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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 709/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
7851,636,743 / 2,313,789
728796,405 / 1,592,137
(Black Kyurem)
271145,992 / 276,421
(White Kyurem)
280105,241 / 295,051
Hoothoot (Retro)15 / 8

About Me

Let's raise a little hell, hmm?
22 y/o lazy demon who just wants to make some friends.
Hardcore shiny hunter since 2015. Check out my shinies here
My PH goal is to get a 1st OS shiny. As of now, that goal is Mega Diancie, with Zeraora when the event next rolls around.

As with any Mega Shiny hunt, it's far easier to obtain with Premium. As Diancie has a very low chance of producing an egg with a Ditto, I'm going to need at least a year's worth of Premium. That's 8,000 nuggets! If I don't make the nuggets, that's ok - I'll do my best and persist without premium. Guess I get extra bragging rights?
If you would be so kind as to help my progress by buying my items for PD/nuggets, or even a kind hearted donation, I'd be ever so grateful <3
Currently I have 3,000,000+ PD to spend on Nuggets. If you're looking to sell, please PP me!
Nugget goal: 244/8,000

Shiny Hunt

HellRaiser is currently hunting Diancie.
Hunt started: 04/04/2019

Chain: 6
0 0 0

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MikyYesterday, 17:05
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #822557884
Registration: 30/04/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 556:21 Hours
Total interactions: 659,197
Money: 1,242,687
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Hey PH
Best way to earn game chips? Gotta get myself some shiny beasts
Yesterday, 19:14
I got a Carbink out of the gem cauldron when I was making a Mega Stone.
Pain. No way for me to get the mega stone, and will the egg break my chain?
Yesterday, 14:28
Hey, HellRaiser! We recently found an egg in our daycare. We're sure that this egg belongs to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take it as soon as possible, or I'll release it to the wild!

Yesterday, 10:48
This last egg is gonna drive me insane, I've been through 2 site maps and nothing. I asked Riako if he could confirm the egg was reachable and he said yes, but it's literally no where
What do PH? Know any obscure links the site maps don't have?
2 Days ago
Looking to buy/borrow an Ultra Saddle so I can access the wormhole page to check for my last easter egg.
If borrowed you WILL receive the item once I'm done - I'll trade a shiny Pokémon as proof of return
4 Days ago
I have just gone through the entire site for the 4th time and still only have 19 of 20 eggs. The only pages I cannot access are the Wormhole and Premium Features pages, which I'm almost 100% convinced the egg is on either of those two pages.
4 Days ago
Since I can't afford premium, is it a good idea to hoard eggs in a box after reaching chain 40, getting the fountain to increase mega-able chance and buy the mega cuff, then mass hatch on that day?
4 Days ago
According to forum discussion, eggs have been reported in places not everyone can access, one such place requiring the Ultra Saddle.
If my last egg is there I'm going to be incredibly disappointed and angry by this design flaw.
Raiko, if you read this, please alter egg locations to places EVERY user can access regardless of trainer level or item. It should be fun for all, not a select few.
5 Days ago
I've been around the entire site 3 times using a helpful list of hyper links, and I'm still 1 egg short
Riako you got some explaining to do
5 Days ago
I wonder what's become of my Zapdos that I was ripped out of traded away 3 years ago
Wonder if I could buy him back ;-;
5 Days ago
I actually just had 4 eggs hidden in old event pages
I got some horribly obscure ones this year
Huge shout out to those who create maps of PH with links to existing pages, without those links I'd have missed these 4 eggs. You the MVP.
5 Days ago
I've looked, what I think to be but apparently not, on every page on this site and still have 5 eggs remaining
Don't tell me it's gonna be really obscure like scrolling down the news feed to the 2016 advent calendar page I don't have the effort for that
5 Days ago
Went around the whole site and only found 12 eggs
sweats nervously
5 Days ago
Your coin and the one next to it look alike!
(Increased breeding chance)

I better get at least 2 eggs today after this drought
7 Days ago
4 days in a row and no Diancie eggs
I now understand why no one will hunt this as Shiny Mega
I shall not be deterred.
8 Days ago
Selling any kind of gem and Marine Cave map for PD/Nuggets (preferably nuggets).
Also buying nuggets with PD, have 3 million to spend.
Please PP me!
9 Days ago
Hey PH, Plushie exchange? Give me one I don't yet have and I'll send one you don't have at a similar price.
Currently only have 160 DP but gonna be interacting all day for Ducklett party so I'll wrack in the points eventually ^^
9 Days ago
Looking to buy nuggets, 1.5k-1.6k PP me
Support me in my mega hunt with nuggets for premium <3
11 Days ago
How does shiny/mega chance work here? Is it pre-determined when you obtain an egg like in Pokémon games or once the egg hatches?
11 Days ago
There needs to be a way of exchanging PD to nuggets
cause no one is selling any nuggets. I'm buying, PP me
12 Days ago

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