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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 270/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,8213,237,143 / 5,972,152
1,023580,709 / 3,928,321
56094,087 / 942,481
Florges (Sakura)537476,120 / 866,719
Deerling (Easter)10170 / 331
Easter Buneary15131,659 / 68,857


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"Cannons are much like toasters, though bread is bad for cannons."

Hey there! Have you had your Dialga yet today?

I never have any idea what to put here. By the way, I made this Eight avi. : D

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #834635956
Registration: 09/05/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1130:53 Hours
Total interactions: 220,899
Money: 1,205,957
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


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Naeg jte...
20 Days ago
hoi there. i am alive, stealing your delicious sliced lemons, and "one day older than you were yesterday"???

currently at a place, doing a thing. that thing may or may not involve cookies and cocoa

finally got me a luck kitty and got past my ever-so-random roadblock in maro + weeg souperster sega, because i was bored so yey :o

i keep doing this thing where i want to continue the cipher series but then months pass and i end up having to delete feeds to make room for more because i don't want to completely hide the series behind new feeds. then again who the heckmuffin reads them anyway
2 Months ago
Today I made the discovery that this random clementine brand uses a font veeeeery similar to the M&L logo font, with I D E N T I C A L COLORS.


also today is 1-9-19. haha funny repeating numbers
3 Months ago

Technically not because I reposted my Hot Delicious New Year's Squidparty feed to read what it said, but this is a thiNG NOW SO YEY.
3 Months ago
3 Months ago
the world to be Actually Fine For At Least 5 Minutes

and some other stuff probably. like some snow for once
4 Months ago
it is now chrimmas
enjoy the eightbread courtesy of argentis
4 Months ago
On PH, I've made a lot more friends than ever this year, so I think that's a plus!
Outside of PH, though, back in July I took this test which I had to take, and hadn't taken one in so long I didn't think I would, but I passed with flying colors! Definitely proud of myself for that one.
4 Months ago
( . .)
5 Months ago
I think it's safe to say that Toad Harbor is the Almia of Mario Kart courses.

can i move there ples
5 Months ago
Three Pokemon names always typo'd: Darkrai, Giratina, and Sylveon. Mistyped as Darkria, Girantina, and Slyveon, respectively.
5 Months ago
Okay, so you know how sometimes YouTube will recommend you "topics" to watch and subscribe to?
Well, uh
5 Months ago
McDonald's has Deeoggles. And Pakkles. And also your Friendly Neighborhood Unova Cloud Gods. as well as fluff and zap dergons
5 Months ago
Now, normally I don't wake up at 7:00 to make a PH feed, and I almost did this at 4:30 instead (but my 3DS Internet Browser wasn't cooperating)...

...buuut the neighbor's house burned down at potato o'clock- actually two or three houses- so I think that warrants it.

The fire was HUGE. Embers flying everywhere (some might have landed on our roof too?), strange explosions, firetruck ladder that looked a lot like a Christmas light display, strangely, and apparently it was much more than just a normal fire... the whole thing lasted more than two hours.

Dang, my thoughts go out to these guys. Hope nobody got hurt too badly...
6 Months ago
"i wonder if gengar could breathe apples"

-my sister, 2018
6 Months ago
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6 Months ago
-DM Playthrough Starts Again in 10 Minutes!-
Since there's a new Life system for MNF this year, the log feed this time will be even more important. Leaving mission results here.
6 Months ago
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6 Months ago



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