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Formerly: Captn_Jaxn
Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 11,018/13,533


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About Me

Name: Chaslyne
Gender: Female
What am I currently hunting for?
~Missing Pokemon (shiny and non shiny)
~white powders see shiny legend hunt progress👇

I am not a very talkative person. Period. I'm not all that friendly either. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I'm divorced. Surprisingly creative. I enjoy painting, baking and cooking. My animals are my only joy in life. I'm an American Pitbull Terrier mom and breeder. Puppies make the world go 'round.

Step mom & mom first. Pokemon fanatic second...sometimes those roles switch 😜👌🌻

Don't ask for Pokemon not in my extra/for sale boxes.
Don't ask me to lend Pokemon, nuggets, PD, etc.
Do. Not. Beg.

Shiny Legend Hunt Progress





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Trainer ID: #685801743
Registration: 21/12/2017 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Mar/2022
Game Time: 1280:00 Hours
Total interactions: 1,451,831
Money: 350,401
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Please let me know if you see wurmple eggs in the lab!
Yesterday, 13:56
Dude yall are being extremely ridiculous with these fighting gems...like what the heck
5 Days ago
Come on yall only missing 21 (I have to figure out how to evolve dreepy and it'll be 20). Sell me pokemons
7 Days ago
Anyone have a cramorant shiny gulping (I think that's the one I need...the fish one lmao)? Still buying other missing galar pokemon 💕 thanks to those who have helped out so far! Yall are the best
7 Days ago
Buying missing galar pokemon
8 Days ago
I got an old vinyl 🥴
9 Days ago
Got my first Clover sweet 💕 this new feature and new pokemon makes me so happy lol

BTW at the beach for the week with the family so I won't be super active...just every 6 hours lmao
10 Days ago
Still buying fighting gems btw 💕 would like to have a good bit to finish my tyrogue hunt 😊
11 Days ago
Who needed tyrogue? They're free just set up the amount of pokemon you need and I'll send them
18 Days ago
In celebration of Redemption Shinies opening this past month, the breeders have decided to host a giveaway! There will be three winners who will win the following (and please note all the following pokemon are shinies):

First Place
5 free slots of your choice (1 from Kazyaquin, Wolfsdrache, Chydizzy and 2 from Kaisa)
1x Heracross
1x Dreepy
1x Miltank
1x Gooseborder

Second Place
3 free slots of your choice (1 from Kazaquin, Chydizzy and Wolfsdrache)
1x Combee slot
1x Heracross
1x Barboach
1x Dreepy

Third Place
3 free slots of your choice ((1 from Kazaquin, Chydizzy and Wolfsdrache)
1x Heracross
1x Dreepy

To enter please share #welcometoredemption
Draw will be next Monday (September 6th). Good luck, enjoy the chaos and welcome to our shop! xx

Stop by and Place an order or two also 💕

21 Days ago
So...there are 3 base pokemon. 2 color possibilities for the 2nd evo. What about for the final? 2 color options also?

So...7 event pokemon needed right?
25 Days ago
We are about to open up fight club if these shinies don't start showing up.
25 Days ago
Still buying fighting gems. Can trade for other gems.
26 Days ago
Anyone selling fighting gems for a decent price?
1 Month ago
If I were to do a legend hunt (ditto not summon) who would be interested and in what? Obviously if it is a dex reward you cannot purchase one if you have not already obtained the pokemon yourself. Thinking I might torture myself a little bit. Been wanting to do a big hunt and wasn't sure if I wanted to do legend or sm...but I think I have better chances with legend lol
1 Month ago
What yearly event is coming next? Isn't it the berry battle?
1 Month ago
Okie! Need a bunch of iron. Sorry for close feeds
1 Month ago
My pink beauty 😍
1 Month ago
Shiny twins 💕
1 Month ago
Can I buy some vitamins from someone? Specifically to evolve tyrogue into hitmontop and hitmonchan
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

Chydizzy is currently hunting Milcery.
Hunt started: 08/09/2021

Chain: 35

Shiny Castform Orders

Braixie: 17 Castform for 4 Scorebunny, 4 Sobble, 3 Litten, 3 Tepig, 3 Snivy
Kaisa 10 castform for 2 joltik, 2 growlithe,1 Solrock, 2 Mantyke, 2 Barboach, 1 lapras

PokeFusions *DO.NOT.STEAL*

Upon request, I am going to start doing pokefusions for people. Here I will post ideas that I have come up with myself and followed through with. Please PP/PM me if you have an idea that you wish for me to express for you :) Please provide the pokemon name as well as the pokedex #

Leafeon X Lopunny

Espeon X Umbreon (Shiny)

Yanmega X Flygon

Quilava X Buneary

Persian X Milotic

Sprites/Art Made by others (:

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all of these amazing sprites were made by Muse and orders can be placed here!