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Trainerlevel: 22

Trainerpoints: 577/1,473


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Giga Orbeetle
18340,425 / 101,017
Pikachu (Retro)1209,677 / 43,561


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taliyah 5 Days ago
AlienSnowflake 7 Days ago
Nima 16 Days ago
chat 1 Month ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #818095138
Registration: 11/01/2020 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 90:39 Hours
Total interactions: 117,524
Money: 369,140
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


you bring your pokemon back from a rumble mission to Yellow Forest. Two of them brought back a Retro egg... but you're in the middle of a shiny hunt x.x oof xD
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
So, I'm still planning to do streams of my art, but I want to know what time frames work best. I run on PST and I'm usually up at all hours of the night...

So, to all members of my shop, and to anyone who has a general interest in it. what time frames work best for you? give your time frame in either your local time or in PST and I can see what I can do :3
1 Month ago
I see friend requests on my feed, and I'm a little hesitant to add them right away. I've had five just kinda sitting here for a few days and I'm just looking at them like "... I don't really know them, I think they were from a forum, but we haven't talked yet sooo.... I dunno lol?" I guess, if you wanna friend me, PM or Palpad me first so we can chat and I can get to know you ^^;
3 Months ago
One little complaint I have with this site. Might've said it before, don't remember. Why can we not choose to hatch our eggs on our own terms or evolve pokemon on our terms? How can we attempt to complete the pokedex if the pokemon you have keep evolving when you're offline? It's not fun, nor fair i think.

In fact, its BECAUSE i can't control what can hatch or evolve that ive lost most interest in this site... My mareep chain? Broken because of an untimely legendary egg i received that i couldn't NOT hatch for a while. My apparent wurmple that i got? Evolved to a Dustox IN MY SLEEP WHEN I LAST SAW IT AS AN EGG.

I really don't have a ton of motivation to stay on this site aside from my shop. I have some RPs, but theyre on a stand still, so, for now, literally just my shop.. Hopefully something happens that can regain my interest in this site soon... The community is nice, can't stand the mechanics though...
3 Months ago
Is it sad that i miss the days when my shop customers would let me know in the shop that they like it and sent payment? ^^;
4 Months ago
When you know you could make great stories from your dreams, yet you can't help but wonder if people will think if you're okay or not ^^;
5 Months ago
When your rumblers come back and collectively get 2,600+ pokedollars, yet you still didn't get the "search for gold" badge =3= is it collective or just one pokemon? Because if it's collective i just got ripped off >3>
5 Months ago
If I get another shiny Gyarados in the wondertrade I am gonna scream x.x wondertrade 1: two shiny gyarados at the same time. wondertrade 2: gyarados for litten. wondertrade 3: gyarados for gyarados x.x what the ever loving Arceus, Man?!
5 Months ago
Why is it that I can shiny wondertrade and receive two of the same pokemon at the same time, but I can't shiny wondertrade those same two pokemon at the same time? The rules here for wondertrading are mean lol
6 Months ago
Is there a way to check trade/gift history? I meed to check something in regards to my shop...
6 Months ago
So, what are the odds of me going to the honey tree yesterday, finding a wurmple and saying "no, you're a boy, yes but you gotta be a shiny and evolve into a beautifly" only for today, when i went to check the honey tree, there was a shiny male wurmple who evolved into a beautifly? O.O I love you too Keeta <3
6 Months ago
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh thank you honey tree for my beautiful celebi egg! ^3^ <3<3<3<3
6 Months ago
Lol why can't there be a way to hide storage boxes from public view? What if i don't want the world clicking my mareeps? XD
6 Months ago
Unrelated, anyone play Fortnite or like Hazbin Hotel? XD got a favorite skin for fortnite? Favorite character for Hazbin?
6 Months ago

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