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Trainerlevel: 18

Trainerpoints: 109/989


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Beedrill18637,976 / 104,347
Weedle19252,768 / 111,169

Friend codes

Animal crossing Pocket camp:0669 4875 556
Nintendo switch: 2746-9092-5317
More to be added...

BB codes and stuff

Name: Inkling (flashy)
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
~Sprites that are from ~Corruption~~

~Sprites that are from Hopelin

`There's another user i got sprites from aswell. but for now bye~

About me

I'm Startastic, but you can call me Ditto! (I only changed my username because Startastic is the username i use almost everywhere) I like stuff, like most people do. Some notable ones are
Gacha life/club (dont kill me)
Any more about me might be found in my diaries. But you can also find my OC and AU database! As well as other stuff, too.
NOTE: i might spam feeds sometimes. if you dont like spammy feeds feel free to not friend me.

Definitely not turning into Utatane Piko, definitely not....
...jokes aside, bye.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #963346608
Registration: 25/09/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 333:29 Hours
Total interactions: 56,835
Money: 358,836
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


i want a shaymin but i'm too good at procrastinating
like and comment for a massclick (ends at 10 unless i dont get a shaymin)
15 Days ago
so i can actually be that "trend-digger" i mentioned in the comments of my new poll post, but didn't "[come] 5 years late..."
what is your opinion and/or first impression of me? (make sure to mark if it's first impressions to make it clearer)
i'm waiting for those "who the heck are you?"
20 Days ago
i dunno why i didn't say this when i actually got her,
but the landlord made another deal with my dad and now we have Porsha.
i think i got her june 26th so yeah credit the date i got her as june 26th.
i think thats all for now lol
24 Days ago
so a few days ago i noticed my beedrill line was missing weedle and kakuna. So i go to the safari zone and adopt a weedle, and a female bedrill to breed with my male one to get a weedle, which in the plan i'd evolve it into a beedrill and then take the beedrills out of the daycare to store as a breeding pair. But, i went into my storage boxes the minute before reset, and noticed that the weedle i had adopted was mega able. So now, i will put the money in the daycare, wait, and get 2 eggs. One will stay a weedle, one a kakuna, and Mega-able weedle will evolve into a beedrill, and then a mega beedrill when i get a mega stone. That's my plan!
27 Days ago
I decided to resize and use my Rose avatar i have also been using on TBT and Discord.
29 Days ago
i saw an everstone being sold for a million pd at the item shop.

an everstone, worth 200 PD at most.
1 everstole. think about that!
1 Month ago
By Iccywolf today at 23:47
Hey........ummm imma need to take that giveaway back......because I noticed a lot of people saying it’s going to be for premium so I decided why not go for half a year of premium. that’s right I’m giving away a smoler amount than 2k.......I’m giving away 4K lol anyway share this post AND share the hashtag #littlestinkernumberdos lol anyway good luck.
1 Month ago
I just got a puppy!
The landlord gave it to my family recently. Her name is Cardi.
I just wanted to announce that i have a pet now..
1 Month ago
When new accounts are created just to advertise a specific thing that's likely not legit. (ive seen 2 accounts created for webs where people can have pros do their assigments for them for money)i always just report them and hope they get banned, as advertising is aganist the PH rules
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
here's my opinion: I've dealt with the drama enough and i feel that the only way this ends is for riako to speak about it. basically saying " i agreed to this lol" and taking his own action. all this "support user1!" "Support user2!" will basically extend the fight. Only riako can end this, and if it's pokeheroes shutting down for a day or temp locking everyone involved, i don't care. I've dealt with this enough, and i;m staying out of any more conflict. I'm gonna try to stay online but i wont be stalking my notifs.
2 Months ago
You know, i get scared of posting my OCs online for two reasons.
*Stealing OCS, i don't want my hard (and likely not good) work stolen.
*And that unless you have proof of being that user who someone thinks you stole from another site (usually via a "Logged in as User1" thing like Pokeheroes or on youtube having a link in that link-tab on profile to that user's account elsewhere [no youtuber links an account not theirs and counts it as their own]) , people will think you stole, especially if you have a different username. it's actually one of the reasons why i changed my username. sorry for close feeds lol
2 Months ago
news time!
TheRisingDitto has evolved into Startastic! Also, new paper mario news on my feed...
2 Months ago
I've got a question.
Should i change my username from TheRisingDitto to Startastic? I wasn't gonna do this but i've gotta before it's taken as it's the name i use almost everywhere nowadays.
2 Months ago
i just made my most chaotic post that might start a flame war
Opinions of undertale? vote on my poll and if u want comment what you chose. it's not like i really care... almost bedtime for me so im not gonna reply until early Saturday may 2nd if i do reply
3 Months ago
FUN FACT: Before a Roblox friend of mine told me about AUs, i legit thought it stood for alternate Undertale because that game's many AUs were the only AUs i had ever seen.
6 Months ago
Now that i'm not using a school computer for Pokeheroes I can actually change my avatar! My new profile image is a quick remake of my Splatoon OC Lily.
6 Months ago
"You received a legendary egg. Take good care of it!

Important: Please note that this Pokémon has two formes - and currently, the sprites for both are the same. Unfortunately, the sprite for the base forme is not ready yet. We apologize for the inconvenience!"
"Congratulations, you have opened all 24 doors!
As a special reward, you received 1x Rusted Sword!"
Merry christmas everyone! (Yes, i did manually strike out the small text)
7 Months ago
Hey guys
Im not on the naughty list i swear. PREMIUM, COME FORTH!
7 Months ago



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