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Formerly: wolfiepokemon80
Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,793/2,213


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My Pokémon go trainer code:
6131 5546 5192


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PsyChicGeek 10 Hours ago
Galcticwolf80 1 Day ago
PsyChicGeek 4 Days ago
Galcticwolf80 5 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Galcticwolf80 is currently hunting Gastly.
Hunt started: 19/09/2021

Chain: 26
0 0 0

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Galcticwolf80 hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #828402939
Registration: 08/03/2021 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 239:00 Hours
Total interactions: 124,139
Money: 907,016
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


We are afraid that you didn't win this time. ... But better luck next time!
Your chance of winning was 0.00%.

My odds were totally high as heck 😂😂😂
Today, 11:16
Please interact with
GalaxyWolf676 ‘s parties please, these two are my really good friends andrhey are really nice people and they deserve some interactions on their party’s.
Today, 11:06
Wonder Trade Report:

Raticate (Alolan) => Celebi
Vulpix (Alolan) => Furret

A celebi?? Whaaaaatttt

Who puts that up in wonder trade? Lol
Yesterday, 22:14
Your tickets: 1 || Total tickets: 14,947
Your current chance of winning: 0.01%

I think I have pretty good odds lol 😅😂
Yesterday, 19:45
so what happens if you buy premium and get pokeradar 2.0 while you have a chain that you started when you didn't have premium? does the benifts from premium effect your chain? or do you have to start a new chain?
Yesterday, 17:30
Is it just me or does the hoopa quest get harder every time you do it?
Yesterday, 13:31
I think that one of the reasons as to why people don't like me is because they just don't understand me. i try my best, but honestly i feel as if i try too much. I wish that i could try without being annoying but its hard, because people don't really tell me that i'm getting annoying without yelling at me.
Yesterday, 12:32
Khekhe, you won 1x Mystery Box (Light Blue)!

Well now I have another addition to the thirty I have-
Yesterday, 11:15
I bought 30 light blue mystery boxes because like why not?
1 Day ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Berry Sweet!

thats number 3-
1 Day ago
So just some words of advice to those who use the raffle. Don’t try to put tickets down until a little bit before reset. And only out tickets down if there are not a lot of tickets already in. I learned that the hard way yesterday when I went from having a 80% chance to a 6% at the end of the day. And I used almost all my game chips
1 Day ago
Cash: 968,006
Item Bag: 1,924,325 - 2,381,341
Nuggets: 595,200 - 613,800
TOTAL: 3,487,531 - 3,963,147
Highest value

What makes your item bag worth so much? Here are your highest valued items:
Item Total market value
2x Berry Sweet 199,998 - 236,000
173x Electric Gem 167,810 - 173,000
325x Fighting Gem 130,000 - 195,000
101x Fire Gem 102,515 - 141,400
127x Water Gem 95,250 - 101,600
69x Normal Gem 89,700 - 110,400
130x Steel Gem 65,000 - 65,000
89x Bug Gem 62,300 - 124,600
115x Grass Gem 57,500 - 67,850
3x Dragon Gem 54,000 - 56,700

I didn’t know half this stuff was worth this much
1 Day ago
Ok, the chain for gastly has been started. If anyone needs any gastly at all then let me know.
2 Days ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Strawberry Sweet!
2 Days ago
So many oshawauts-
2 Days ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Berry Sweet!
3 Days ago
Alright I have 400 tickets in the raffle hopefully I win this time- if my odds go down I’m going all the way to 1000
3 Days ago
Ok, so will my ho oh egg break my chain if I start one and then it hatches?
3 Days ago
So you know when you are interacting and it shows that little thing where you have to choose the Pokémon based on the name is displays? What happens if you click the wrong one on accident?
3 Days ago
If you have premium and start a hunt and you hatch a shiny once premium ends, does it end your chain?
3 Days ago


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