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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 4,103/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Woobat15 / 8
Wurmple16 / 8
Flabébé (White)615 / 127

Welcome to my Profile!

Hello! My name is Silvesary! Feel free to call me Silv, Silve, or Sary! I’m a very simple and small artist! My favorite pokemon is Togekiss and my favorite starter is Bulbasaur!

Feel free to send friend requests, I don’t mind!

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Pixel art on my page is all drawn by King-Lulu-Deer
Branch pixel art is done by ProfileDecor
Avatar made by my friend GilGuardGo


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #922682567
Registration: 22/01/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 506:27 Hours
Total interactions: 577,410
Money: 1,542,502
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Since there’s an art progress bandwagon...

I started drawing very bad drawings in 2009 mostly because I was just a kiddo who loved Mario!
2012 is when I started using Flipnote Hatena lots, and decided to start seriously drawing!
2014, I made my first official digital drawing in an actual art program, paint tool Sai! I was so proud of myself!
2015 was when school issued iPads were a thing, I was slowly improving.
2016, and I had gotten my first drawing tablet!! I was so excited!!
2019, I’m sure a lot of people recognize this piece, it’s my absolute favorite of all time!
And now, 2020. While I haven’t made anything big yet, I’ve been working more on animations!
2 Days ago
20/20 eggs spotted!
It took me a while for the last two because they blended in preeeetty well!
5 Days ago
By ShadeUmbreon
Since I have a ditto I can get it from gem exhange so... I'm going to start trading dittos for the gems needed to more get ditto eggs... Heck I might start a Ditto shop!

So I'm doing a giveaway!

Ditto, Shiny Ponyta, And Shiny Feebas

How to enter:
Share #DittoShop
Like the 1st post
Gift Normal Gems for Extra Entries

Giveaway Ends when I get 2 ditto eggs
6 Days ago
It’s so lovely to see PH Times still going, I enjoy seeing it weekly so much! :3
8 Days ago
Hey, my friend is doing the professor oak quest and needs some help catching up to Oak!
Please feed Grimer a berry please :3
9 Days ago
I might end up getting sent away from home and to a friend’s place where barely anyone goes out just to stay safe, 5 minutes from here there’s been a rumored Corona case so it’s really scary here now.
I’m gonna miss the internet if I do get sent away because there’s no internet at the friends place, but it’s safe from everything.
14 Days ago
Someday I want to own a Bagbean... I just love their anatomy and want to just draw lots of them but current open ones go for $70+ and I honestly want to try to design one or snag a cute one, but the cooler ones tend to go for like $100-$200!
Maybe someday I’ll work my way up there, but is it really worth it for just a single oc...?
15 Days ago
By Emera Square - 16 Minutes and 49 Seconds ago.
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 11 (Rating: 7.15)

You won 1000 Festival Points!

Dang, not even top 10 again! I’m getting closer though!
16 Days ago
I completely forgot yesterday was Saturday, and there was a new my hero academia episode!!
17 Days ago
Well, life has a way for sure
After I posted and sold that adopt to Instagram an artist approached me and I now admin and help run an adopt account with a lot of talented artists I knew in my earlier days of drawing! Ain’t that so cool?!
18 Days ago
“So Silv, you stopped drawing fluffy animals a lot because..?”
‘Oh, I wanted to draw other things and get better at drawing humans!’
“...are you sure that’s it?”
‘......no, I just hate it when people call me a furry for just enjoying drawing something and stopped drawing it as a result.’
18 Days ago
The egg family... They’re going to gain numbers, I will make it happen...
19 Days ago
Just played the new animal crossing 4 hours straight, it’s so fun....
19 Days ago
>finally give in and post my adopt to instagram
>immediately someone wants to buy it
19 Days ago
Everyone @ the new Pokémon twilight wings episode: “HOP!!!”
22 Days ago
Me: “man everyone I know has been able to earn a lot of money from their art and I haven’t, I only get people wanting my art for free and complaining when I charge, I must suck at this.”
My friend, hearing this and running to type the most positive and wholesome message possible: X
23 Days ago
Alright! The winners of #cloudybday areeeee
1. Ren~ - gets pawniard
2. Unborn - gets eiscue
3. LadySylbreon - gets old pokedex

I’ll be sending you three private trades immediately with said prizes(old pokedex will be a gift), so be sure to check it immediately! That said, it’s alright if you trade or sell these prizes since they are yours now
And thank you everyone that wished me a happy birthday!! I read each of your messages ♥️

Proof: x
29 Days ago

Art Status!

Requests: Closed!
Commissions: Closed!
Art Trades: Ask!

Current Slot List:



Nymphrasis - commissionx2(fullbody and blinking icon)


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