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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 3,174/3,501


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Spyder’s Web

Hello there! Not sure how you found my profile, but welcome! Make yourself comfy, just don’t mind the spiders and plushies. The spiders don’t bite and the plushies are soft.

- Damien/Spyder/Cesar
- He/Him/They/Them
- Demisexual and Demiboy (though I usually refer to myself as Gay or Pan and Trans)
- 16 y.o.
- Hobbyist Artist/Graphic Design student
- Cookie Run, Pokémon, Marvel, Kirby, and Spooky Month
- Currently hyperfixating on Flygon and Red Velvet Cookie from Cookie Run
- Furry
- Taken :D
- Other names/pronouns

Find me here

[email protected]
[email protected]

POGO: 3379 5613 7546

ACPC: 63912474685

TikTok: @bloodsunartz

YT: (W.I.P.)

Roblox: SatireSCP

Switch Friend Code: SW-1259-5650-5319

Minecraft: StaticSpyder27

Discord: Speedkore_Possum#2386

Facebook: (W.I.P.)

Instagram: Statiic_Shocc

Snapchat: Damien_Achlys

Imgur: ScribbledSpyder

Flygon Supremacy

Just your average arachnid Flygon lover

Flygon Evo Line Fun Facts:
Vibrava was the first Ground/Dragon type
Flygon is 6’ 7” & weighs 181 pounds
From Gen 3
Some Flygon will hunt with Krookodile
Nicknamed “The Desert Spirit”

Current goals

- Massclick everyone back
- Sell items in GTS (Sunday or after the next time I get nuggets from logging in)
- SM Flygon
- SM Zoroark
- SM Dunsparce
- SM Giratina
- Sort boxes by region (shinies/favorites/megas have their own box)

Shiny Hunt

SugarHigh is currently hunting Trapinch.
Hunt started: 24/06/2022

Chain: 51
0 2 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #578018291
Registration: 28/04/2020 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1868:30 Hours
Total interactions: 196,238
Money: 788,620
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


The new Pokémon region would be a good place to bring back Leavanny or a variant of it at least

Just saying
1 Year ago
WhOOps, I dropped off the face of the earth again
Ah well, back to writing lore
1 Year ago
Interaction exchange?
I have a whole other party’s worth in the daycare lmfao
1 Year ago
Guys, which state best describes your mental state?
Mine’s probably Idaho or Alaska cuz they’re either forgotten or bullied or are only recognized for one thing :)
1 Year ago
People overcomplicate fan megas sometimes imo
1 Year ago
Why’s it feel so illegal to sit in a lawn chair while it’s in the store lmfao
1 Year ago
May or may not have some stories and lore in the works on Google Docs 👁👁
1 Year ago
I have the urge to make my Flygon pokesona completely obsessed with colorful tape
1 Year ago
Y’all, my brain just pulled the biggest troll on me-

It saw a mega sign on one of the hatching pop-ups for a Trapinch and made me think it was a SM at chain 19.
I was so excited but I should’ve known it was too good to be true 😭
1 Year ago
Removing my sinuses right tf now /j
1 Year ago
I live dangerously 😎

I sleep with all the lights off, no plushies, no dog in the room with me, and with my back to the darkness

Some might say I’m crazy 😎😎/j
1 Year ago
Flygon Supremacy
1 Year ago
The masculine urge to buy an entire tub of frosting and eat it with a spoon even tho I know it’ll make me hella sick
1 Year ago
At this point, I’m legally obligated to adopt every Alolan Exeggutor and Vulpix that comes from the rumbles
1 Year ago
Pride art
Kinda hate it, kinda don’t
One of my markers died in the process tho 😔
1 Year ago
Do it 👁👁
1 Year ago
I know that this has not been a very long hunt, but please, shiny Venipede, hatch already
I wanna hunt Zorua next, p l e a s e -
I’m b e g g i n g you-
1 Year ago
How is it that-
I can be up till 3am and wake up just fine at 5am…
If I try to sleep a normal schedule (like 10-6, which was my usual schedule), my body decides that I’m dying and starts to hurt and feel sick?

Like, I get I’m a night owl, but wtf-

this post is half a joke and half a complaint lmao
1 Year ago


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