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Formerly: Satoh*Sayaka
Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 49/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9024,021 / 37,839

~About Me~

I just love Rapidash / Ponyta so much...

Both art by MERLYNSTER
DeviantArt: Neriad and PokenautNereon

Both images was no longer available so I can't see the Ponyta art. So sad. :')
Edit in 2020: Now I can see the Ponyta art. :3 He looks so cool though. :v

Sometimes I will set up a Pokemon in AH with max bid. It mean I set up Pokemon for Dream Points, not for sell. So please ignore that auction.

QuoteEverything in the world is double-edged sword.

OTP's song. Not a love song, but my young self thinks so.

Help me train Biyomon

Please train all of them, I'll very thankful.


#54 Tue, 09/04/2019, 10:58PM

Feeling sleepy, so I listen to an erotic song. Ihu? Can't say, feel free to guess.
#76 Thu, 11/04/2019, 06:03AM
#95 Thu, 11/04/2019, 07:43PM
#138 Mon, 15/04/2019, 02:05PM

Emera Fountain: "Where did it go?
(Nothing happened)"
That's why I nicknamed her "Where do we go?"
Also it remind me about a song by Thanh Bùi ft. Tata Young.
Full English version


Adopted from the Lab 100 Ponyta eggs... *Facepalm*


All evolves + all genders + all natures... *Sigh* Same for shiny hunt... *Sigh part 2* *Facepalm part 2*

Now we have Mega Rapidash, eh? Too difficult to adopt from the Lab 50 mega-able Ponyta eggs. :v

Victini and Harvest Sprites

Please train all of them, I'll very thankful.

Edit in 2022: Only Rainbow left, now easy to get them. But I kinda miss the old lines when we find and click them.
Shiny version eh? It will take alot of time, I don't think I can finish this quest. 😂

Some SWF files stuff

When I touch the PC, I will add some images.

Favourite games:

- Pedro Fly Catcher [Vietnamese version: Dũng Sĩ Diệt Ruồi (re-write Description, it's funny if you understand the language) ( ╹▽╹ )]

- Vulpin Adventure: All monster are cute, RNG base (equipments & fews skill) °^ °, Boss from extra level is kinda hard, good musics.
Play the game online.

- Monster Arena: Cool and cute monsters,
*In-training & in-battle items work fine on Flash Player version 9*

- Legend of Kalevala: Good musics, vvv,.....


Last Action
Fishing at the Emera Beach (2 Minutes ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #130425226
Registration: 22/12/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 881:22 Hours
Total interactions: 653,805
Money: 709,125
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


By DrGrimm

You all know what time it’s about to be~ I’m dedicating the entire month of October to you all, I’m going to be doing a give away lasting the whole month, I will be giving a gift to 31 people who share the giveaway hashtag #GrimmHalloweenGift by the end of the month! Prizes range from nuggets to Pokémon to pd to items! Remember to like the post and share the hashtag
Yesterday, 23:24
By DarkerNull

Ummm guys actually I have some more stuff left so I guess going to do one more giveaway, cause I feel pretty alive in doing giveaway when people remember me as friends , so here is it ~
1) Shiny Unknown Flake (Not worth more than 5k nuggs ;)
2) A mystery Key Black , 2 Mega stones
3) Some Random Stuff
Hope u like these
Yesterday, 17:34
By Absbor



🎶Let the Games begin🎶

Chaos Goose?
Yesterday, 16:13
By Offbrand_Kit


Today on 9/25/2022 my friend won this week's Pokemon Showdown Tournament

To commemorate their impressive feat, I am giving away a total of 120k pd in prizes!

1st, 60k pd
2nd, 40k pd
3rd, 20k pd

To enter, all you need to do is wish them a congratulations in the comments and share and like this feed! I'll be announcing the winners on 9/27/2022 :)
Yesterday, 16:06
By Domodoco

571 Pokédex, 56 shiny in a little over a month crazy. Are you all ready for Halloween? I’m thinking of doing a Giveaway for a Shiny, Shadow and Mega-Able Gengar. If #SpoopySeason gets enough shares I will announce under the hashtag with some PD or something as well. :)
2 Days ago
By rosalina_x

On September 21st, 1977, my Mother was born. Now, today is her 45th birthday! To celebrate this special day to my Mom, I'll be hosting a giveaway to cherish this moment!
1st Place - Mega Autumn Ampharos + Mega Ampharos
2nd Place - Shiny Autumn Ampharos
3rd Place - Shiny Ampharos
Heart this feed to enter! Share #MotherMelonsBirthday to join! Giveaway ends this Saturday. Good luck 💗
5 Days ago
By XMegaRayX

Screw it, I'm doing a raffle for @ShatteredDiamond instead, The winner gets a Rayquazza and hmm... A regirock or sum other legend. Share the hash tag #ShatteredDiamond and like this feed to be entered

The raffle ends next Thursday at 6pm Est. Good luck 👍 😀
5 Days ago

hizuto He's a newbie, shiny hunt Toxel without PokéRadar when I found him. The chance of hatching a shiny is very low without PokéRadar so I told him to stop this hunt.
Update: He hunt for like 1 month????? :D

Domodoco He is kind and host a lot of giveaways. 😂

Rice They host some giveaways, right now is a Shiny or Mega-able Larvitar. :3
5 Days ago
By victoria33

*A giveaway has appeared!!!*

For this giveaway, things will be a little different then usual! Instead of entering yourself in a giveaway, you'll be able to enter a friend for them to possibly win stuff!!!
Simply join by hearting this feed, commenting the friend you want to enter and WHY they're your friend, and sharing the hashtag #RecommendAFriend. Be aware you gotta do all of these for an entry!

There will be five winners, and the prizes are:
- A good amount of gems
- Assorted mystery items (non sets unfortunately)
- Fossils + Evo stones + Forme change items
- A set of concentration retros, hmm also some dracozolt, and a random colored Magikarp
- A random unown and a (male) solar eevee

Just one thing, please don't discuss with someone else to enter each other in, that defeats the purpose :<

This ends on the first! Good luck ^^ (And some cheesy thing about--*gasp* ✨the power of friendship✨)
5 Days ago
By Altreo

Shaymin will be leaving soon and with it, the sky gifts as well. I know that not much people enjoyed it much since many users which includes me started buying them from others and lose its real purpose.

The gift of Gratitude should be mutually shared with your friends. Keep it simple and sweet, anonymous sky gifting seems to be a great idea for fun and will again serve sky gift`s purpose ^^

Like and spread this so more people would consider doing the same. Will generate a wheel and 3 winners will be chosen to receive 100kPD each and a sky gift from me.

Ends on the 23rd after reset ^^

5 Days ago
By Domodoco

#DomoIsDog Like and share this for a chance to win 250k and a Milcery that I got first try in tall grass:3
6 Days ago
By Snickerdoodle45

I love math! Do you agree?


Weirdos(like me): YEAHHHHHHHHH

well, let’s do a giveaway. I love math!
Share #MathRocks_or_MathSucks + heart this feed + vote if math sucks or rocks!

1st: 12k pd+GEMS+rare Pokémon+Pokémon+art(without crediting me!)

Ends: September 30th

Me: "I'm not good at Math, so #MathSucks . 😅"
6 Days ago
By Domodoco

#DomoIsPsychic I’ll be giving away the the gems I collect from the Golden Game Slots over the next few days(except Psychic, Fighting and Normal). Please heart this for an entry and share for another :D Donations of any of the 3 gems above will be appreciated but cannot result in extra entries
6 Days ago
By BlackReshiram


So, as some of you may have noticed, the Luminous Forest has recently been opened. To celebrate, three Rare Florafae designs will be given away.

How to Enter: Simply share the # and like this feed. It would also help if you would tell me which adopt you'd prefer.


1st: One adopt of their choice + 1 Rare Mutation Crystal
2nd: One adopt not chosen by 1st + 1 Rare Mutation Crystal
3rd: The last adopt + 1 Uncommon Mutation crystal

Here are the Florafae!
7 Days ago
By VentoImpetuoso


This is my 2nd time sharing.
7 Days ago
By Batou

I will be doing a 200k pd giveaway! Because I think the new nuggets price is unbearable for newbies as it stops them from getting a premium member ship, I still remember we could get 75 nuggets for 100k 2 months ago.
so what can we do??
we can try trade nuggets for low pd with our friends making the price of the nugget decline, but we need a lot of people join to let this happen, as one trade wouldn't affect a lot!
so to enter the giveaway do this :
like this
post #lowerNugPrice
and add me to your friendlist!

the giveaway end on 20/09/22
14:00 ph time
7 Days ago
By SpaceFox26

Ready For another giveaway? :) cuz i know i am just share the tag #SkyGiftsForFox to enter for a chance to recieve a gift from me ^^ in honor of the sky gifts return!

How to enter:

1. Heart this feed
2. Why you like the sky gifts
3. Share the Tag

Heres the prizes you can get (Again cuz i suck at prizes)

1st: Any gems of your choice + A Solar Eevee + Any Pokemon that you want me to hunt

2nd: A Random Box + Key And 10k PD

3rd: 2k Pd

Good Luck!

Ends on September 28th 2022 :)

Anyone else joined the #SkyGiftsForFox Giveaway yet? If not feel free to it doesnt end until the 28th ^^
7 Days ago
By DragaliaAseZace

Alright, it's here! #PreWeddingCelebration is gonna be the hashtag for my next giveaway! To celebrate my sister getting married in a little over a week, I'm holding this giveaway! I want to hold it BEFORE the event, though, because sometimes I do learn from my mistakes, even if it does take like 5 tries, lol

You can enter up to three times!
1) share the hashtag
2) heart this feed (these are just typical entry ways)
3) wish my sister and soon-to-be BIL a happy wedding in the comments section (I'm so happy that she's found someone she clicks with like she does, so this is the most appreciated entry way, but is just another way to enter all the same)

You can, obviously, have anywhere from 1 to 3 entries into the giveaway. This giveaway ends on the 25th, that way I have time to close it properly before the wedding and not burn myself out before her wedding because otherwise I risk ruining it for autistic reasons.

The prize is naturally 4k nuggets! :D
7 Days ago
By Quaxly


I am away at my gf's birthday so to celebrate it I will pick 5 winners of 50k PD each ♡

Just 💖 and comment 💌 "Happy Birthday!" to enter!
Additionally, someone that shares the hashtag will win 100k PD + a shiny Ralts! Good luck! ♍️
7 Days ago

My first giveaway!

Hey! This is a chance to win 50k and a Star piece! If my Deoxy's Egg hatches by tomorrow, I will pick one random user from a wheel ✨

If it hatches today, I will add a secret to the prize pot ✨

To enter:

Heart this feed ❤️
Add me to your friend list 💫
Warm my Deoxy's Egg!
Share #HatchShickensEgg

Note: You have to do all steps to enter! Gl! ❤️✨
8 Days ago


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