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I am a beginner shiny hunter, I've hunted and obtained a Shiny Gyrados and Caterpie, caught a Shiny Retro Charizard and Shiny Retro Hoot-Hoot, and I'm now hunting Charmander. I'm gardening level 23 so if you need anything PalPad me.

I have big plans and high hopes on what I'm going to do in this game but like most people I have no money to support that lmao.

ALSO, I've decided to start hoarding Wurmple plushies, so if you contribute, I'll buy you a plushie of equal or greater value, and that goes for any other plushies that aren't wurmple.


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Galvicor 8 Months ago
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Slyvigoo 8 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Aquamarine2263 is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 22/07/2018

Chain: 88
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #364029646
Registration: 07/04/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 170:59 Hours
Total interactions: 293,986
Money: 38,408
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


Just hatched a shiny retro hoot hoot, but I'm to tired to really register how awesome that is lmao
8 Months ago
Hey, Aquamarine2263!

How is my Skitty doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 96, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Skitty is on Level 40, so you're currently in the lead!

Remember that I'll reclaim my Pokémon this Sunday at 8AM. Its level has to be higher than Prof. Oak's Pokémon by then.
Please keep it in your Party or in one of your Storage Boxes in the meantime.

I almost feel bad for Oak lol
8 Months ago
Is there a benefit to giving a pokemon a berry rather than just training it?
8 Months ago
I somehow broke my safari chain by catching a Vivillon, but honestly idk when or how I caught it. My chain was 45 so I would've found a shiny soon
8 Months ago
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

5x Dragon Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
8 Months ago
Which nature is better for Mega Charizard X, Careful or Naughty?
8 Months ago
Can someone please get me some the Gloweeon plushie (finneon event) ???? I promise to return it if you also don't have it
8 Months ago
So I got my wisdom teeth out this morning, and I still can't feel my chin and lower lip
8 Months ago
8 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 3 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Caterpie hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #255)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries

FINALLY!!!! Lmao this took WAY to long.
8 Months ago
So I forgot how to edit the About me section. I know theres an edit button somewhere but I forgot/cant find where it is and
I really need to update mine
9 Months ago

9 Months ago
So I just caught a Moltres, and it's not even shiny and the bird cost me like at least 40 grand in pokeballs. I must've been lucky with my Zapdos, because this was a lot harder. It FLED from me the first time, which I didn't even know was possible, so now I gotta go pokeball shopping because of how expensive she was (Yes, mine is a she)
9 Months ago
Hello everyone! FaeMom here.

Now i know many of you know that in about 6 days i will be leaving the Pokeheroes site forever. (Even changing my password to somthing idk)

But! I hope to take a piece oof you guys with me.
Now if you share this WHOLE post you will be entered in to win a shiny or mega from my last box!!!
There will be 3 WINNERS for those who share the hashtag (ends on the 15th)
9 Months ago
Guys.... I don't know how this is even possible, but I got A SHINY RETRO CHARIZARD ON THE SECOND CHAIN!!! Holy f***, and it's FEMALE! I don't even know what to do with the beautiful lass, she's got to be worth like 500k or something crazy. Do I keep her? Sell her? Holy s*** idek.
9 Months ago
"Good evening, Aquamarine2263, want to hear a short story?
A few days ago, I went to the Emera Mall because I wanted to buy some berries, when suddenly this strong earthquake erupted!
I was a bit scared at first, but then I ran out of the building to see what was happening. I saw this gigantic Pokémon in the distance - it was red and had dark stripes on its back. I've never seen such a Pokémon before!
Unfortunately it was too far away and I couldn't see any details, but I'm sure it's not gone for ever. Though I've heard people talking about it, they said this Pokémon lives in a deep cave that is completely filled with boiling lava!!
They might exaggerate a bit, but I'd really like to find out more about this mysterious species."
Anyone know what this means? Like do I have to visit Emera Town everyday looking for (Yveltal?) or something?
9 Months ago
Just caught another retro venusaur, this one is up for sale on the GTS so go heck that out if you're interested
9 Months ago
Y'all how are all of these people getting shiny retro articunos? I haven't even had the opportunity to hunt for one yet and I'm on a 141 chain for a caterpie
9 Months ago
Just got my 2nd retro, only this time I got Venusaur, and I came prepared! :-)
9 Months ago
Just caught a Typholsion (Retro)!!! So worried that I didn't bring enough pokeballs ( I had 14 pokeballs and 9 ultra), but I only had to use 11 pokeballs and 2 ultra!
9 Months ago


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