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Please don't feel like you have to if I gift one to you but I adore shinx as you may see from my profile :3




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Trainer ID: #547705337
Registration: 23/05/2016 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 497:32 Hours
Total interactions: 997,072
Money: 2,002,774
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


I accidentally broke my chain of over 600+ Shinx for a SM Luxray...I didn't realise my premium ran out 😩
3 Months ago
200 chain lesssgo! I usually get impatient by this point and want to change hunt lol so I'm quite proud of myself. It's probably because Luxray is my favourite <3
5 Months ago
Eggs hatched so far today: 22

I'm down to the last 6 in my party!! Cmonnnn daycare, gimme some more eggs lol! XD I want this SM Luxray hehe.
5 Months ago
Is anyone wanting one of the birthday special plushes? I have enough to send a couple more :) I don't expect anything in return. I just might as well send them to someone who wants/needs one :)
5 Months ago
I'm releasing all my noibats from my last hunt by the end of today. If anyone wants one for free, hmu a message :)
5 Months ago
I've hatched a shiny shinx on my hunt for a shiny mega, looking for any other shiny (preferably that I don't have) in the GTS.
5 Months ago
Hoenn Completed <3 Yayyy!
6 Months ago
3 pokemon left that I need for my Hoenn dex (unless I've missed something 😅) So after work I guess I'm going to be snooping through forum trade shops, auctions etc.

💜Hope you all have a lovely day and thank you to anyone that has helped me, gave me deals and sent over bulks of pokemon 💜
6 Months ago
I've been on and off with playing PH (due to life in general) but tomorrow (23rd May) will be 6 years since I created this account. My friend irl introduced me to this game when we were in university. I enjoyed having it on in the background whilst doing my work. She no longer plays but I fell in love with it and always seem to end up coming back even after taking long breaks.
6 Months ago
I think I'm officially breaking this hunt and working on better goals once the remaining of my PD in daycare has gone. 1 egg in 1 day...whaaaaaa, my luck is not the best right now XD
6 Months ago
I woke up to more offers than I expected on those last trades. Still paying 1k per missing Hoenn (Gen 3) Pokemon. List linked here
6 Months ago
So tempted to break this shiny hunt so I can breed and evolve the poke's I need but I've spent so much PD on it now. Feels like i'm never going to breed my own shiny noibat XD Definitely the last shiny that i'm breeding myself for a while lol
6 Months ago
I'm back on my hunt to complete my Hoenn dex! If you have any of the one's I am looking for, that you don't want/need See my list here <3 i'd love to buy them or trade for them <3
6 Months ago
Finally got the search for gold badge! Took so long and pure luck XD
3 Years ago
1 day of work = insanely behind on Magikarp level quest to beat oak!! I was so far ahead the other night XD One last post to feed my Magikarp please ♡ and as always, I will return the favour :3
3 Years ago
I seem to get more items sending my Pokemon into rumble missions for 2 hours than 6-12 sometimes XD
3 Years ago
I hate begging but really wanna beat oak!! Please feed or train my magikarp! :) I am doing all my returned favours!!
3 Years ago
Why is Prof Oak always 2 levels ahead of me? XD Please feed her a berry <3 I will always return if I haven't already!
3 Years ago
I got my Johto badge!! :D
3 Years ago

♥My name is Chloe ● I'm 27 ● From the UK♥

♥ A lover of Shinx & Luxray ♥

♥ I've play PokeHeroes on and off for many years ♥

♥ I love games like this to play around my IRL schedule ♥


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