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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 819/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,22512,101,964 / 17,763,596
Houndour438 / 76
Meganium316284,087 / 351,225
Houndoom207114,626 / 161,461

Shiny Hunt

Giltine13 is currently hunting Houndour.
Hunt started: 26/03/2019

Chain: 175
0 1 0

Collected Plushies

Pssssst! Hey you! Yes you! Have some spare dp you could donate for my ego-- I mean an important cause? Than perhaps you should consider spending it on these adorable plushies?

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Shiny Hunt Plans

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #912766551
Registration: 20/12/2013 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1532:54 Hours
Total interactions: 1,017,881
Money: 19,440,721
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Gosh, I feel like I suddenly became famous - so many people are adding me to their friendlists XD
16 Days ago
Just came back from watching Endgame and I'm both confused and kinda a lot disappointed... But I did have quite a few good laughs!!
17 Days ago
Ahhhh!! One of my eggs won and I can't believe they picked the plainest one, but hey I'm not complaining! I'm really happy and I had quite the dopey grin when I found it XD
1 Month ago
Yesterday my computer broke down.. Again, as if it didn't die on me this/last Christmas. It just keeps messing with me, failing whenever I have a tight deadline, I just... Idk if I want to rip my own head off in fury or despair.

Not to mention now I'm stuck on my phone for heck knows how long, cuz I'll only know how bad the issue is in a day or two and idk how hard it will be to fix. Like, my laptop still isn't working and the guy has been trying to fix it since before Christmas...
1 Month ago
Do you ever love someone so much, you want to hit them in the face? No? Just me? Well, okay, I guess...
2 Months ago
Just finished my Johto dex, Woo-Hoo!
2 Months ago
It's been a whole year since I created this boy and honestly he has brought me so much joy! Like, if I don't know what to draw, I usually go with him, if I'm taking a doodling break it's him and just thinking about random plots and ideas for him is such a delight. And how much stuff of his I have smuggled into my uni work is just ridiculous.

Since today he's officially one year old, I did some art for him and it was really fun to do, which I'm really glad about since lately I've been down about my art.
And honestly I probably should get more art of him, either by commissions or art trades... Ah the stuff I need to do XD

But yeah, just wanted to share my joy, feel free to ignore XD
3 Months ago
I'm finally done with my Spiral Adopt tread! If you're still on FR and are interested, you might want to check it out~ owo

Is this shameless self promotion? Yes, yes it is.. Well, I am a little ashamed so it's not completely shameless..
3 Months ago
I don't usually share wips, actually I don't even really share finished work on here, but... I'm kinda really proud of this one!

I'm trying quite a few new things with this one! Most notably, a fun thing with the lines and it's gonna be my first attempt at painting (if you don't count one really old thing and one barely started thing XD)

What do you guys think?
5 Months ago
And so I begin my struggle for my first shiny event, wish me luck~
7 Months ago
Two shiny numels later, I got 8 winter numel eggs and hatched one mage numel.. I guess it could be worse XD
7 Months ago
I'm sooo excited!! Next Sunday I'm getting two degus - they will be my very first pet that is just mine and not a family one! I'm also terrified, since I live alone and if I do need help with them, there won't be anyone. Still, every time I think that now I'll have two new tiny roommates, my heart flutters~
7 Months ago
It's been days and I've gotten over 15 eggs, but all of them have been just the regular numels, it keeps tempting me to just do a regular hunt...

When I started this Winter numel, I didn't think it would be this hard...
7 Months ago
Gosh, I'm so glad I followed in Koushi's example and like a month age made pinterest boards for my characters. Like, I enjoy organizing them and pinning stuff to them SO MUCH. And then looking through them is like aaaaaahhhhh, yes. I mean one of them is about to break 200 pins and 4 out of 7 are already over a 100. Yeah, I'm enjoying this waaaay too much.
7 Months ago
Wooo! Finally got my first shiny legendary plushie!!
And also got some people right in their soft hearts while I was at it o3o
8 Months ago
Today, I caught my first Retro shiny! Took me less time than catching the regular version XD
9 Months ago
I have been planing to rework my about me recently and then we got this whole profile update, which by no means ruins my plans, but it does add a lot of new potential. So I wanted to make use of it and just rework the whole thing.

I'm kinda stumped on ideas tho, so I wanted to ask what kind of info do you wanna see/usually look for when you visit someone's profile?
11 Months ago
11 Months ago
Hey peeps! Can anyone suggest some good anime to watch? Anything that has some action and isn't just romance all over the place would be fun~
3 Years ago

Ha ha.. I'll figure it out

The lovely avatar was done by the sweet Dcasom~

Some Fav Poke stuff

Fav poke of all time: Houndoom
Type: Dark
Evil Team: Team Skull
Legendaries: Raikou , Yveltal

Generation favourites:
Gen 1: Raichu, Vulpix, Scyther
Gen 2: Feraligatr, Spinarak, Umbreon, Girafarig, Sneasel
Gen 3: Poochyena, Skitty, Flygon, Banette
Gen 4: Lucario, Toxicroak
Gen 5: Oshawott, Scolipede, Zoroark, Joltik, Pawniard, Deino
Gen 6: Pancham, Tyrunt, Noivern
Gen 7: Rowlet, Litten, Lycanroc, Toxapex, Sallazzle, Tsarena