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Trainerlevel: 73

Trainerpoints: 2,416/16,059


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Code C10
(Unown C)
1,8761,572,548 / 10,563,757
225101,600 / 122,040
Mareep12 / 9

About Mafia

Quote from Mafia
Hallo, this is your favourite I mean friendly neighborhood Mafia. ;D Always pleased to make your acquaintance!

Keep this in mind if interacting with me:
I don't have time for 'Hi' or similar messages, just tell me directly and don't waste either of our time. I also don't lend out Pokemon, you're welcome to check out my trade/sale box though.

Avatar art of Daliq (Cyndaquil) by Tesoro <3
Plushie art of Jaari (Jolteon) by Akemie

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #213347679
Registration: 13/05/2016 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2773:32 Hours
Total interactions: 7,568,910
Money: 732,000
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Closing my Palpad for the time being, please don't message me as long as this post is up. I may be around to grab the occasional egg and click a bit, but that's it.
1 Month ago
Whee, second place in the last Beauty Contest! So happy my Gigamax Snorlax setting was appreciated. :3
2 Months ago
Just hatched a megaable Retro Bulbasaur. Retro veggies, I'm trying for a shiny, duh.
2 Months ago
People, please don't say you're looking for "any" XYZ, if you don't mean it. *sigh*
2 Months ago
New avatar of my baby Daliq by Tesoro, I'm loving it so much hnng <3
2 Months ago
You know you need sleep when you read Igglybutt instead of the actual name. :D
3 Months ago
*stares at plushie event distribution* Y u always pick old plushies that I already got instead of the three I'm still missing. I has people to plushie bomb and I want to use those DP when it's worth it. xD
4 Months ago
Really tempted to name my Narichu something like 'dattebayo' or 'Saskeeeeeeee!' pfft

this has been brought to you by cursed 6 am thoughts after an all-nighter
4 Months ago
That moment when you're working on lore and the art accidentially lines up ever so perfectly. Look at that lightning! (art credit to Tesoro and Akemie)
5 Months ago
Just got a super adorable plushie art of my boi Jaari (the Jolteon in my avatar) from Akemie, they did a lovely job. Now I wish I could cuddle it in real life. xD
5 Months ago
Oops, already 5:24 am... Spriting + DST certainly let time fly. >_>
6 Months ago
"Ho Ho Ho! Lookit, another Ho-Oh!" the old man with a white beard said and was shocked to realize he was a bit too late for the holiday season. Alas, raffle it is.

You only have to like (♥) this feed to enter.

There will be five winners:
1. Ho-Oh + Retro Pikachu
2. Ho-Oh
3. Retro Pikachu
4.-5. a choice of one (1) event shop pokemon from my trade/sell box
7 Months ago
If you can spare a moment and share something that made you laugh or smile recently, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
8 Months ago
Oh nice, a shiny retro Sentret today. :3 She's for sale/trade, if anybody's interested.
8 Months ago
Shiny Retro Stantler, what even... :o
9 Months ago
I'm so full now, but it was a nice birthday dinner. My baby niece was so well behaved today, it was a great gift to see her laugh so often. :')

Raffle time!
Comment something positive that happened to you today or to someone you care about.
One random commentator gets a Zapdos, another an Ho-Oh. Account needs to be at least three months old though.

Ends Tuesday, Dec 3rd at 23:59 PH time.
9 Months ago
Yay, my Unown C reached level 1000! :)

Raffling off an Ho-Oh for the occasion, just heart this post to enter. This will probably end sometime on Friday.
10 Months ago
I am working on my egg dex at the moment, and now all I need are Registeel and Regigigas. *shakes tunnel* It knows I'm not royal. :D But yeah, I looked up the wiki and I never knew you had to do a quest for Regigigas, woah.
10 Months ago
I'm still amazed that so many people entered my #MMAC raffle! All tickets are tallied now, and I used random.org to randomize three numbers.

The winner of the mega-able Crobat is Kissaki, congratulations! I'll send you a private trade shortly.

Second place goes to Wichtel and third place to Jacharias. You'll receive your prize via gift shortly.
10 Months ago
Raffle: Mafia's mega-able Crobat

Heya, this raffle is for everyone interested in a mega-able Crobat with the OT of the Mega Crobat's spriter.

How to enter:
Heart this original post to enter the raffle. Sharing the hashtag #MMAC gives you an additional ticket, you can do this once a day.

1. this mega-able Crobat + a Rare Candy
2. a Dragon Gem
3. two Mystery Box/Key items

Ends: Sunday November 3rd, 23:59 PH time
10 Months ago

Plushie Hoard