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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 2,172/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Togepi15 / 6
Porygon403,093 / 4,921

Welcome to my Profile!

♥️ Hello! My name is Silvesary! Feel free to call me Silv, Silve, or Sary!
♥️ I’m a very simple and small artist!

My favorite pokemon are Togekiss, Zubat, and many more! Evo lines included!
Feel free to send friend requests, I don’t mind!

Togetic Gijinka sprite made by !

Also, go check out my best friend Pitapuff while you’re at it!


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #922682567
Registration: 22/01/2019 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 230:53 Hours
Total interactions: 372,964
Money: 616,883
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


I think the biggest pain with the togepi shiny hunt is that I may get a shiny male one since the gender ratio is like 87% male vs. 12% female, and I’m aiming for a female togepi mostly so I can have Wish or Deviled Egg(my legit shiny Togekiss in Ultra Moon)!
Today, 06:09
I’ve never been so upset by a single bidoof in my entire life.
Decided to start a platinum nuzlocke, first encounter with pokeballs was an intimidate Shinx, I was so lucky. Then a bidoof just comes up and gets two crits in a row and kills my shinx. Big Angri.
Today, 02:28
My gosh, I ended up going back to my old sudomemo page to reminisce about old flipnotes I made back in 2015 and back and my gosh
My art was not very good... but hey, the animations were kinda cool!
Yesterday, 19:25
I finally finished my piece for the cookie run fanart art book...
I posted it to the discord, honestly worried it didn’t look too good colorwise but everyone loved it and sent me so many compliments, aaa my gosh this is the best thing to happen to me in days!!
Yesterday, 04:20
Party click exchange anyone? Need to clean out these remaining castform eggs and extra egg so I can start my togepi shiny hunt!
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 2 Minutes and 36 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #191)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

AHAHA FINALLY!!! I am castform free! I might put this one up for offers in the gts later! For now I’m gonna get together my togepi breeding pair and start on them, after I hatch this egg in egg storage!
2 Days ago
You received a Plushie from LucarioLover99!

A wild Magicarp jumped onto your hook! (Lol I’m totally not copying FurryStar)

Oh! A magikarp! Another one for the family!!!
3 Days ago
I’m a simple person
Someone asks me to rub their eggs, I rub them
3 Days ago
>me, talking to person I really look up to and have been getting to know well recently: “oh my gosh thank you for helping me with (Cookie Run Jelly Pop difficult level)!!!”
>them: “no problem buddy!”
>they called me buddy
4 Days ago
I’m gonna try to save up my nuggets from now on so that someday I’d be able to afford 1 year premium and mega brace and be able to shiny hunt a shiny mega-able audino!
I absolutely love Audino so much and especially love it’s mega...
4 Days ago
171 castforms in my current chain....
Please rngjesus, please gimme shiny castform so I can shiny hunt togepi next
5 Days ago
Wow, I had a dream there was this really cryptic and weird event going on that wasn’t Skamory. The event page would just give you 4 digits and tell you “you know where to input this : )” and upon putting the digits in at some place, you’d receive a really weird looking pokemon egg.
7 Days ago
Honestly shoutout to all the peeps that do lots of great giveaways!
At this rate I’ve gotta do something to pay them back, but it’s hard when I don’t have a lot of things to give away myself!
9 Days ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Castform => Gastly
Pinsir => Azurill
oh my gODD!!!
9 Days ago
Hmmm, thanks to the fishing shop I have a mega stone now!
I don’t know if I should just keep ahold of the stone for maybe a shiny mega in the future until I can brew mega stones or if I should use it right now...
I have a meganium, heracross, absol, and a lucario that can mega evolve right now, but they’re not my favorite megas tbh!
9 Days ago
Oh nice! Just from mystery boxes alone I have enough to get a common event mon from the event shop!
Though I think I’ll keep saving my points up instead, I really want Aurora badly and that’s a legendary event. It’ll take a while, but I really REALLY love Cresselia!
10 Days ago
The anxiety of posting WIPs of my art to a place where there’s much better artists than me really is terrifying... I feel like I’m going to fricken explode because my art just can’t compare to others at all....
11 Days ago
I almost finished my last commission for someone and they wanted me to change up a bit of the pose
Aaaaaaa I was so close, yet so far away.
I’ve almost redone it though!
11 Days ago

Goal Cumulous

Clicklist of my Favorite Mons

♥️Nugget Goals♥️

1 year premium + mega brace for

Cloud Zone

Astro Girl
1:50 ────|───── 4:14
|◁ II ▷|

Shiny Hunt

Silvesary is currently hunting Togepi.
Hunt started: 24/05/2019

Chain: 22

Shinies I’ve Hatched!

Chain #112, April 19th, 2019, 09:35PM

Chain #191, May 23rd, 2019, 9:18PM