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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 5,297/21,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,29252,607,784 / 55,276,669
Taillow20350 / 998
Herdier20474 / 998
Maschiff15395 / 500
Rockruff16649 / 817
Dottler16254 / 817

~*~ Memorial to my girl ~*~

Made By MetalHeadKendra



Lava and Slime Dex

Done by >lillipup's art shop

My Dream Team

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Made by Cyanna
Bottom Done by:Purrsimmon


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #116830130
Registration: 26/11/2017 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 2425:00 Hours
Total interactions: 9,304,708
Money: 2,183,106
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


My lack of being careful has sealed the fate of this hunt; I am officially done with the mega hunt after almost 3,500 without a shiny mega and accidentally putting a non Aerodactyl from my storage box into the party.
10 Months ago
If I don't get this shiny mega by the 12th of February when my premium runs out I don't know if I will keep it going. It's been almost a year that I've done this hunt; I miss doing regular hunts and seeing the lab.
10 Months ago
3,000 hatched Aerodactyl
74 shinies
58 Megas
0 shiny megas
2 mega cuffs used

This hunt is cursed
11 Months ago
#MyCoolestPokemon is absolutely my shiny female Furfrou ❤️
11 Months ago
Anyone willing to sell nuggets for 2,000 pd a price? I can bulk buy.
There is no way I'm getting this shiny mega in 4 days and I don't want almost 3,000 hatches to go down the drain.
1 Year ago
I wonder if I'll even get this shiny mega before premium runs out, I'll obviously buy nuggets and pay for more if it comes to that, but 2,500 is coming up fast with nothing so far.
1 Year ago
Does anyone have some old amber fossils for sale at a decent price?
1 Year ago
Damn I now know the pain of having a shiny and a mega in the same party.
Again kudos to anyone that shiny mega hunts because my patience is gone with this hunt.
1 Year ago
Increased shiny chance from the fountain and a mega cuff going; let's hope I get this shiney mega today. It would be a nice birthday present 😅
1 Year ago
I've come to the conclusion that I don't have the patience for a shiny mega hunt and for all you guys that do it, kudos because this is driving me crazy.
1 Year ago
Alright so I have officially hatched a shiny and a mega Aerodactyl, if anyone wants any future shinies or megas before I hatch a shiny mega let me know. We can either do an exchange of amber fossil or pd.
1 Year ago
How could my shiny luck be so bad that I haven't had a shiny in almost 100 eggs 😡
1 Year ago
Did I miss on how to get the horses?
1 Year ago
#mygoalfornextyear try to work on my mental health more honestly
1 Year ago
Anyone willing to sell water gems at 800pd? I'll buy a good amount.
1 Year ago
Ok so you can get all the different variants of each Alcreamie even though only the main ones are registered in the dex. This makes it more interesting honestly.
2 Years ago
Happy Birthday SilverLugia456, I hope you have a wonderful day!
2 Years ago
Happy birthday Kimie, I hope you have a wonderful day! ❤️
2 Years ago
Happy Birthday BakugouKatsuki, I hope you have a wonderful day ❤️
2 Years ago
Please share to spread the word so we can catch this person and so no one looses their account.

By TremorzGG: NOBODY OPEN ANY LINKS SENT THROUGH PLUSHIES. A user is Trying to hack your account. The message will look like this "Hey lucky guy u just won some free stuff on gts just offer 1 pd i will accept" I almost just lost my account I got logged out and everything.

(Adding, please report this scammer immediately! If you know who it is, send a report in, a few reports with evidence should get this handled quickly!)
2 Years ago

About Me


♥️My heart dog was a black toy poodle so shiny furfrou is my absolute favorite pokemon
♥️I am laid back
♥️I try to see all side of the story
♥️I do battle with mental illness, but I am extremely open about it
♥️Anyone that wants/needs to talk, I am all ears

🐢Favorite Youtubers🐢




🍁Sam O'Nella Academy...SCPReadings
🍁Sunday Sauce Podcast..TheOdd1sOut
🍁Count Dankula..............Camelworks

🐢My Favorite Podcasts🐢

🎲Not Another D&D Podcast
☠️Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Charms made by V

~*~ Collecting ~*~

~*~ I have 227 Water Gems out of 5k
~*~ I have 2,298 Poison Gems out of 5k
~*~ I have 1,044 Normal Gems out of 5k
~*~ I have 157 Ground Gems out of 5k
~*~ I have 3,346 Rock Gems out of 5k
~*~ I have 1,461 Dark Gems out of 10k
~*~ I have 268 Fairy Gems out 5k
~*~ I have 1,307 Steel Gems out 5k
~*~ I have 1,947 Electric Gems out 5k

~*~ Future Shiny Hunts ~*~







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