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Trainer ID: #79184436
Registration: 17/09/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 153:18 Hours
Total interactions: 800,962
Money: 177,821
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


2 Months ago

3 Months ago
I got a full moon island map.
4 Months ago
Yo i got a mega stone from adevent!!
5 Months ago
By BlackB0xWarri0r - 3 Days and 22 Hours ago.
My birthday is coming up soon so you know what that means? giveaway time!!
What do you have to do to enter? just share the hashtag #BlitzerBig18 and comment on this feed and you're in! you must do both things to be entered
Now what are the prizes?

1st place:
Shiny Mecha Tyranitar, Mega Banette, 2 other random shinies, 2 random retro pokemon, 1 random legendary set, 5 dragon gems + 100 random gems, 20 random boxes/keys, other random items

2nd place:
3 random shines, 2 mega able pokemon, 1 random retro pokemon, 1 random legendary set, 50 random gems, 10 boxes/keys, other random items

giveaway will end on the 14th on reset, good luck everyone!
6 Months ago
By ~*EeveeEclipse*~ - 7 Hours and 24 Minutes ago.
Ok hashtag I looked at riakos post and most people actually like the idea of an eevee event so #toStaffMembersAndRiakoPleaseMakeAnEeveeEvent This is not a giveaway! Share to try and get staff and riakos attention!
6 Months ago
Alright, so I know I said I was going to do a giveaway soon- I'd still like to try to save up for the Nuggets to get Premium, but I've decided I might as well do a giveaway now for no reason- I hope everyone enjoys it!
I'd like to say special thanks to DrGrimm for supplying some of the prizes-
Anyway, so here are the details of the giveaway!
You simply have to share the hashtag #HeyLDidYouKnowGodsofDeathLoveApples to enter! The usernames of the participants will be put into a random generator to determine the prize winners-
The due date is November 10th, and here are the prizes-
1st Place: Mega Stone, 2 Gold Mystery Keys, 1 Dragon Gem, 1 Star Piece, A Shiny Luxray
2nd Place: 1 Red Mystery Box Set, 40 Gems, A Shiny Luxray
3rd Place: A Mega-Able Luxray, 20 Gems, A Mega-Able Luxray
4th Place: Mega-Able Luxray
5th Place: A Mega-Able Beedrill
I hope the prizes are okay, anyway, good luck to everyone! Just share the hashtag, and good luck!
6 Months ago
Okay, so I am hosting a Raffle!
The gifts are 5x dynamax crystals and random sweets(roughly worth more than 100k).
Points will counted in the following way:-
Summon items (1000 points each)
Normal Gem(100 points each)
Evo items and berries (10 points each)
Others(50 points each)
Will End in 1 Week from now!
Also everyone who takes part will get something as participation prize.

Share #RandoRaffle to participate.

LeaderBoard will be displayed soon!
6 Months ago
hi i scared of vamp
6 Months ago
By Eita_Semi - 9 Hours and 29 Minutes ago.
I've noticed I'm coming back to this site less and less.. I might leave, I might just pop in every once in a while, but I thought I'd do a giveaway with all the stuff I never find myself using. Prizes are:
1. 5 Legendary Summons
2. 1 mil Pd
3. All my gems (except for bug and poison)
4. 30 mystery box/keys
5. Shiny Azumarill, shiny Geodude, and a shiny Spheal
Like this post and share #CoolCows to enter
If a lot of people enter I'll probably up the prizes
Good luck in the giveaway!
If this is goodbye for me, then goodbye too!

6 Months ago
first trick or treat got a shiny retro gastly
6 Months ago
By Teller - 1 Hour and 50 Minutes ago.
Not a huge giveaway, but I'm gonna do #HuntForGems to promote the thing that I'm adding on to my attempt to shiny hunt Ditto. I'll be hunting event and non-shiny, non-mythical shiny Pokemon for people with low costs of Normal gems AND the total amount of gems will be added to the "Donation" list in case anyone wants to aim at getting a leftover Ditto from my hunt! More info can be found on my Hunt 4 Normal Gems area on my userpage!

Now, I mentioned this is a giveaway and you might be wondering what I'm giving away. The prize will go to one person and will be some mixed berries, a Star Piece, some fossils of varying kinds, a Vortex of Time (Map), and 95 Nuggets!

When will my giveaway end and how do you enter, you wonder? Glad you asked! Let's say it ends on my next day off, so Sunday, probably around the time I wake up or something, and you can enter by sharing this WHOLE feed!

6 Months ago
I got an egg from the gem couldron
8 Months ago
I got the Mew egg!!!
9 Months ago
how do you get minior to open it's shell?
10 Months ago
I need help on the Hoopa quest on where the rings spawn do they spawn in random places?
10 Months ago
how do you get rotom
10 Months ago


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