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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 2,982/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
-*.Lost Wish.*-
(Mega Houndoom)
24045,798 / 216,901
Graveler608,512 / 11,462
Pyukumuku685,858 / 11,262
Rhydon492,642 / 9,189
Furret615,531 / 11,347
Seismitoad69724 / 15,405

Female - 18 - Hungarian

Hello! Feel free to call me Bow! I've been playing PH for a while now, and been playing other pokemon games as well. However, this is the only site I'm still active on.
I like drawing, though lately I barely found time to do so. I play the guitar.
I am not the best company for small talks, I find it hard to open up, which is why I struggle with making friends online.
I mostly just trade on the site and focus on my pokedex. Been trying with Mega Shinies, but it made me broke back then so I think I'll do it later on. -> Retrying from 2021.12.29! Wish me luck. <3

If you need help, let me know in PMs.
(Can't help with borrowing / gifting stuff.)


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MotherNature 1 Year ago
Shadowplay 1 Year ago
ShatteredDiamond 1 Year ago
Taylore 1 Year ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #681959353
Registration: 06/01/2021 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 276:01 Hours
Total interactions: 1,442,803
Money: 161,799
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


(2/2) #TheLastHoundour
Kroactic's idea, to hatch a Jirachi. Thank you very much for the suggestion! <3
I have to let you know that I also really adored ~Lycario's idea, who will recieve 50 nuggets as a follow-up, and I will definitely go with both of the ideas and have a Rhyhorn as a companion to Jirachi. :)

The winner of the Shiny Mega Houndour is SkyTheSkyWingHybrid !

Huge congratulations to the winners, and thank you kindly for everyone's patience. See you soon in another giveaway <3
1 Year ago
okay so I might've used the wrong hashtag to count :')
Let's try it again ><"
Thank you very much for the patience! I will now do the giveaway by numbering each participant from earliest (1) to latest post, and have a random number generator to choose. This time, I will not be providing links to make it a bit easier for me to focus on counting :D
Note: those who shared hashtags twice will have their earliest comment count.
Each winners name will be listed like this: /Nugget/PD/ShinyHoundour/MegaHoundour

For those who shared, the winners:
For those who liked the post, the winners:
For those who commented, the winners:
That one comment I choose to go with:

The way I choose the winning comment was that I am more than glad to go with something that has a meaning behind it. This is why while I went with (1/2)
1 Year ago
The draw will happen on Friday (my only day off :’) ). Thank you for your patience. #TheHoundIsNotDoomed #TheLastHoundour
1 Year ago

Congratulations! A shiny (mega!!!) Houndour hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2610)!
This was absolutely unexpected and I was just about to put this guy into my shiny box when I realised he... isn't just a shiny... Did I scream out loud? Absolutely.
Will there be another giveaway held? Absolutely.
There is already a giveaway running 'til September 12th under the hashtag #TheLastHoundour, and this one will end on the same date. Share this hashtag and like this post and you might win your own Shiny Mega Houndoom, him!

Thank you for being with me through this journey, that paid off at the very end.
1 Year ago
Well guess who decided to appear last minute??
1 Year ago
Let's celebrate the end of this unsuccessful hunt, that will end on September 12!

How to enter into the giveaway? This time, you will be able to enter into this giveaway in 3+1 separate ways you can combine!
There will be 3 different draws; (1) one for those who share the hashtag, (2) one for those who heart this feed, and (3) one for those who comment any pokemon's name what egg's with I am able to break the chain. You can enter from only one to all three of the draws! ;)

Prizes: all 3 categories will have the same prizes you can win, and one person might win in both or all 3 draws! You can win 100 nuggets / 100k PD / 1 Shiny Houndoom / 1 Mega Able Houndoom.

(4) Special prize for the winning comment whose idea I will go with: 100 nuggets!

Best of luck to you! Thank you for being with me through this journey.
1 Year ago
Dear Players, thank you for your patience and also thank you for joining the giveaway. I appriceate the waiting, and I am happy to annouce that I am able to hold the draw. It has happened, and as always, I'm sorry not everyone recieved a prize. However, as a sorry from my side for the delay, please everyone who is in this list (participants list) send me a trade for some PD as promised <3
But time for the big reveal: Who won?
The winner of the Enigma Stone: LALVOE
The winner of the hundred random gems: SilverShinyCharizard
The winner of the 10 mystery box sets: Waffle
The winner of the Mega Stone: ~MysteryMew~
Rewards will be sent out by tomorrow evening. Congratulations to the winners, and get ready for the next giveaway!
1 Year ago
Hi everyone! I am very sorry that the draw has not happened yet, it will happen by Friday evening. Thank you for your patience, and for your understanding everyone will recieve some PD as a sorry from my side. ❤️
1 Year ago
Just a small notice of change!
The giveaway will end in August 19th, but the hunt will end on September 12th, when my premium will run out. I completely forgot I still had 3 weeks on the mega bracelet and the daycare boost, and I don't want them to go to waste, so I had to make my membership last longer ><". I'll hold a hunt-ending giveaway for that date as well, and let's just celebrate the last month of the hunt. :D
You can still join by sharing the hashtag and liking the main post on my page! <3

Also: Thank you so much everyone for the kind words, but please don't worry, I'm not sad or anything about this hunt ending! :D It'll be a bit of a relief by now. I want to get back to lab hunting and just going on with the egg-dex, collecting gems and then starting on a brand new hunt with a pokemon that might like me a bit more than the Houndours...
By the way! I'm still happy to recieve thoughts on what kind of egg shall break the chain at September 11th <3
Good luck!
1 Year ago
After roughly 9 months of trying, I have decided to quit the Houndour hunt. Seems like I'm not really their type. I should've taken the hint by now. 乁(´ー`)ㄏ
Over 5000 nuggets spent, 2200+ eggs hatched, and had 35+ chances to get a shiny mega. To celebrate this sad, but rather determined adventure, let's hold the last HoundDoom giveaway.
The hunt and the giveaway ends at the same time, on my birthday, August 19th. ヽ(^ ᗨ ^)ノ
Fear not! Even though the HoundDoom series are over, after I decide on the new shiny mega hunt, there will be a giveaway series of that as well <:
There will be 4 separate prizes to win: 1 Enigma stone, 100 random gems, 10 pairs of matching boxes and keys, 1 Mega Stone.
One person can only get one of the prizes.
To enter into the giveaway, share the hashtag and like the main post. And just for fun, not necessary at all, but let me know in comment if you have any idea that with what kind of egg shall I break the chain at 19th! :D
Good luck!
1 Year ago
Congratulations!! ^^
1 Year ago
"Oh? Could it be a sign for good luck? :o
Congratulations! A shiny Houndour hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #38)!
5 Months ago"

That was my feed from the beginning of my hunt. Message to old me: No, no it wasn't.
1 Year ago
I'd like to thank everyone for joining & those who sent me kind messages in any form; it really made my days. I'm glad to have made a giveaway for such awesome community <3

Winners of the SHINY HOUNDOURS: $-3448, letus, Nikkari, DayDreamingDrgn, ~UmbreonLover~, Zellia, Rashiram.
Winners of the MEGA ABLE HOUNDOURS: Kukura, Masterblue, ~Sakura~, THE_Green_Owl, ~MysteryMew~, Norton, Cottonhunter, IgnisCarmelita, Komainu, Minesphalt5680.
Winner of the FIVE DRAGON GEMS: Cosmog_of_the_Cosmos.
Winner of the ULTRA SADDLE: alebertini93.
Winner of the 500 NUGGETS: ~PokeStar~.

I'm feeling bad for the people who did not win this time, but I am wishing you a ton of luck for the next giveaways you participate in! :)
1 Year ago
#TheHoundDoomTwo is ending tomorrow at 7 PM server time, which means enteries after that time will not count. By 7 PM, I will start collecting the usernames into the draw. The results will be available by maximum 9 PM (but will try to get it by 8 PM!), and notifications will be sent to the winners. Wishing you the best of luck, I'm so excited to see what will the draws bring! <3

ATTENTION! Pretty please make sure you have liked the main post. I will keep track of the usernames from that list, and will be copy - pasting them into the draw. I made sure to reach out to people who missed that step, but I cannot guarantee I noticed everybody. Thank you.
1 Year ago

Remember the last giveaway? Be prepared for another one.
Last time it was for celebrating me reaching 500 in chain. Now this giveaway will be held to celebrate me still not going insane and broke from this shiny mega hunt.
This time I'll give away 5 shiny, and 5 mega able houndour, and there will be also 3 items AND a nugget jackpot to get.
The 3 items include one Retro Starter Egg Voucher, five Dragon gems, and one Ultra saddle. The nugget jackpot is 500 nuggets.
The giveaway ends on 2022 June 5th, around 2,5 weeks from now.

To get into the draw, like this feed AND share the hashtag so more people can see this. Unlike last time, now even if you won in one category, you can still win in another one as well. There will be 4 draws: for shiny, mega-able, item, and jackpot draw. You will get notified if you won.
If you have any questions, PM me / comment below. I'll respond as quick as possible.

Good luck everyone! <3
1 Year ago
"Hunt started: 29/12/2021"
It's been 3 months. I never thought could make it through this long both sanity and money wise. Rumble areas are a lifesaver.
...but I wouldn't mind if you'd finally hatch out before I become broke, Shiny Mega Houndour >.>
1 Year ago
#TheHoundDoom giveaway has ended. The winners for the 7 shinies are: ShatteredDiamond, ShinyMegaLucarioGuy, Bomb, PenguinPowerful, D3nD3n Drag0ni3r, Cheeseophobia, ~*Espeon*~. The winners for the 7 mega ables are: MiosisGM, DragonDNA, RainbowEevee, x395x, Tundrabreon, Pohat, SassyLadybug.

Please do let me know if I somehow missed someone out of any draws! (Note: Those who won a shiny were not added to the mega able draw).
Thank you very much for joining, prizes are being sent out today. Congratulations to everyone, and to those who didn't win, I'm sure I'll hold more giveaways like this in the future! :)
1 Year ago
Now that the Houndour chain reached 500+, I decided to celebrate this even if I'll never reach the SM before my premium runs out. Soo, let's play a game, I have 6 mega able and 4 shiny Houndours I'd like to give away to new homes. What you'll do with them, your choice. Just like this post and write in comment if you'd like to win either a shiny or a mega able, or you don't have a preferance. You don't have to share the hashtag, but it'd be appriceated so more people would have a chance to join in. Ends on Februar 7th, 11 PM (server time). Good luck :D
1 Year ago
"Oh, it's currently on Level 82, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Magikarp is on Level 134"
Just what do you feed to that poor Magikarp that it's 50+ level higher than mine?? o_o
1 Year ago
Please interact with the magikarp, let's beat prof. Oak this time! >:D
1 Year ago


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