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Trainerlevel: 72

Trainerpoints: 3,506/15,623


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Scyther46 / 61
Bulbasaur639 / 57
Bulbasaur768 / 78
Bulbasaur73 / 78

The Life of Rkainjel

Age: 38 Birthday: August 6
Gender: ♂ Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Married
Not after anything other than making others smile.

Getting back into drawing and other forms of art, if you have a
request, you can pp/pm me. I do it for fun mostly, not the
greatest artist nor the worst. Some of my art is up on
DeviantArt. Link is on my profile.

[Pokémon Go© Friend Code]

5851 5834 7346

Please do not request things in boxes that are marked NFT *Not for Trade*.

Shiny Hunt

Rkainjel is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 22/02/2024

Chain: 68
0 0 0


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Newest gifts
Rkainjel 2 Days ago
Rkainjel 5 Days ago
Rkainjel 6 Days ago
Rkainjel 6 Days ago

Art Ideas

Currently working on:

Kungfu Pancham * - Attempting to make it not look like Kubfu.
Dragon Warrior Pangoro *
Skull Starters (Day of the Dead) - with the evolutions.
Other Day of the Dead Mons
Vespigard (Evolution for Male Combee) (stats will affect body: Att, Def, Spd, Bal)

Newest ideas:
Redoing Tapu Origin form
Paradox Starters

If anyone has a suggestion they'd like to see, I don't charge a fee as this is a hobby for me. I will post finished works to my DeviantArt.

* = Lost the originals... will be redoing these.


Spoilers will be updated when I remember...
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Interactions: 2,450,000/10,000,000

Dishes Cooked: 1,139/10,000

Honey Tree: 401/500

Perfect Berries:2/10

Lab Adopts: 8,389/50,000

Fishing: 1,444/10,000

Tall Grass: 631/7,500

: Personal Goal : Giveaways will proceed as I reach certain goals or Holidays happen. Each giveaway is for 1M berries.

Aspear Berries for 3rd Giveaway to 50 winners - TBA

Chesto Berries for 4th Giveaway to 50 winners - TBA

Figy Berries for 5th and Final Giveaway to 50 winners - TBA

The prizes were reduced due to a complaint during the first giveaway. Less people but they will receive more berries. I may do the #BerryGoodGiveaway more than 6 times.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #103720670
Registration: 17/10/2015 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Apr/2024
Game Time: 1431:36 Hours
Total interactions: 2,451,735
Money: 251,478
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


You received a Plushie from Rkainjel!

Fun Fair - Apple Bobbing

→ Your Collection
2 Days ago
You reached the end of the maze!
Congratulations, you found all stickers!

You received 25 Fair Tickets as a special reward.

Time Elapsed: 50m
2 Days ago
By PokeRadar - 2 Hours and 55 Minutes ago.

Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Bulbasaur in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)
5 Days ago
What I do for the maze... draw a map as I go. Makes getting out a lot easier.
7 Days ago
You reached the end of the maze!
Congratulations, you found all stickers!

You received 25 Fair Tickets as a special reward.
7 Days ago
Thunderstorm rolling in... rattling the windows on my house. Still better than a blizzard.
11 Days ago
Thunderstorm rolling in... rattling the windows on my house. Still better than a blizzard.
11 Days ago
You found the legendary Pokémon Hoopa inside the treasure box!
It fled instantly, I wonder where it went?
Maybe Professor Rowan knows more about this naughty little Pokémon.
12 Days ago
Haven't gotten a Minior Blue Core egg at daycare in 2 days... switching hunts.
13 Days ago
All prizes have been given out, now it's up to you folks to claaim them before the 22nd (one more day due to unforeseen issues).
17 Days ago
Had some stuff come up, now time to finish up the Giveaway.
17 Days ago
Since I was a little late starting the prizes, I may have to do some after reset.
18 Days ago
Little under halfway through handing out prizes, will send some more out in about 45 minutes.
18 Days ago
By Daycare owner - 1 Hour ago.
36 | Hey, Rkainjel! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!

Guess Ditto and Minior are feeling a bit amorous today, huh... Happy Valentines all!
18 Days ago
Remember, that prizes need to be claimed by the 21st this time round. #BerryGoodGiveaway3
18 Days ago
I'm back, had an extremely weird dream. Back to sending out prizes.
18 Days ago
Gotta get some sleep, I'll send out more prizes during the day.
19 Days ago
I'll check back in a while, getting drowsy.
19 Days ago
#BerryGoodGiveaway3 results. 50x - 20k Pecha Berries and 15x - 10k Cheri Berries.

Prizes to be distributed, congratulations to you all.
19 Days ago
Not me forgetting that this game resets at 6 pm local time... One more tally (see if anyone else has liked or commented on the posts) for #BerryGoodGiveaway3. Then choose the winners and distribute the prizes. This may take a bit.
19 Days ago


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Badge Showcase

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Rkainjel hasn't collected any medals so far.

Help Me level up

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<a href="https://pokeheroes.com/pokemon?id=41797736"><img src="https://pokeheroes.com/img/pkmncard?id=41797736"></a>

Personal Goals

Pokédex Completion: √ = Completed at least once
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- Kanto √ 151/151
- Johto √ 127/127
- Hoenn √ 155/155
- Sinnoh √ 138/138
- Unova √ 175/175
- Kalos √ 115/117*
- Alola X 122/144**
- Galar √ 126/129***
- Hisui X 024/027^
- Paldea √ 029/030
- Emera X 245/340
- M/G X 057/126
- Retro √ 043/043

- Missing -
*(Fancy + Pokeball Vivillon)
**(Magearna: GB, UB, MB to Unlock)
***(2x Glastrier, 1x Spectrier)
^(Enamorus to unlock)

Gems for Zapdos

-Electric- 449/2500

-Flying- 475/2500

:National Dex Completion:

Pokédex Entries: 1515/1707 - 192

Eggdex Entries: 614/787 - 172

Berry Garden Level 100 - Exp per Level - at 53