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"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

Shiny Hunt

Stormy is currently hunting Snom.
Hunt started: 23/05/2020

Chain: 47

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Trainer ID: #46553907
Registration: 24/02/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 609:55 Hours
Total interactions: 158,992
Money: 41,182
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Today, 02:32
Sooo~ I'll be ending the #iwantsumnugs giveaway now!! Thanks to all who participated! I'll do more giveaways in the future! Stay tuned (: <3

Congrats to the winners...
100 nugs - covid-19
100 nugs - lucariolover99
50 nugs - Global_Dummy

Sending the Gifts your way~! Enjoy uwu
Yesterday, 21:58
So a word of advice for all you folks you uh.. Wanna bleach ur hair at home.. NOT WORTH THE RISK. My mf hair literally started fckin SMOKING. Thats right. Smoking. Literally. Had a bad chemical reaction and/or wasnt done right. It burnt and now my hair is unevenly bleached bruH.. Which ig is ok bc .. I still have my hair and it'll make for a (hopefully) cool effect when i dye my hair blue next.. :' be careful peeps
Yesterday, 02:14
So uh..anybody wanna do a little #interactionexchange please? Got a daycare full of eggs lmao
1 Day ago
Bleaching my hair tonight.. Wish me luck i dont go bald :')
1 Day ago
There are actually quite a few giveaways going on rn but hey.. Oh well. I have 250 nuggies i want to give away.
1. 100 nugs
2. 100 nugs
3. 50 nugs
Share and/or Heart this post for a chance to win!!
1 Day ago
By RoyalGecko - 35 Minutes and 47 Seconds ago.
Guys, share #RiakoAintPlaying to spread the word that if I send him 20M PD, he will release Impidimp + EVO's

Sending all the PD I can lmao
1 Day ago
Anyone have a male snom they would be willin to trade?
4 Days ago
What pokemon should I shiny hunt..?
5 Days ago
So.. You may or may not know i dyed my hair "Dark Intense Indigo" via what the box said. Sadly enough it came out more black with light tints of Indigo.. Sooo I'll be RE-dying my hair. It wont be Indigo this time. Might as well make this into a guessing game with a reward uwu first to guess the color will get 50k ((: gl.
6 Days ago
Since most of us are in quarantine rn we find ways to entertain ourselves. So what did i do? I dyed my hair. Again. What color you may be thinking? Well.. That for you to guess in the comments!! First to guess gets 15k and some junk in my item bag! 3 guesses each. Good luck <3
1 Month ago
Sorry for the late giveaway announcement! My apologies..
For the newbie giveaway the winners are...

For my other giveaway.. The winners are..
(Prizes are set up in trade)

Congrats to the winners!!
1 Month ago
For my second giveaway THIS IS EXCLUSIVE TO NEW PLAYERS (aka 3 months or below)

I'll be giving away to 5 players :
1.) Shiny Zorua, 50k, some random items
2.) Shiny Kirlia, 50k, some random items
3.) Shiny Gyarados, 50k, some random items

Heart ❤
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1 Month ago
Whats something you do while you're bored..? A giveaway. Thats right.

So I'll be doing 2 separate giveaways.
This giveaway will end Wednesday at reset.

For this giveaway.. I'll be giving away..

1st place: Shiny Zoroark
2nd place: 50k
3rd place: boxes and keys.
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1 Month ago
Congratulations to the winners of #stormyshinyrockruff!! Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!! ((:
Winners are:
Shiny Rockruff : RoyalGecko
Shiny Lycanroc (Midday) : sssiiimmmpppllleee
Shiny Lycanroc (Midnight) : Corviknight
(Sending Prizes Now!)
1 Month ago
Congrats to the winners of #totallyrealeasterbun
1st: Lunar70
3rd: Allistar
(Sending prizes now)
I hope everyone had a great Easter!! )
1 Month ago
Oh hey.. So.. I forgot tomorrow was Easter and i wanted to do a giveaway, but i already have one up.. However im not gonna end it sooner.. Therefore uh.. I'll be doing ANOTHER giveaway for Easter o3o ... Y'all dont mind right? Great!!

Three Prizes will be :
1.) Shiny Lopunny (aka TheRealEasterBunny)
2.) 50k pd
3.) Some keys and boxes

Happy Easter to all whom celebrate it! This giveaway will end tomorrow at Reset. Good luck!


1 Month ago
Figured because im bored I'd do a small giveaway! Im going to be giving away my shiny rockruff evo line. Three winners will be announced on Mondayyyy. Goodluck to all whom enter ((:

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1 Month ago
My luck with Mystery Boxes has always been horrid.. I don't even know why i try x'c
1 Month ago

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