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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 6,331/7,853


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• King Tau •
(Charizard (Retro))
802542,031 / 2,294,448
Charmander (Retro)
35729,914 / 449,478
Nimbus (12th OS)
262419,959 / 673,904
Hikari (5th OS)
231366,528 / 722,428

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869631370
Registration: 12/01/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 730:06 Hours
Total interactions: 169,454
Money: 965,395
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


My thoughts on Siren, Pilot / Episode 1
I'm someone who is usually interested in mythical creatures in a story-line, and the deal sweetens for me when it's introduced to a modern timeline, or the story is intended for young adults. I'm more of a dragon person so mermaids don't appeal too much but this show caught my attention anyways.
Regardless of the things I've heard about it not being interesting, after just the first episode, I am so invested that I want to know what happens next. Very impressed by the idea they made the mermaids creepy and unappealing, which is actually what mermaids technically were. The men that said mermaids were pretty usually wound up at the bottom of the sea because of them. Mermaids are deadly~
Highly suggest you watch it if you can, it's on Hulu. 8/10 so far!
(Note, the series is rated TV14 [ages 14+], do not watch unless authorized by your parents.)
3 Days ago
> Went to the river with step-nieces and nephew
> Youngest plays in the mud while we play in the river
> She starts asking what's on her foot, so we go check
> She has a tiny leech on her foot
> Did not know leeches were even in Washington, that's interesting to know

Before anyone asks, she's fine. I know plenty about leeches (thanks YouTube) and got it off her with no problem thanks to a wet wipe. Got the slightly alcohol tinted wipe juice into it's mouth which made it let go. If you find a leech on you, don't be afraid because they won't hurt you. At all! Actually, they used to be used in medicine long ago. All they do is suck your blood until they're full and let go. Don't pull them off, or their metal teeth will get stuck and cause heavier bleeding. Just scrape them off. If you want to avoid the possibility of leeches, just stay out of mud, that's where they hang out.
(I've had to say this five times today, but...) Leeches aren't dangerous. XD
17 Days ago
*Has hiccups that just WON'T GO AWAY*
21 Days ago
*Moth flutters across the room*

Navi: BUG! *Chases the moth everywhere*

Me: *Watching* "I wonder if my Navi the fairy is secretly a cat..."
23 Days ago
Robbing this from someone who robbed it from someone else who robbed it from someone else who...

Pokemon I Love - Mewtwo
Pokemon I Hate - Any of the Eeveelutions
Pokemon I Think is Overrated - Pikachu / Eevee
Pokemon I Think is Underrated - Drifloon
Pokemon I Secretly Love - Venusaur
Favorite of All Time - Swampert
23 Days ago
Error: "Currently I'm helping someone on another site with coding for a trading thread. Which I find quite fun"
Kendra: "I do like coding too. There's something soothing about it. Make it FABULOUS! XD"
Error: "I've finished with it, it's very simple but they said they'd prefer a simpler style so... XD"
Kendra: "Tell them you don't make posts like a basic... Uhm.... Female dog..."

PG Swearing with #Error2019
24 Days ago

To you who bullies and sends such childish messages, I dare you to come forth. Since you hide behind such anonymity like the unintelligent cowards you are, I dare you to show yourselves and let your ugliness be shown to the world. Pathetic, worthless, scum like you don't deserve to call yourselves human beings.

AmberLikeEmber, I know you said you don't want people posting this, but I'm not afraid to stand up for those who deserve help. (I find the idiots and cancer of the internet more funny than hurtful)

Anyone else receiving these messages, REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY and contact an online mod immediately.
Just because they say "anonymous" doesn't mean they are. They are easily tracked back to the account and IP that sent them. So that user is NOT anonymous at all. REPORT IT if you see it.
25 Days ago
I wonder if it's obvious why I blocked that person.

I do not care for the way the speak or act to others (They actually at one point had a user on their profile that they specifically said "stay away from, I hate them" which is rule breaking) as well as some offensive things regarding others.

Not to mention they actually made a forum post about it, creating drama around them. I've never spoken to them, why do they suddenly get all "oh woe is me" when I block them?

I'm not doing it for attention (neither should you), I just legitimately do not care for how you react to others. As such, I want nothing to do with you. That's what blocking is for, no reason to get butthurt. Not apologizing for my opinions. I won't sit here idly while you try to create attention for yourself and drama about me, someone you literally have never met and shouldn't be in such a tizzy over.
29 Days ago
I'm not someone who believes in soul mates, or love at first site.
Still don't.
Didn't think it was possible to fall for someone in less than five days.
But I was proved wrong on that one.
I fell for someone that quickly. We fell for each other hard.
It was like flying for the first time without wings.
A constant smile on your face, and you find yourself thinking about them when they're gone.
Like a beacon of light in the darkest depths of caves.
But when things take a turn and suddenly your wings burn to ash...
...You crash back down to earth hard.
Like the way a meteorite strikes a planet, love makes a deep cut on your heart.

Be careful for those of you who've never been in love, or currently are.
Love is the best feeling there is.
But it's also one of the most excruciating.
1 Month ago
Rant incoming: Nintendo, this is going too far.
Just because your music is on YouTube does NOT mean that you need to claim it for yourself and get a few extra cents. You are one on the top of the gaming industry and make plenty of money.
People who come to sites like this or other game-based sites to forget their depression and have fun? Don't ruin it.
People who go to YouTube to listen to your amazing soundtracks to forget the hate of human life around them? Don't ruin it.
People who have loved your games since childhood and inspire to make a game based around one of your series? DON'T RUIN IT.

Sorry for the rant. Nintendo took down my favorite music compilations on YouTube and I'm getting sick of seeing them destroy things in an attempt for more money.
1 Month ago

This is more scary since it was a dumb idea and I could have died.

I used to do swing shift for a job and got off work at 11pm. Me and my co-worker closed the business for the weekend and started to leave our separate ways (I walked). As I was leaving the end of the building, I heard ice shuffling and stopped to see two kids suddenly running behind the building. I stopped and wondered if I should just ignore them or stop them from possibly doing something bad to my workplace, and decided to confront them. I had pepper spray and a pocket knife with me just in case. I walked towards where I saw them run and heard whispering so I turned on my bright flashlight and yelled "HEY! What are you kids doing here?!" I tried to put on a brave front and hoped they would run away scared.

(Continued in comments.)
2 Months ago
Someone asked my my top favorite three video games.
I gave the same answers I normally do, but then I realized how it wasn't actually true.

Top new three:
Hollow Knight
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2 Months ago
Alright, time for the Pokemon version of 4 truths, 1 lie.
Person to correctly guess the lie wins a few mystery boxes/keys :3

1.) The first ever Pokemon I chose was Bulbasaur.
2.) I hatched a Shiny Swablu in Pokemon Go, on the same day I caught three Shiny Eevees.
3.) The first Pokemon game I got was Emerald and later discovered Silver and Red.
4.) My first ever and only random encounter shiny from a game was a Hariyama in Pokemon Emerald.
5.) I deleted my little brother's favorite Pokemon Typhlosion from existence and duplicated my Feraligatr on his game file via trading cable link.
3 Months ago
So I saw this floating around and want to give it a go.
4 Truths, 1 Lie (I'll do a Pokemon edition later~)
Person who guesses the lie first wins a few Mystery Items :3

1.) My step-brother and I learned the hard way that deer can actually growl while camping.
2.) I once had a baby tooth kicked out of my mouth, courtesy of my little brother
3.) I am a virgin to sex, getting high off drugs, AND getting drunk on alcohol, even though I'm currently 25-1/2 years old.
4.) I had a mild break in my pinky finger after falling off a public park playground swing set when I was 7.
5.) I've had a total of two dogs, two ferrets, seven cats, and two fish as family pets in my lifetime.
3 Months ago
Probably Mewtwo.
I'm usually serious, quiet most of the time, a bit of a loner, and usually always try to better myself through drastic means.
4 Months ago
Woah, Rank 33! Thanks for the votes everyone <3
Even though it was terrible

Results of last Beauty Contest:
Photo #1 - Rank 33 (Rating: 6.59)
You won 500 Festival Points!
4 Months ago


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_________ Introvert, I like being alone indoors

_________ Unsociable, I don't converse well

_________ Intimidating, but I'm shy and quiet

_________ Navi, I have a pet tortoiseshell cat


_________ ⋆ I seem harsh sometimes, I can't help it

_________ ⋆ I don't send plushies back

_________ ⋆ Random friend requests are instantly rejected

_________ ⋆ Will only reply to messages that aren't SPAM

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