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Trainerlevel: 83

Trainerpoints: 11,954/20,749


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Vento Impetuoso
(Windy Castform)
7,66162,012,294 / 176,095,747
13760,572 / 70,899
873,448 / 18,375
Tapu Lele
23124,584 / 200,971

Shiny Hunt

Foreveralone is currently hunting Audino.
Hunt started: 26/12/2022

Chain: 2,042
46 15 0

Forever As Pokémon trainer

Her first Pokémon was at the beggining that Castform didn't belived in Forever but littel by littel they started to be friends...Now Forever can't stay without that littel Castform...Vento Impetuoso also cry when he stay far his trainer...Forever don't borrow Vento if not for a few seconds and ONLY to a Few users...So don't ask her Vento...Ask each pokemon but NOT Vento Impetuoso (Vento impetuoso means rushing wind)...
After some day Forever has known another friends and new pokemons...


My goals

Obtain one normal Pokémon at level +6000
Obtain my first shiny mega hatched by another user
Obtain my First shiny mega hatched by me
Obtain my second shiny mega hatched by me
Obtain my ditto hatched by me

Obtain shiny mega n.4
Obtain 1000 Meowth plushie!!! ()
Deoxis shiny()
Groudon shiny()
Mega event another()
Rayquaza shiny()
Moltres and Articuno hatched by me...()
Shiny Lilyfleur hatched by me
Shiny unown X hatched by me ()

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #852653582
Registration: 19/09/2014 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 5314:39 Hours
Total interactions: 20,901,671
Money: 66,414
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


By PokéRadar - 9 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Audino hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2042)!
Shiny meeeeee...no...AGAIN NO
10 Months ago
Some people are like clouds as soon as they leave, good weather comes out
10 Months ago
3 gold star MALE audino... Does anyone want swap?
10 Months ago
If I block some user and I unblock what happen to his gifta that I don't accept? :/
10 Months ago
Ok is time to collect some nuggets!I'm ready!
10 Months ago
The next person who comes to me and says that I deserve my chain so hard because I can get it 'easily', I tell him this:
Shiny mega slowbro: 3 YEARS 7649 eggs hatched
Shiny mega venosaur X2: 2000 eggs minimum for each of them!
Sableye shiny mega: 2500 eggs NOT hatched!
Lilyfleur shiny: 1.5 years!
Cosmog: May to December! Average 120 eggs each!
So yes! I deserve it because I get everything EASILY!And do you know why I deserve it? Because I am ugly and mean, but above all, I'm an EGOIST WHO NEVER GIVES OR GIFT ANYTHING AND ONLY LOOKS AT HERSELF!
10 Months ago
Shiny Hunt
Foreveralone is currently hunting Audino.
Hunt started: 26/12/2022

Chain: 2,024
45 15 0
Forever don't be angry... Try to stay calm!
10 Months ago
2k of audino eggs and no sm!!!
10 Months ago
normal gems?
10 Months ago
Normal gems?
10 Months ago
me: ok I have got mega able slowpoke do u want it?
user: Yea but I don't want slowbro mega able I want slowking mega able!
me: Ok! Wait a minut! What?
User: Yea like your!
10 Months ago
I need nebula stones T.T
10 Months ago
I need help!I need someone to swap my shiny beedrill
10 Months ago

By PokéRadar - 21 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Audino hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #1964)! T.T WHY??????????
10 Months ago
Ok I start to collect nebula stones
10 Months ago
Does anyone sell/trade nebula stones?
10 Months ago
after almost a week of playing on my own the situation has improved but not too much i feel nostalgia, i read the messages some people sent me, i saw the plushies you gave me... i thank both the people who wrote to me and those who respected my wishes... i thank you from the bottom of my heart... What can I say...I am back! I hope I am doing you a favour! I love you all!Foreveralone is back!
10 Months ago
A little clarification on yesterday's post... I'm still playing, but to prevent feelings like sadness, anger, frustration from hurting the people around me, I've decided that for the time being I'll play alone, always helping people, but not replying to messages that don't concern trades or things of this nature... although I'll still read them... I hope you can still understand me... I promise I will go back to being the sweet,nice,kind and a bit silly Foreveralone I am,I just need some time that's all...please understand me...I love you...
(I delated for a mistake sorry)
11 Months ago
I think the time has come for me to be alone for a while... I'm so tired and fed up... I honestly can't take it anymore... I hope it's just tiredness that makes me talk like this... So if you see me online... Ignore me... I want to be alone... Please don't look me up or contact me...except for exchanges or such...I just need to respect my nickname for a while... I don't know how long it will last if few hours the months.... So please look at me like I'm a gecko on the wall doing nothing...ignore me.... I hope you can understand... I know that for many it will be childish or similar,but I don't care I feel that to avoid hurting those around me it's better this way.... I will ignore any of your messages or gifts.... I hope that u can understand and I hope to come back happy like u like
11 Months ago
Another users...
Congratulations! A shiny mega XXXXXX hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #400)!
Shiny Hunt
Foreveralone is currently hunting Audino.
Hunt started: 26/12/2022

Chain: 1,903
11 Months ago


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Items that somone need collect!

I collect pokeballs Psychic Gem normal gems and water gems
Some plushies that I LOVE Slowpoke,slowbro ,slowyore and slowking
Venomoth Venonat meowth Tauros Wailmer Rufflet
Froakie Espurr Stoutland Shinx,Luxio and Luxray Grimer MAGIKARP