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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 90/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Dratini727,857 / 19,711
Dragonair722,080 / 19,711
Dragonair723,627 / 19,711
Dragonite12310,945 / 57,196
(Vulpix (Alolan))
11526,718 / 40,021
Ninetales (Alolan)562,295 / 9,577


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HeliasRex 26 Days ago
HostilePeach 26 Days ago
Jessie_Mar 1 Month ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #566315558
Registration: 23/12/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 120:31 Hours
Total interactions: 1,946,829
Money: 110,689
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


After far longer than I wanted I have finally given away/sold all the Pokémon and items I can/want to give away. This means it is now time for me to officially leave this site. I'll be staying logged in for a while in case anyone wants to say any last words to me but once I log out tonight I will not be coming back for the foreseeable future.

Good bye PokeHeroes!
27 Days ago
So my last call didn't quite work as planned (since I'm still here lol) so I'm doing it again. All available items in the comments and ALL pokemon in my boxes available. Completely free. First come, first serve. Anything not taken by the time I log off tonight will forever be lost in the purgatory of my account. I will probably release all pokemon at the end.
1 Month ago
Last call for giving away all my stuff and all my pokemon. Literally everything is up for grabs! First come, first serve. Just say what you want and you'll get it! Lists of items and currency in the comments.
1 Month ago
I decided to make a new feed with updated inventory lists so things can hopefully be kept cleaner and easier to understand. Remember all pokemon in all boxes as well as my party are also up for grabs.
1 Month ago
I've decided I am leaving PokeHeroes. I don't have much but if you're interested in getting my stuff then just ask. If you want to find me elsewhere I can be found on Magistream, Flight Rising and GPX+. I'll post links to those profiles in a comment to this thread along with lists of everything I can give away.
1 Month ago
I really don't know what #MyFavoriteMemory is. Right now the furthest back I can think is this morning when I woke up. Dunno what that says about me as a person...
2 Months ago
#MyBestExperience this year was when I finally reached out to an old friend and got back in contact with him again. He then introduced me to fighting games and I actually won once! XD
2 Months ago
Apparently I'm a Psychic-type Kabutops. Not bad. If I could draw I'd probably draw it. :D
2 Months ago
Memento Mori.
3 Months ago
I've searched the whole website twice and I still can't find the last blasted egg! I wish I could at least get a hint as to where it is. This one
10 Months ago
Gah! I only got 19 doors because the egg I was hatching didn't happen quickly enough. Oh well...
1 Year ago
There are a lot that could qualify but the one that comes to mind first is buying my dear cat. Without that impulse-buy I truly believe I would not be here. At least not in as healthy way (not that I'm healthy, but still).
1 Year ago
#ThanksGiving I'm thankful for my family being such a great support and for my cat without whom I would probably not be here.
1 Year ago
By Iccywolf - 5 Hours and 8 Minutes ago.
*clap clap.....clap* gather around my people I have a little giveaway with not only 1 winner but 20 winners. I’m going to give away 800 nuggets to 20 people so that’s 16k nuggets in total just share #IccysFinalGiveaway AND COMMENT CAUSE IM A BIT TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO DONT DO COMMENT.......Ends in a week good luck
1 Year ago
By Iccywolf - 6 Hours and 8 Minutes ago.
*rolls around* wooooooooooooo so much fun..........wait *sees not_s0aps post* gasp 5k nuggets.....and pd!!!! What a cool bird wish I was that cool.......but I wanna do a giveaway now.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmmmm ooookay lets do a giveaway prize not that big just 3k nuggets now it’s gonna be called #iwannabeacoolbirb ends this Sunday.....? Yeah okay good bye
1 Year ago
By Iccywolf - 9 Minutes and 49 Seconds ago.
*flops like a fish* hey it’s me your probably wondering “I thought you quit” well your right but here’s the thing......I’m bored like extremely soooooo let’s do a *trumpet noise* GIVEAWAY!!! I gonna use my dad card since he made me not be able to use my money on here don’t worry imma use it with out his permission ummmm giveaway gonna be called........ #Imstillarebel ends idk good luck prize 2k nuggets
1 Year ago
I only just discovered you. Yes, it was from your giveaways but I didn't friend you because of them. I actually don't really care about the giveaways. Just the fact that you did them was enough to make me friend you. You seemed so kind and sweet and I was looking forward to maybe getting to know you, but I completely understand your reasons for leaving. I wish you all the best for your future and I hope you find success where you most want it. #ByeIccywolf
1 Year ago
By Iccywolf -
Sooo as most of you know me I do giveaways with nuggets im like a mini s0ap which means I’m nice and all but I think I’m being too friendly so what am I going to do.....*spills cup* I’m now a rebel and you can’t stop me for I,Stephanie,will do a #slightlyaggressivegiveaway prize just a little smaller than the last one 3500 nuggets good luck ends when I say so
1 Year ago
I GOT THEM! I got the last 2 eggs thanks to the site-map posted by Shiro-kun in their journal that my friend RoxasNuggetsXIII shared. THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!!! :D
1 Year ago
TFW you have 2 eggs left and have run out of pages to look at. WHAT AM I MISSING?! T_T (I even went through every page of the Beauty Contest...)
1 Year ago

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