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Welcome to my Profile!

Hello! My name is Silvesary! Feel free to call me Silv, Silve, or Sary! I’m a very simple and small artist! My favorite pokemon is Togekiss and my favorite starter is Bulbasaur!

Feel free to send friend requests, I don’t mind!

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Pixel art on my page is all drawn by King-Lulu-Deer but the branch pixel art, which is done by ProfileDecor,


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #922682567
Registration: 22/01/2019 (11 Months ago)
Premium member until 23/Jan/2020
Game Time: 418:14 Hours
Total interactions: 524,234
Money: 1,053,709
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


While I’m bummed out I got lied to and wasted a few days of a weekly premium, anyone else worried about Raiko? I wonder if there’s an emergency or some dire situation that has Raiko distracted from being able to come online..? I hope Raiko is fine.
Today, 04:50
Wait. Was the whole Galar starters thing a hoax?
If so, then I just wasted a week of premium ;;
Today, 00:46
S-same exact common shadows today that I had yesterday...
I wonder if the programming is bugged for me, I’ve only ever gotten commons ;;
Today, 00:15
Commission number one done!
This was made for Spook! :>
Yesterday, 23:22
Yo, I’m currently looking for Unova Pokémon to fill up my Unova dex! I don’t have much to offer back aside from PD and anything from my Bat Time box!
I have a lot but I am missing these lines:
Yesterday, 17:59
>see someone giveaway free shiny yesterday
>see people selling those same shinies soon after
Yesterday, 16:45
Ahhh I activated my weekly premium thinking that I could start breeding my sobbles already but Raiko still hasn’t pulled the switch yet...
Yesterday, 14:16
Ohhhh it hatched!! That mysterious egg was a Shadow Mewtwo!
1 Day ago
I love fire emblem a lot... but I’m still pretty bummed out that we got ANOTHER fire emblem character...
1 Day ago
Since Raiko said that the starters will become breedable tomorrow, interaction exchange anyone to clear up all these eggs? :3
1 Day ago
Current wishlist of Pokémon I want to see from Galar added to pokeheroes:

Milcery + Alcremie
Galarian Stunfisk
1 Day ago
Me: I want absolutely 0 association with Cookie Run, I never want to touch that fandom or ever think of that game and characters ever again.
Knight Cookie: Does this
Me: oh my god I love you so much knight cookie I love you so much I would never betray you or forget about you I love you so much-
2 Days ago

If anyone, ANYONE uses a Windows 10 computer of any sort, UPDATE IT NOW.
It’s been revealed that there is a big bug within the current Windows and that it makes it very possible and real for hackers to download malicious software and malware to your pc simply by tricking it into updating! This is real! There’s and article on Forbes.com that goes into more detail on it if you look for it.

Please spread this message around and help keep others with computers safe! #UpdateWindows10Now
2 Days ago
Hol Up
Is this a Phione that I got from adopting the egg from the lab? Wow, I didn’t think you could get them there too! :0
2 Days ago
I went to the lab to get more eggs and ended up with this egg thanks to Rowan’s shenanigans with time portals! :0
3 Days ago
MY GOSH THAT TOOK FOREVER AAA, around 27k here to get it! >:0
3 Days ago
I’m starting to believe Kyurem doesn’t exist, 25k interactions and still no dice. People are getting it at least than 1k...
3 Days ago
Oh! By the way I did finally fully train and evolve my shiny Milcery!
Here’s my precious baby Pudding!
4 Days ago
If you want to talk competitive Pokémon to me, and then when I tell you what’s viable and what to not go with you tell me “I do what I want and not what’s viable”, then the conversation is over don’t talk to me about competitive Pokémon again >:c
4 Days ago

Art Status!

Requests: Closed!
Commissions: Closed!
Art Trades: Ask!

Current Slot List:


Niue - commission(2 frame animation)

Nymphrasis - commissionx2(fullbody and blinking icon)


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