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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,502/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Floof drago
1,9751,988,401 / 14,634,751
Eeby Deeby
1,6381,333,191 / 8,054,047
Blorbo From My Shows
1,4061,413,034 / 7,418,409
Scrimblo Bimblo
1,4162,225,655 / 7,524,271
The Shronkle Scrimblo
(Zoroark (Hisuian))
833539,940 / 2,476,095
(Ninetales (Alolan))
874187,311 / 2,294,251

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Art + Sprites

Quote from omg this is real

pic by Ace_Trainer_Max

The above sprites were made by

Made by Krenia

Reshiram with cape and scarf and Zekrom/Darkrai fusion were done by Julwe

Made by BanzhanMushroom

Made by XxNightfighterxX

Badge Showcase

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Set #2
Set #3
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #7326724
Registration: 05/05/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1311:05 Hours
Total interactions: 162,581
Money: 1,153,708
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Checked into Chicken Smoothie just to adopt this month's pets, was hitting the random name button a bunch of times because some of the random names on CS are pretty wack and I love them, and one of the random names it gave me was Touhou.

idk if that counts as a Touhou Hijack or not, but when I saw that I had to keep that name, xD
Yesterday, 22:24
Ended up making my third Neopets acc, went with a Blue Eyrie as my first pet since griffins are one of my favorite mythical creatures

(If you're on NP and you want to friend me, I'm doremysweet15 over there (ThePhantomWolf was taken and I felt like doing something other than a variation of the username I usually pick for websites))
Yesterday, 21:04
I saw some Neopets videos on Youtube and....... ok why do I kinda want to make a third Neopets account-

(I'd get on one of my two older Neopets accounts but I don't really remember either password)
1 Day ago
So I got to EoSD Stage 6 for the first time
2 Days ago
Might try finding a multifandom RP to join (maybe one on Flight Rising since I'm more active there than on here)
4 Days ago
Finally, the maintenance over on the funni dragon website has ended, and all I can say here regarding it is M O T H

Also I drew this while waiting for maintenance to end
8 Days ago
Since I have all this PD and idk what to do with it, might try finding an art shop and getting a commission or two, maybe?
17 Days ago
what do i do with all this pd
18 Days ago
Random idea I had earlier today:

PMD RP where you RP as your trainer OCs (and possibly canon trainers from the games), but now they got turned into either whatever their main partner is or a Pokémon that's associated with them
21 Days ago
Please feed her
21 Days ago
has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Zekrom <=> Reshiram

has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Palkia <=> Reshiram

My army is growing
21 Days ago
So I watched all 8 episodes of Sonic Prime
22 Days ago
I just beat EoSD on Easy Mode without using continues

I think I've gotten gud enough to try and beat Normal, maybe-
24 Days ago
My favorite actor who was in a Marvel movie is the cat who played Goose in Captain Marvel, because k e t
24 Days ago
Terrible mobile game ads be like:

*Person 1 walks into bar*
Person 1: Can I sit with you guys?
Person 2: No, (insert name here), you can't sit here until you've reached 10 million power in Kingdom Age: Rise of Dragons, and your kingdom only has 500,000 power
Person 1: But I have an all-new promo code to use in Kingdom Age: Rise of Dragons! Enter the code "GenericCode69" and you can get 200 million gold, 5 million of each building resource, 5000 Primogems, 600 God Crystals, AND the new 7-star dragon, Deathstorm! All you have to is enter the code "GenericCode69", and all of this loot will be yours! Be sure to enter the code before April 20, or else you won't be able to get it
Person 2: Alright, you can sit here since you gave us a free promo code
25 Days ago
chi chi chirumiru nomu yo genki
chi chi chirumiru konamirukuuuuu
26 Days ago
Megalovania is the U.N. Owen Was Her of Undertale, change my mind
28 Days ago
29 Days ago


Some fandoms I'm in

Pokémon (duh)
Final Fantasy
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Hollow Knight
Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
Wings of Fire
Harry Potter
My Pride
Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Mystery Skulls Animated
League of Legends
Guardian Tales (If you've heard of this one, I salute you)
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss
Cookie Run
A Hat in Time
Legend of Zelda
Smash Bros
The furry community
The animation meme community

Look at my bby girl

Yuffie Appreciation Panel
(because she best girl of FF7, fite me)

A moodboard that I made


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