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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 1,366/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Exeggutor (Alolan)372,781 / 5,274
Exploud5642 / 9,897

song for until school starts again because i cant do this weekly on phone.

Let's Never Go Home Again

Don't you see? we're perfectly free.
Let's wander through the world, we'll be who we'll be
Easily, Like dust on the breeze, Just float along with me
Let's see what we see.

Anything can happen, Anything you want it
Everything can happen, Everything you want it,
Or nothing much will happen and we just walk forever but
let's never, let's never, let's never, let's never-

Let's never go home.

Songs so far

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Death A.M. (Whitey) ~ 1/16-1/23
Staring A Hole In The Floor (Whitey) ~ 1/23-1/30
wait a minute (Arlie) ~ 1/31-2/07
No More Right Or Wrong (Whitey) ~ 2/07-2/14
Civilisashun (Whitey) ~ 2/14-2/21
I Had a Wonderful Night, It Just Wasn't This One (Whitey) ~ 2/21-2/27
Is There A Place I Can Go (Trudy and the Romance) ~ 2/27-3/7
Pale Machine (Bo En) ~ 3/7-3/13
Samuel and Rosella (Lemon Demon) ~ 3/13-20
Axolotl (Cosmo Sheldrake) ~ 3/20-4/3 (whoops)
Action Movie Hero Boy (Lemon Demon) ~ 4/3-4/11
White Ball (Miracle Musical) ~ 4/11-4/17
crashing down (Arlie) ~ 4/17-4/24
Let's Fake Love (Whitey) ~ 4/24-5/1
Count Those Freaks (Whitey) ~5/1-5/8
As Above, So Below (Whitey) ~ 5/8-5/15
cool (Arlie) ~ 5/15-5/24
Let's Never Go Home Again (whitey) ~ 5/24-???

(I just like these songs, and wanna share them.)


For a lil something

Mystery Keys;

Mystery Boxes;

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #120219279
Registration: 30/06/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 658:02 Hours
Total interactions: 93,564
Money: 228,377
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


I for sure didn’t just wake up.
Today, 20:29
I keep catching zorua in pokemon go and its a bit angering.
Today, 03:39
Oop my cat has his tail on his foot ig i cant get up for the rest of the day
Yesterday, 23:57
People need to read things more.
Yall have no idea how many times someone complained to me about something not working when literally right in front of their face it says its in maintenance, or something like that.
Its actually really funny though too.
Its telling the problem in bold letters that takes up half their screen and their like; “why isnt it working!? >:(“
Yesterday, 21:22
Why do so many people act like getting your phone taken away is such a big deal?
Yesterday, 19:25
The weather here is insane.
Its either like 90-110 degrees, or its snowing.
Yesterday, 17:48

Yall got any drawing ideas i can use?
Imma get my touchscreen working on my laptop again.
Yesterday, 06:03
Someone please calm me down before i start threatening the therapist.
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 43 Minutes and 52 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Whismur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #163)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

What a wonderous surprise!
2 Days ago
Happy. lets just enjoy this for a moment.
Anyways, good morning.
2 Days ago
Parental figures are really just stressing me out.
2 Days ago
Ig my cat was just being a gansta and murdering something.
There was a lot of yowling and screeching coming from the neighbors yard oh god.
Lets hope he didnt actually murder something.
2 Days ago
Father telling me that we are going to move out of the house we’re in for an apartment.
No I’m not doing that. We finally have a house, a place i can breathe in, and we’re leaving immediately? He’s the problem. No one else.
2 Days ago
Ive been living of doritos and cake.
3 Days ago
Time to go bck to what i originally set my life as.
3 Days ago
Whenever my cat sees his lil toy ball after like a day, he gets really happy and its adorable.
3 Days ago
Food no longer interests me
3 Days ago
Had an odd dream.
Like someone was controlling it and was trying to make me suffer. Some really uncomfortable part happened where I physically felt pain, and theyre like; “lets replay that, shall we?” And so it replayed 2 times. I tried to open my eyes twice and they were like; “trying to leave so soon?” And “hahaha, you cant leave like that.”
4 Days ago
Being a switch player in a community where everyone hates switch players because they’re supposedly “bad”
4 Days ago


About me

Fake name
14th of July

Current favourite song;
As Above, So Below- Whitey

Current Favorite album;
Let's Never Go Home Again- Whitey

A few things I like;
Music, Video Games, Ravens, Roses

Pokémon I like;
Ghastly, Salamence, Oddish, Leavanny, Lurantis, Lilligant, Intelleon...

I dislike people, but I still try as much as I can to help others. If you're in need of something that i may have, don't be afraid to ask.

I find it hard to read at times, and some of the most simple sentences make no sense to me... A lot of things don't make sense to me.

As I said about the disliking people, I just think lowly of people. I see nothing but flaws, in both them and myself, and I only truly dislike those who act with those flaws. Those who laugh at others about the faults they always defy... and to those who arent like that, I'm just not really into finding friends.

Also please, if you're one of the "Misanthropes are so annoying omg, who cares if you were hurt by someone, also you literally use stuff that human beings made for you all the time..." or the "Misanthropes are so self absorbed, and are probably edgy teens who are just trying to be cool" please, shut up, and go away.
I am a misanthrope, and I must say this. I see flaws in everyone, including myself. I am not self absorbed, and the problems I see with everyone is how the world used to be, and what we've done with it. We might've done something good, but that was usually almost always for our own personal gain. I have might've been 'hurt' by someone, but that's because of how rude the others were in the first place... and that group doesn't make a placement for all of humanity, I just hate them more than the rest.

I made the drawing above. I want a plushie version, and this is the closest thing I have.

Image link here


If you wanna use it.