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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 19,874/21,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Eclipsode20878,590 / 130,417
Electrode6410,181 / 12,481

Shiny Hunt

Klepto is currently hunting Easter Buneary.
Hunt started: 17/07/2018

Chain: 442
17 6 0


About Me

[.:Current Goal:.]
25/30 egg storage - always looking for pd
10/19 Shiny Vivillon

Any lake trio vouchers - palpad me if selling


Game Records

Trainer ID: #734089527
Registration: 04/11/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 23/Apr/2020
Game Time: 3304:34 Hours
Total interactions: 5,587,746
Money: 617,874
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


whos got the shadow reset hype tonight?
Yesterday, 23:58
buying any hard - rare rarity shadow pokemon for nuggets or dragon gems -> if your in need of nuggets but you dont really want to sell your shadow as its your first ill buy it under the terms that when you get another one you can swap it for the original one you had so that you can get the nuggets sale at a higher price then if you waited for the dupe
2 Days ago
3rd day in a row no hard or higher shadow pokemon in my list XD
2 Days ago
Buying rare shadows for 150 nuggets till reset
2 Days ago
Anyone selling oe trading shadow poliwrath its one of 2 im missing to complete medium rarity set

3 Days ago
Buying any shadow im missing still a fair amount of medium rarity i need
4 Days ago
quick list of all the shadows not on site yet ... most likely will see a few of them at reset - mewtwo / dragonite / zapdos / articuno / snorlax / aerodactyl / ditto / blastoise
4 Days ago
Todays bountys will be: shadow - meowth grimer magnamite and vileplume if u have any of these ill be paying dbl till reset
5 Days ago
just got the 1os shadow bulbasaur :3
5 Days ago
new shadow pokemon bounty for today will be "Grimer - magnaton - rhydon - ekans " any of these ill pay extra for untill reset - changing which 4 will be classed as bounty each day
6 Days ago
Buying shadows for 50 nuggets each that im missing willing to dbl it if its on my daily hitlist which is currently poliwag poliwrath makey and drowzee
6 Days ago
looking for shadow seaking my last easy shadow to get
6 Days ago
buying any shadow pokemon im missing for pd/nuggets/dragon gems palpad me what you have for sale <3 or swapping!
7 Days ago
just a quick reminder to those who enjoy gender difference the shadow pokemon do have gender difference for the following kanto pokemon, Venusaur / butterfree / rattata / raticate / pikachu / raichu / zubat / golbat / gloom / vileplume / kadabra / alakazam / doduo / dodrio / hypno / rhyhorn / rhydon / goldeen / seaking / magikarp / gyarados ------ Scyther does have a gender difference but due to it just being a size difference it cannot be seen in the shadow sprite as far as im aware after flicking back and forth between the two
10 Days ago
got my shadow arcanine <3 prob one of the ones im most happy about getting so far
12 Days ago
got shadow tauros today so atleast i know i can find "hard rarity now"
13 Days ago
Ive gained 4 eggs since fountain has given me "increase breeding chance- thats like 3x less then normal!
16 Days ago
if we was allowed to make multiple accounts i think i would of attempted to do a challenge on one of them where i am not allowed to hatch any eggs (other then starter mewtwo arceus...etc) and i would have to attempt to complete the pokedex with auction house only
18 Days ago


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