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Trainerpoints: 675/4,839


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Hey there! I'm Rabdom. I've been an avid Pokemon player for years, among many other games. I mostly come here to relax and whatnot, though I'm always up for making new friends! My first game was Pokemon Ruby, and my favorite Pokemon is a tie between Growlithe and Mudkip. I like to game and write when I'm not busy.

If you're kind enough to gift me a plushie, I'm a collection freak; anything I'm missing is appreciated, and I often return the favor when I can!

I always keep my berry market in stock with various items, so feel free to check that out! You can find the link to it in my contacts, among other links.

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Rabdom 1 Day ago
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[ ] Complete Kanto Dex
[ ] Complete Johto Dex
[ ] Complete Hoenn Dex
[ ] Complete Sinnoh Dex
[ ] Complete Unova Dex
[ ] Complete Kalos Dex
[ ] Complete Alola Dex
[ ] Complete Galar Dex
[ ] Complete Paldea Dex
[ ] Get All Starters (Eggdex Included)


[ ] 750,000 Interactions
[ ] 1,000,000 Interactions
[ ] 250,000 Money
[ ] 500.000 Money
[ ] 750,000 Money
[ ] 1,000,000 Money
[x] Buy Boxes For All Regions
[ ] Buy Box For ETC
[ ] Upgrade All Storage Boxes to Lvl 2


[ ] Get Shiny Psuduck
[ ] Get Shiny Ralts
[ ] Get Shiny Mudkip

Game Records

Trainer ID: #615942965
Registration: 21/12/2016 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 07/Aug/2024
Game Time: 288:00 Hours
Total interactions: 1,049,522
Money: 147,164
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


When an unplanned shiny Magikarp hatches from on of your eggs -- 😲
2 Days ago
Placed more berries in the GTS!
4 Days ago
Looking for fairy gems!
5 Days ago
"Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Snubbull in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!"

One step closer to that shiny Snubull!
5 Days ago
Berries in the GTS, as well as different types of Pokemon in the GTS and auction house!
6 Days ago
I'm looking for water gems; I'm willing to trade most other gems I have for them!
8 Days ago
I finally have berries for sale in the GTS, among other items!
8 Days ago
Added my Twitch link to my bio if anyone is interested in following!
9 Days ago
I've got a Mesprit egg voucher up for sale in the item market
9 Days ago
Would anyone be willing to help me with a couple of trade evolutions?
9 Days ago
Check out some of the starters I have in the GTS! I'm mainly looking for Pokemon I don't already have -- which you can tell via my boxes if the Pokedex is too small
9 Days ago
My birthday's tomorrow! I was thinking of doing a Minecraft stream or something tonight, but I don't know yet
9 Days ago
Also check out the Zorua I have in the auction house
13 Days ago
I have quite a few starters (namely Squirtle, Mudkip, Chikorita and Poplio) up for trade in the GTS. I'm mainly looking for Pokemon I don't have in my Pokedex, if anyone is interested!
13 Days ago
Doing some mass clicking!
13 Days ago
I have a few starters UFT in the GTS, as well as some Pokemon in Auction. Hopefully I'll have berries to put in the GTS soon, too!
16 Days ago
More starters have been added to the GTS!
21 Days ago
I'll be keeping the auction house filled with various Pokemon (including starters) in the auction house. I also have a few Pokemon in the GTS to help fill my dex, and I'll try to keep the item market filled with berries.
22 Days ago
I have starters set up in the auction house and GTS, and I'll hopefully have more to set up soon!
1 Month ago
Berry market is full! I'll also be adding large quantities of berries to the GTS item market as well.
1 Month ago


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