free range to eat my data. 💀)
16 Days ago
Shiny Zarude plushie after my 3rd one! . o.
Noice, right after getting another shiny Ditto one.
now gimmie shiny monke from egg
23 Days ago
That moment when the Zygarde cell egg you put in storage for 5 months hatches shiny...

"You finished the Impasta hunt after hatching 300 eggs, here's your reward."

I'm dead. 💀
26 Days ago
Forgot I wanted to say that, I finally did it.

"By Badges Report - 1 Day and 3 Hours ago.
You obtained a new badge (Click Professor)!"

Could have been sooner but oopsies.
Motivation came from the ability to grow and use your own berries. I tried to sell them but, they don't sell good as I thought.

TLDR: Croinchy clicky badge snagged years later. Thank you berries for motivation. No chance on getting another medal, y'all crazy.
1 Month ago
Everything coming up monke.
Lure set I made for myself on pokfarm- just wanted a shiny female and got a melan instead before I finished this, this was suppose to be a joke. "Funny monke with bahnahnah".

I don't normally make these pure pixel. I wanted to try this. Drew it and then pixeled over it. Wasn't too bad, Some things could be better. You can only fight pixels too much until you try something else or let it win.
(I really had a hard time with that thumb and the eyes)

Good experimental practice. Now to work on orders nobody cares about anymore. :')
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Impasta hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #292)!

I'm free. Q w Q
Got 3 from this hunt in total.
1 for friend and 2 for me because dex.
8 more eggs until 300, last day of premium, nice clutch.
2019 - 2022
Bye I won't miss you...I probably will because I like suffering secretly, I bet.

Now to figure out what to do with myself now that I'm allowed to do whatever I want for the first time in 3 years, lol.
1 Month ago
Hmmm maybe.
(Heartless Monster Forme for Noivern, random idea I acted on)

Working on the wings. Cleaned it up to make it look less confusing.

"A mock-up but not really, 60% chance of me changing it near finishing the product."
1 Month ago
Daycare ran out of funds again with no pasta eggs in sight.
Time to go slide off the site again. :)

- Actually I might try to get the Huehuesuian pokemans, most likely off GTS/AH unless I do more garden stuff for oran berries.
4 Months ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 9 Years now!"
Still 2 days early I see.

I think I'm missing a year because I assumed it was the same sprites and I didn't want anymore duplicates. If only I could swap some of them for the newer ones.

I guess I won't be getting those other ones. It would be 3 years. :')
"Keep the dates and stats, just change the pokemon."
5 Months ago
Ayyo got my first honey tree shiny~
Impish pink monke. Yiss I love him. c':

He made me use most of my great and ultra balls just to get into a normal pokeball first try. B o i.

[Sorry for repost but fixed the link. Me sleepy. Sorry!]
6 Months ago
Honey tree when I'm on site: Nobody here, just a sticky tree.

Honey tree when I go to sleep: So anyways, they ate all your honey.
6 Months ago
Ayyo got my first shiny Bulbasaur plushie~

I still wish when you send one to a random user there could be a option for not sending to users who has that one.
I said it before but, I always think about it when I look to see they already have it. :')
6 Months ago
Not sure how I started at 10pm and finished this around 3am but okay.

Now I delay sleep more and start on the other fusions they asked for. c:
Maybe after another quick break before I realize how tired I am.

I should just post these in my journal I haven't touched in years.
Also me likes the idea of these being thrown at the wall and then running away. u wu
6 Months ago
This yiss good art work out that took me three days too long, lol

Now back to important art. u wu
6 Months ago
I got a question about the mega Zoroark....why isn't the shiny colored like the normal shiny one is? 🤔
(Also why does it look compressed?)
Other little issues too. Let me fix it.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the idea of it for the most part. Just coloring things throw me off.
My standards are too high, smh
6 Months ago




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