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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 4,116/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
522688,216 / 1,023,774


Hello, i am PokeFan007
but you can call me whatever, i don't really care too much what you call me (as long as its a nice name)

I like things. I also have hobbies.
Also i am trying to finish the sinnoh and hoenn pokedex here now... kinda
where do i get like 10 rotoms from anyway? /j

Anyway Palpad me, if you wanna talk about stuff that i might like, like Touhou, the hit mobile rhythm gacha game Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku (Wonderhoy moment), Squid Game (splatoon actually, i havent watched the show), Lob. Corp. (I only played LoR tho and havent finished it), cool shows or other stuff.

Or just friend me, if you think my feeds are funny or something idk.

I don't answer sometimes, because i might not be there, busy or dont know how to respond, because i forgot to level my speech stat.

-someone who got fried by a shrimp



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Game Records

Trainer ID: #527078043
Registration: 12/11/2014 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 557:14 Hours
Total interactions: 2,035,088
Money: 5,255,380
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


I love when i press on a diglett only for it to turn into an orthworm and make me lose points. Unless its a bug, this is a very weird game mechanic.
Yesterday, 11:51
That Dream World Level progress suggestion they implemented was first posted 9 years ago lol
But finally, a thing i hoped would be added, because the bar did not help whatsoever.
10 Days ago
Do you ever just wanna talk with a friend but then dont because your social skills are the same of that of a mythical reclusive being that hasnt seen the outside or any other sentient being in the last century? (asking for a friend that might or might not be a mythical reclusive being that hasnt seen the outside or any other sentient being in the last century)
12 Days ago
I love making my friends take "Which character are you" quizzes from things they dont know anything about
It also prevents them from picking the option that gives them their favourite character lol
17 Days ago
Uhh so i got the "click on the following pokemon" thing but i cant click on anything because the choices are not there... what do i do in that case?
1 Month ago
I havent been online as much, mostly because i am playing something different lol.
So until something new happens, consider me Schrödingers Catgirl, where you dont know if im here or not until you ask or i make a sound that you can hear through the box.
1 Month ago
Soup is, at minimum, flavoured water.
1 Month ago
So i beat Legends arceus...
IDK if they are spoilers anymore but im going to talk about that final fight in the replys...
1 Month ago
Finally finish most games i have started over the year but never finished like OMORI, Library of Ruina, TerraTech and Metal Gear Rising
2 Months ago
I love not thinking
2 Months ago
How come SCS always happens during a Splatfest/Big Run?
2 Months ago
I still dont know what the new halloween mon is, because it still hasnt hatched yet lol
But we'll be there... soon... -ish... probably...
3 Months ago
Snoms german name is Snomnom, and i feel like it should have been called that in every language.
3 Months ago
Yes i am in shape. Unfortunately that shape is a great stellated dodecahedron
3 Months ago
How is my account already 9 years old...
3 Months ago
Totally Not Satire Times

Spam it to win it?

A local PH User recently spammed a Hashtag, after seen a post prompting them to do it for a chance to win a price. "I saw the post, and thought i could try my luck at one of those giveaways, i always see people do.", they said in an interview, "I knew it was against the rules, but the price was a Magikarp! How could i have passed this chance up?".

After logging in the next day, they saw 2 notifications, one congratulating them for winning, and another warning them for breaking the rules. "I was honestly too excited to care about the warning." they stated, "Once this suspension was over, i claimed my price and became a proud owner of a Magikarp. And of course i will be more careful about the rules in the future, i wouldn't wann- Oh look a giveaway, where i have to reply with my favourite swear word? That seems easy enough."

We haven't heard back from them ever since.
3 Months ago
so i am finally playing legends arceus, and it actually kinda slaps ngl.
I appreciate that shinies actually make a sound when appearing and not just leave you in the dark, especially for things like ghastly, i mean why would you do this Scarlet Violet?????????
3 Months ago
the fnaf movie was cool. cant believe foxy would use the master sword to defeat Thanos but that made a really cool plot twist
3 Months ago
oh wow i caught a shiny retro haunter
that was unexpected...
4 Months ago
I have been writing a song for the last 5 weeks, and i have made progress by making a single note. Now i will return to procrastination.
Be there when my debut song releases in 2863!
4 Months ago



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