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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 4,206/9,463


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,34320,268,511 / 33,958,786

About Me

Welcome to my profile!

"Sleep is for the weak and I'm weak so where's my sleep?"

The name's Teddy and all my details can be found in my Journal. Please note that it's not updated often cause I'm lazy and busy. Please don't post anything in my Journal!

I do have a shiny shop which you're welcome to check out. It's pricing method is sort of different from other shops and I don't plan to hire any breeders for now due to this system I've set up.

Don't be rude. Play nice.
Don't swear excessively.
Regular PH rules applies.

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Thank you for browsing my profile. Now off you go!


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Ephenia 7 Days ago
ilassahara 7 Days ago
HimeKumi 1 Month ago
TammyTheRanger 2 Months ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #160736036
Registration: 01/12/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1483:12 Hours
Total interactions: 610,575
Money: 516,729
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


As if I'm not dormant enough, I'mma officially go one hiatus for the sake of my studies. I'll login daily for bonus and such but for the next 2-3 months Imma be dying with my final year projects and assignments. So I'm sorry if I reply late as hecc or anything. Byebyesss
6 Months ago
"You have opened 9 out of 24 doors so far." GG Guess who's not getting a christmas advant gift this year :') Been too busy and passing out too much to do anything ;A;
6 Months ago
#ThanksGiving I'm thankful for my girlfriend. Without her, I probably would have perished early this year...
7 Months ago
Spent the 400 nuggies I had and got:
- 1 week premium (x2)
- 1 ultra saddle
- 100 dream points

Welp, here's to hoping premium helps with my shiny event hunt or else imma use the last day of premium to switch to a normal hunt without having to waste resources resetting hunts :')
7 Months ago
"By Anniversary - 4 Hours and 48 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 4 Years now!

→ Claim your gift"

7 Months ago
Give me another year premium and watch me pop a few more shiny mega mons off my "missing dex" selection. :')
10 Months ago
Oof I haven't had a event egg in FOREVER and I did briefly log in for login bonus the past 3 days and saw tons of eggs in daycare but cause I was at staycation with gf, I didn't had time to check eggs for events. Sobs when will this hunt progress and/or end ;;
10 Months ago
this hunt is paaaainful
11 Months ago
I haven't slept in like 12 hours (soon) and instead of 900 PD invested in daycare, I typed 9000 and now theres 12,400 PD in daycare.

... send help I'm too exhausted to function...
11 Months ago
... I accidentally traded 3 shinies on regular wonder trade instead of shiny trade.

... goodbye shinies, hope your owners treat y'all well.
1 Year ago
I'm too busy to post this on forum nor do I have time to check if forum has such an idea but here's a suggestion: Event-Radar.

I'll explain the idea in detail in thread.
1 Year ago
Should I continue my shiny mega hunt if my next shiny isn't a shiny mega :thinking:
1 Year ago
Oof. Didn't manage to hatch a shiny mega before my last mega bracelet ran out.
1 Year ago
How does one stop fangirling over every little thing her cute girlfriend do. Its been 4 months soon 5 and I'm still screaming excitedly like a kid over how cute my gf is-
1 Year ago
Shiny Mega Trapinch #324
Shiny Mega Shinx #118
Shiny Mega Snover #804
Shiny Mega Abra #183
Shiny Mega Beldum #180
Shiny Event Mikofoo #82
Shiny Event Wreafki #102

Thanks to the mega bracelets and shiny & breeding flutes, my luck seems to be great.
1 Year ago
Anyone shiny or megable snovers? i got TONS. Trading em for shines I don't own.
1 Year ago
okay okay okay this sounds stupid BUT I just want you to imagine this:
"Everstone slot"
that's it. Just imagine your fav pokemon being able to hold an item of choice but also not evolve. Isn't that nice? :D
Thank you for coming to my nonsense tedtalk. good bye
1 Year ago
By PokéRadar - 23 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Snover hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #804)!

1 Year ago
#ShinyMespritForMeep (vouchers 21-30)
Heya, MeepTheMareep02 here, I want to get a Shiny Mesprit, so I'll needs lots of Mesprit Egg Vouchers!

Join my lottery and you can win up to 60 Dragon Gems, 3 Shiny, 1 Mega Able Beldum and a Mega Stone set, and much more!

Furthermore, for every 10 vouchers, I'll raffle away a Shiny to those who have shared this! This time's shiny is a Shiny Growlithe! You can share this once per new Shiny raffled, so check my thread for updates (the feed will be updated)

[Forum Thread] | [Sharing Post]

Thank you!
1 Year ago
By PokéRadar - Congratulations! A shiny Snover hatched out of:
- Chain #50
- Chain #54

0/1 shiny mega
1 Year ago

Shiny Hunt

ExhausTED is currently hunting Plusle (Flirty).
Hunt started: 28/06/2019

Chain: 60



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