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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 3,028/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
504569,631 / 610,849
Maple Syrup
33764,467 / 341,719

Welcome to my Profile!

♥️ Hello! My name is Silvesary! Feel free to call me Silv, Silve, or Sary!
♥️ I’m a very simple and small artist!

My favorite pokemon are Togekiss, Zubat, and many more! Evo lines included!
Feel free to send friend requests, I don’t mind!

Togetic Gijinka sprite made by !

Also, go check out my best friend Pitapuff while you’re at it!

If you are associated or know Pikmanz-FOREVER, then please do not talk to me about them, as well as don’t believe them if they say anything bad about me. I’m sick of their crap. Thank you.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #922682567
Registration: 22/01/2019 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 310:04 Hours
Total interactions: 407,573
Money: 998,618
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


This new event pokemon is so gorgeous I love it so much!! I haven’t gotten a single egg yet but kudos to Banette for such a creative and lovely design!

That said, on the subject of my adopt I might end up making this one cost a lot since I’m putting a ton of effort and time into it! It’s still not done and I’ve already sunk 2 hours of work into it, I hope that’s fine!
Today, 18:00
I just want to apologize for being so inactive on here, I went through moving to a new home so for a while I was just caught off and had a lot of stuff on my mind, but now I’ll have more time for PokeHeroes so expect me to be more active again!
This means more adopts in the near future as well!
Today, 02:31
The Shadow Metapod has been caught successfully!
Finish hunt
Current Chain:

Shadow Radar says:
You found 5 in a row so far!
Keep searching!

Oh wow that was fast!
2 Days ago
It’s a shame not a lot of people participate in speed click Saturday anymore
2 Days ago
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Enigma Pearl found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Oh... what is this? :0
9 Days ago
Oh man, sorry I haven’t been active here! I was in the process of moving to a new home and finally did so!
Anyways, here’s art of a gal I finally redesigned that I made last year, she was ugly before but I love her now.
23 Days ago
I am now proud owner of sans undertale in my smash bro’s game
1 Month ago
Oh man I’m so proud of this Pokémon fusion I made!
It’s for someone in the design an oc for the user above thread!
1 Month ago
By Badges Report - 1 Hour and 50 Minutes ago.
You obtained a new badge (Search for gold)!

Rumbling has many advantages. One of them is finding lots of Pokédollar! This badge proves a great find of more than 2,500 Pokédollar.
You have collected all badges from Set 2! Claim your prize!

Ahhh finally! That’s 3 sets now!
1 Month ago
One of the best feelings ever is getting a pose the commissioner wants just right without much description! It’s always adorable to see them so excited and happy like that from just a slightly messy sketch, really makes me want to continue and finish this piece for them! Which I have to do anyways since they did pay me!
1 Month ago
>spends hours on a drawing for a small art contest
>”lol guys so I ended the contest within 6-7 hours because I already found the winner, if you didn’t post your drawing then you don’t get anything”
>I spent so many hours on this drawing and it wasn’t finished so I didn’t post it

Guess I will die and feel terrible over this, it’s not like I wanted to draw again.
1 Month ago
meet my new son Bravo which I got from The Shiny Shop of Horrors!
I absolutely love him, and he was my first order from a shiny shop too! I’ll have to order more in the future :3
1 Month ago
I’ve never seen so many people negative about an event re-run
I love it because it gives us newer people a chance at finally getting the event pokemon!
1 Month ago
What’s you guys’ opinion of the cute charm glitch??? :0
All opinions welcome!

If it helps, while most people would use cheating methods to get the ID and SID for it, there is also a method to manipulate the rng of gen 4 games without use of cheating to get the cute charm glitch.
1 Month ago
Hahah wow
Today I found out someone traced one of my older oc arts and drew their oc over it. I overlayed both drawings and the general lineart was the exact same with some tweaks to it.
It’s weird, someone doing that to my art of all things! Especially with my 1-2 year old art... xD
1 Month ago
That said, I’ll be off to my job interview now! See you guys when I get back!
1 Month ago
You push the green key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Old PokéDex found!
The key breaks and becomes useless.

:0!!!!! Another one!
Maybe I’ll do a giveaway and give it away, or maybe just see if I can get art for it!
1 Month ago
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Vortex of Time (Map) found!
The key breaks and becomes useless.

sweet :>
2 Months ago
Kinda wish people would stop talking about drama and go back to talking about silly happenings in their life and other like minded things
2 Months ago
I know I don’t spend a lot of time on here much anymore
...but soon I will be getting a job so that time may also be cut down even lower D :
But hey, it means I can finally start to afford things for myself and finally get some work experience! While I am mostly afraid of having a job there’s just a lot of positives to look forwards to.
2 Months ago

Goal Cumulous

Clicklist of my Favorite Mons

♥️Nugget Goals♥️

1 year premium + mega brace for

Cloud Zone

Astro Girl
1:50 ────|───── 4:14
|◁ II ▷|

Shinies I’ve Hatched!

Chain #112, April 19th, 2019, 09:35PM

Chain #191, May 23rd, 2019, 9:18PM

Chain #145, June 9th, 2019, 9:51AM

Chain #71, July 11th, 2019, 05:51PM

Chain #72, July 20th, 2019, 01:06AM