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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 3,527/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,61435,401,489 / 46,924,263
Houndoom2,00114,688,120 / 15,022,509

Shiny Hunt

Giltine13 is currently hunting Treecko.
Hunt started: 17/01/2021

Chain: 1,745
64 19 0

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60/200 ||||||||||||||||||||| 127/200

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Legendary Shiny Hunt Plans

209/7,500|||| 1249/7,500
1226/7,500||| 314/7,500


211/200 ||||||||||||||||||||| 14/200

Please PP/PM me if you have any of these items for sale!!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #912766551
Registration: 20/12/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Oct/2021
Game Time: 1982:02 Hours
Total interactions: 1,490,138
Money: 27,764,062
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Here's a question - Yveltal plushie when?? Gimme my love XD
16 Days ago
Finally gave in and got Hades today, my first game since pokemon! And it shows prrtpp, I don't play games so I'm having a tough time with controls and stuff, but at least it's pretty fun. Really loving the art<3
22 Days ago

Can't believe it's that time again! Ahh, so excited! I'll be team Steampunk! Will put up my characters on the last day of June, but feel free to have a look at my profile before then!

I'm really good at attacking back, though this year might be more of a struggle, I'll still do my best!
1 Month ago
#HappyBirthdayBakugouKatsuki!!! Hope today is a blast!! You certainly deserve all the best!! And speaking of things you deserve, I got a little something for ya~
2 Months ago
And I've reached 1k! 35 shiny, 11 mega, still no shiny mega haha
2 Months ago
Did another answer art to the oc meme!! Tried to replicate the colouring of the first one, was pretty fun~
2 Months ago
I have a really strong idea for an animatic of sorts, but the issue is I can't find a song that could go well with it...

Anyone have some suggestions maybe? I need a song that starts in high spirits/happy and ends in tragedy/sad. Like at the start hero is read to take on the world and throughout the song reality knocks them down hard.

I know that's super specific tho, so just a start happy end sad would work. It's so annoying how all songs just stay the same these days...
If I can find something that fits I'll 100% make it happen even if it takes me years haha
3 Months ago
Oh dear, I've never gotten so many birthday greetings before!! Nor spammed with so many plushies aaaaaaaaaaaa (the Geisha plush looks so cool and gorgeous too, thanks so much for making it Liffy qwq), it's all quite something to wake up to!

Thanks so much everyone for your kindness!! This sure is shaping up to me one of the best birthdays I've ever had ;w;
4 Months ago
Today's a dear friend's birthday, so I worked my butt of on making a really impressive gift, at least by my standards. And man am I tried, but I think I did good? qwq
5 Months ago
The art from today's stream! Can I just say, I am so proud of how far I pushed the rendering? I don't think I've ever gone so far before!

Also, this art is part of a little art game, so if you'd like to participate, maybe leave a like on the original post and comment a number? 👉👈
5 Months ago
Today officially starting my very first SM hunt!💪
It's a treecko one, wish me luck XD

And maybe an interaction exchange while you're at it?
6 Months ago
I forgot to make a feed about it here yesterday, so will just lump these two together

Yesterday I finished doing my character roster from the same setting, and I'm so proud of myself for sticking it through! Took me a whole year but I did it and I'm so so happy!! Look at their pretty faces!

Also, my 2020 art summary is here!! Aaaaaaaaa, I got no gaps this time!! And made so much art, for some of these it was a very tough call on which piece to put in. I'm a very happy Reaper today ;w;
6 Months ago
Welp. Got myself a ditto from the AH for 3,350,000, at least now I won't need to borrow one and my kanto dex is actually complete XD
8 Months ago
Forgot to share it here, but hrrrnnnnn I designed an Yveltal oc recently and BOY I adore him so much, drawing him is so fun. And I threw in some lighting practice into this piece too, and I'm very happy with how it came out so just wanna share it everywhere XD
9 Months ago

I'm just so shocked right now, this is the first time I managed to get a birb trio egg in the whole time I've been on PH and it just happens to be the one that I'm missing too, that's so crazy QAQ
9 Months ago
I got the premium owo
10 Months ago
Does someone know how many gems you have to exchange to get the Galar map?
1 Year ago
I am very disappointed in people today, I hope y'all are proud..
1 Year ago
I finally did an art summary!! Gosh I'm so happy, have been wanting to do one since 2018, but had too many gaps, so I was determined to have none for 2019, but well... I still ended up with 3, though it's not my fault! I only count digital art for these and I can't exactly make any when both my computer and laptop decided to play dead (and one stayed dead, R.I.P).

Here's to hoping that 2020 is better and I can get all 12 months filled in!! Also it's ridiculous how long it took me to make that template, hahaha
1 Year ago
Gosh, I feel like I suddenly became famous - so many people are adding me to their friendlists XD
2 Years ago


Ha ha.. I'll figure it out

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