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Trainerpoints: 62/7,251


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Nicknames: Neko/Sui/Neko-san | RLName: Ma name Jeff
Gender: Female/Her/She
Location: In the woods of Florida, USA
Birthday: Aug.27.1992

Suineko Traits:
-Mean, in the nicest way
-Prone to rage
-Friendly, selectively

My other main OC: Kirozey
- Nice
- Doesn't like to rage
- Friendly

(I'm really just two personas in a sheep coat, one's deviously mean Zorocune and the other is friendly shy Ditto.)

I have Discord Group: [Family Friendly*] - Ask for invite if interested~
* = Some cursing allowed but in moderation, no curse bombs!
(I don't curse unless it's a joke)

Things I do:
1. Art. (Pixel and digital but mostly pixels)
2. Listen to music.
3. Watch Youtube.
4. Click on lots of other pokemon sites.
5. Play vidya james. (Mostly console but like pc games too)
6. A mix of all 5 at once.


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Shiny Hunt

Suineko is currently hunting Impasta.
Hunt started: 26/02/2020

Chain: 2

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #436104487
Registration: 07/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 941:18 Hours
Total interactions: 327,739
Money: 132,161
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


I was going to be active, hatch some new eggs, get new pokemon, sell things, and maybe even hunt some things but....I think I might go back to being idle and do impasta hunt again. Why not?

Takes forever for them to pop out pasta eggs anyways. I'll just pop in for rumbles for pd and that will be it. Grabbed some random eggs while I wait for my first impasta egg... zzzz.

Have fun on your hunts or events and wish me luck on this impasta hunt round 2.
I'll be stalking. (¬‿¬)

(omg I thought it double posted so I deleted it, lol. sowwy)
3 Days ago
8 Days ago
Happy Treat Yo'self Day! (~u wu)~

Going to treat myself with Skyrim all day...unless I just do art instead.
Not sure how that will work if I don't sleep. Almost 7am. WAID? -squint-
(and I wonder why i'm so exhausted smh)
12 Days ago
Sorted some of my boxes and realized I messed up some of the dex plans but at least I gained 3 more while I was at it.
[It's something meme]

That's what I get for making plans and then leaving for pokefarm again, lel.
13 Days ago
Snom looks like Rick from Rick and Morty, change my mind.
17 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Impasta hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #173)!

[Inaudible Screams Of Joy]

Almost a year later, finally have my 2 shinies. :'3
#12th on site. Noice.
I'll be evolving this one though so, it will be 9th for big pasta man.
I so happy. QwQ

Now to go hatch all those eggs i've been storing away and try to get some Galar eggs from the lab.
And then go torture myself with another hunt
27 Days ago
Me looking at Nickit, thinking of a nickname: Ninki minjaj

i'm going to name a female one that, then i'm going to hunt it if Impasta will be nice and give me my last shiny. >:/

If not then I might give up and try my luck in looking for someone selling one. I think I already said that before but, days go by and I think about it more.
1 Month ago
Well, so much for a break from the site with enough time to finish the pasta hunt and maybe grookey if it's breedable.
I guess I will be late to the party.

I wonder who will get the first shinies. > w>

Goodluck to everyone who's going to be hunting them~
1 Month ago
When you haven't been on the site in a long time and you forget what you were doing but then you look at your profile page and go "oh...right"

"Suineko is currently hunting Impasta.
Hunt started: 03/02/2019"

I took my pair out of the daycare so at least I didn't waste money. :')
I'll be active again...soon(TM).

For now I just scream at life like I scream at these pixel orders I need to finish.
1 Month ago
Hey if you're on Flightrising and have those Fans and Plumage genes from Banescale breed, would you take 300-400kT or 300-400 gems for each of them?
I know they are 500 gems right now but, maybe we can work something out.
"I'll give you their newborns"
The have pretty good genes. Nice colors too.
Male and Female.
I don't know what to really name them. I had ideas but, not sure yet.
(If you have any suggests for the female's last gene let me know on that. Not sure what else would look good on her)

Right now I have two more days to wait for 2 new draggy babbies.
I'm excited and hopeful for their first batch.
gib primal with mum's colors please?
1 Month ago
~Merry Crymas~

I've been seeing people getting the results of missing doors when they know they didn't miss a single one.
Not just today but a few days ago as well.
Yes i've been stalking, hi
I'm just sitting here with my only 3 doors opened. :')
I hope it's just a bug they can fix, I would hate for someone to miss out on getting a reward for something they actually did.

I don't think I will be having anything exciting happening here.
People still at war with each other and they don't know to grow up and stop.
I think I might be getting a gift, not sure if it made it or not. Didn't want to ask and spoil it. lol.
I didn't get anyone anything because my mom said it was too crazy so, I will just do it AFTER cripsmas....not sure who is worthy for gifts other than a few people this time.

Anyways, I hope you guys are enjoying or will be enjoying your Christmas morning!
I hope Santa brought you something that brings you joy~
[Goes back into hiding mode]
2 Months ago
Only logged in because pokeheroes sent me an email to guilt trip me. smh.
I just don't feel like coming here as much right now since the hunt is bad and i've missed lots of doors. I mean lots, only did 3. lel.

Maybe when I get a burst of time and energy I'll come back to play more.
Or if there's a new event.

Enjoy your holidays~
(I'll be on pokefarm in the meantime)
2 Months ago
"hatch 3 eggs"

Daycare can I have three pasta eggs?
Daycare: No

I got 10 more tried to get pasta eggs, lol.
2 Months ago
*screams because I missed the door yesterday because I was so stressed from people in this house being drama queens and can't take no for an answer*

Daycare man is probably like, well I guess you don't want these impasta eggs. I'm to toss them.
2 Months ago
"You successfully bought 2 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...

100x Dream Points found!
1x Fire Stone found!"

. . .
This is the worst luck I ever had with those.
I got a saddle last and got lots of dream points last time.
I should have just sold them for pokefarm stuff if I knew this was how I was going to be treated, lol.
2 Months ago
Random thought:
Listening to the band "Dirty Honey" for the first time, they sound like Aerosmith mixed with AC/DC and I was confused it didn't say either of those names, lol.

Listening to random playlists on spotify and they popped up. I have no idea what kind of list this is. It just keeps adding songs to it. I remember listening to Ozzy last night since I heard "Take what you want". Me hearing that song I was like "ha-ha, who's this? They sound like Ozzy with the vocals and band" and...yes. I love that song. I'm always scared to listen to newer music from the bands/singers i've listened to years ago since I know people and voices change but...He sounds the same? Like, good work and I love? I heard something about him releasing an album soonish but I thought it was a joke tbh.

I'm about to go jump down the Ozzy rabbit hole. q wq
3 Months ago
Finally got all the starters. Last one hatched pretty fast. I think it's because I actually clicked people instead of just boxes. noice.

Also pretty much broke my record of how many clicks I did over the past few days.
Really wanted all three. Got the points and picked them out of who I liked the most. Curious to see what they evolve into. Whenever they are breedable we shall find out.
I really want to end this pasta hunt soon so I don't have to break my chain for the other new pokemon.

This shiny pasta hunt and melan pichu on pokefarm need to end before it's fully released in either site...because i'm not restarting the chain or saving the chain(pf feature).
3 Months ago
Watching someone else play Sword and Shield. So far when it comes to the pokemon it's been either
1. Eww wtf is that?
2. That doesn't look like a pokemon...
3. Omg I want it!
4.I will die to protect you~
5. What's the shiny colors and how fast can I hunt it?

Makes me want to play it more.
Maybe even make my own sprites while waiting for a new episode from the people I'm watching.
3 Months ago
I was joking about getting a female Grookey instead of a male and now kicking myself.
Oh well. Karl is now Karla :'3
3 Months ago
So um, dumdum question but, which egg is which since there's no egg sprites or art?
(tbh I think those should have been done before releasing them, there's no big rush getting the out there)

No spoilers about anything other than which egg is which please~
(meaning nothing about the evolutions or anything of that sort)
3 Months ago




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