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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 726/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP


Only interested in Missing Dex-Entries!
NOT in Mega, Mega-able, Shiny, Retro or Event-Pokémon!
Also accepting Nuggets, PD, Ghost, Ice or Fighting Gems.

Item Shop

Legendary Formchange:
-1x Enigma Pearl
-2x Green Orb
-1x Reveal Glass

Evolutionary Items:
-1x Black Augurite
-1x Galarica Cuff
-1x Galarica Wreath
-1x Leader Crest

-1x Earth Plate
-1x Fist Plate
-3x Flame Plate
-1x Iron Plate
-1x Meadow Plate
-2x Sky Plate
-1x Stone Plate
-2x Toxic Plate

-1x Lawnmower
-1x Microwave
-1x Monitor
-3x Refrigator

-4x Calcium
-4x Carbos
-3x Iron
-2x Protein
-7x Zinc
-2x HP Up


-Getting the Necrozma-Forms
-Getting Zarude
-Getting Kubfu & Evos
-Completing Paldea Dex
-Getting all of Silvallys Memories (5/18)
-Breeding Type:Null (4/19)
-Shiny Hunt female Riolu
-Get Shiny Spiky-eared Pichu

Badge Showcase

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Set #4


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MattAllin24 1 Day ago
~Aes-Sedai~ 11 Days ago
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DerEngelDerNacht 1 Month ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #818613269
Registration: 24/02/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1049:08 Hours
Total interactions: 301,543
Money: 11,164,085
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Has somebody tips for raising the trainer level quickly? I wanna try for Koraidon
3 Days ago
Engel did something dumb. Bought an Urshifu for two and a half million, not realising its giga and as such useless to me. Upps.
3 Days ago
Children are still scary af
1 Month ago
Damn it. I hate Sniper. Bid on two Dudundunsparce to get one and both got sniped.
2 Months ago
Interactions please? Wanna hatch those Legendaries
2 Months ago
Children are scary!
1 Year ago
It’s decided. As soon as i get my paws on a Basculin (White) i am breeding them and selling them.
1 Year ago
I am seeing all this expensive Sneasler and I’m seriously considering to just buy a few Razor Claws and breed a few Hisuain Sneasels and selling the Sneaslers for cheap
1 Year ago
Me when I started hunting Riolu: How difficult can it be to get a female shiny Riolu?
Me over 500 eggs and 5 male shinys later: Effing difficult.
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Minior (Red Core) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #41)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
Yes! Thankfully a quick hunt
1 Year ago
I can’t find the last egg! I’ve gone over the whole Sitemap thrice, on both mobile and desktop and the only egg i found was the Minior one from the Daycare! I’m now assuming it’s either in the premium settings, in a wormhole or the Herochat.
1 Year ago
Okay. Looks like i got a lucky streak. Three Minior (Red Core) eggs in a row. Yay!
1 Year ago
How do i evolve Galarian Yamask to Runerigus?
1 Year ago
How can you get Spectrier or Glastier?
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Togepi hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #48)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Yay! I got Aziraphale! New Year Resolution: Get Crowley, the shiny black Minior. Hopefully he‘s as quick as Aziraphale.
1 Year ago
#MyGoalForNextYear Finishing my Stories
1 Year ago
Kids are creepy!
2 Years ago
Are Regidrago and Regieleki already available and only very difficult to obtain or are only their Pokedex entries online yet?
2 Years ago
Somebody interested in a battle? I need BP for Leftovers.
2 Years ago
Where can I get the item to evolve Sinistea?
2 Years ago

Summon Shop

-14x Star Pieces
-3x Meltan Candy
-1x Hard Rock
-1x Light Rock
-1x Light Stone
-1x The Art of Defense
-6x Ultra Saddle
-1x Enigma Stone

-1x Hollow Space Map
-1x Marine Cave Map
-2x Sky Pillar Maps
-1x Terra Cave Map
-1x Vortex of Time Map

-3x Claw Fossil
-3x Cover Fossil
-3x Helix Fossil
-1x Jaw Fossil
-1x Old Amber Fossil
-3x Plume Fossil
-2x Root Fossil
-1x Skull Fossil


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