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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 594/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
8241,216,250 / 2,039,401
Zeraora457359,656 / 784,899
43456,512 / 666,711
Toxtricity (Amped)9911,475 / 32,757

About Me

Hello. My name is amare.
I am just a friendly person. There is a lot i can say but i will add it once i have time to myself.

My palpad and pms are open always. I do enjoy battling, collecting, and plenty others.
My favorite pokemon are
1. Lycanroc (midday midnight and dusk)
2. Umbreon
3. Zoroark
4. Zeraora

I do RP. Its something i find enjoyable, feel free to ask me about it~

I also love art, i tend to sketch now an then but im never as good as id like.

----more to come------


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Newest gifts
Narncolie 1 Month ago
Squeaker 1 Month ago
Nightsky 1 Month ago
Squeaker 1 Month ago


I dont have many but my goals on here for now are
0 means not achived
1 means its achived

1. Get shinies of all my favorite pokemon (0)
2. Get my shiny zoroa up to a level 200 (0)
3. Collect all the UBs (0)
4. Have a full pokedex (0)
5. Have all alolan legendaries (0)

My long term goal is to help my friends here any and every chance i can.

Badge Showcase

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Amare_Wolf hasn't collected any medals so far.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #620411210
Registration: 17/04/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 318:55 Hours
Total interactions: 15,795
Money: 40,650
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


new player needing a hand, please help my close friend hatch his eggs~

1 Month ago
ok, amare is back, and now the eeveeloution gym is reopened and ready for new challengers. i look forward to the challenges.

stay furry, stay safe, and have fun all.
1 Month ago
So, who on here knows the game CHANGED ?
1 Month ago
So ive done this before in a different way. But lately I've been on a music kick, adding more an more songs to my playlist for when I'm out jogging an or when I'm resting with my speakers on. So I'm going to ask for some help. I have a playlist of 600+ songs, Ive listened to all of em so many times , so basically I'm asking y'all, any who see this, take a moment an suggest a song. It's easy too. If you want just name the song, artist and first few verses of the song. Basically like this.

A wolf in sheep's clothing by Set it off
"Ha ha ha, this is about you
Beware, beware, be skeptical
Of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold
Deceit so natural
But a wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning"

And. No it's not limited to just one per person. If you have a few I do ask you only suggest up to three. I ask for help as I've run my own knowledge of music I like completely dry, I'm not to picky, if lyrics are good I'll end up liking it.
More info below
2 Months ago
Day 2
Sorry its late again.

But the question is.

What is your favorite anime, movie, or cartoon?

For me the answer is a bit different but my favorite is still currently Digimon.
5 Months ago
So, im back, its october.
The one month my family enjoys a bit of creativity all month long it seems.
An since its the 8th my plan is shorter compared to what i had planned. So each day ill ask a question and answer myself. You all can join in and even suggest the next question.

Whats your favorite pokemon game?

I am personally stuck in ultra sun, as its the recent one ive played lately.
6 Months ago
~~~~selling gems, boxes, and keys~~~~

48 electric gems
40 fighting gems
5 grass gems
8 normal gems
7 poison gems
4 dark gems
23 fire gems
15 steel gems

2 green boxes
2 pink boxes
2 purple boxes
1 red box

2 dark blue keys
1 pink key
1 gold key

also willing to sell these.
1 old pokedex
1 selfie stick
1 flame plate
1 skull fossil
1 ultra saddel
1 enigma stone

any in the 4 sel/trade boxes can be bought as well, all pokemon do have a set cost. an its just 100pd if i have any in those boxes that you need just say something dont need pd if i can be helpful dex wise

~~alright you all know what im trying to sell. come at me with offers, ill mark below in the comments what has been claimed. want everything on the list make a fair offer. its first come first serve as well. thank you.

stay cool, and have an absolutely amazing day, no pokemon pun intended.~~
7 Months ago
why is my luck so bad when it comes to hunting shinies XD
7 Months ago
Regarding my last few feeds.
What are your honest thoughts about them?
Does it help get to know me? Or could it be done differently? Is it worth doing now and then?
7 Months ago
im late. but here are my answers to the questions i was asked.

yes, i have two furry ocs, and i have a pokesona as well.
my favorite animal would actually be what my primary fursona is, a wolf.

i dont have any favorite shows, however i have a few movies, those being blade, blade 2, blade trilogy, underworld, underworld evoloution (basically the whole series), eragon, and van helsing.
my free time is often spent talking to my boyfriend, watching tutorials for art on youtube, joining a jackbox friday stream for a youtuber i watch, and lastly atempting to draw mostly furry though.

i hope that answered, i think ill continue doing his now an then cause honestly like it. but for the questions i have

1.) do you all have normal, furry, or pokemon ocs?
2.) how much do you enjoy nature?

#LetsAskAndAnswer #SmallCommunityQuizzy
7 Months ago
4 days remain on my previous feed.
Ive not yet looked at the questions so far so i cant wait to read an answer you all~
Keep an eye out in four days for the answers to your questions and my question to you all.
7 Months ago
Ya know, i want to try something.
Im a furry. Im gay. And taken. Thats about all thats really known about me.
So why not have some fun. Ill constantly look at this feed. If you want to ask me anything. Just ask in the comments.
After the 17th of august ill make another feed answering all the questions you all ask me. Just follow the site rules when you ask though. Simple enough?
Heres where it gets interesting. I have one big question for everyone as well. Which will be revealed once i answer all of your questions.

I answer in 6 days from today
Lets have fun with this. Come be creative
Shoot even spread the word
#LetsAskAndAnswer #SmallCommunityQuizzy

7 Months ago
I just found out the easiest way to make myself feel like a shatered pane of glass. And its my fault at that for messing up my sleep sceduel.
Certainly pierces my heart to hear my bf call me out on it. I think ill go to sleep. I wish all of ph a wonderful time.
8 Months ago
Alrighty. Im off to sleep.

An ive heard of drama. So if your comin to being that towards me just turn back around. Ill most likely ignore drama soon as it starts an lets face it no one wants drama.

Thank you all for understanding
Night PH
8 Months ago
Finally have an ultra saddle, and barely an idea what its for. Woohoo. An now to sleep i suppose. G'night PH
8 Months ago
Woohoo, a mega able out of just shiny hunting. An here i figured my luck is terrible. Well i know im going to flip if i end up with a shiny mega
Honestly all. I wanted is a shiny so if i dont get one im content with the mega able i just got
8 Months ago
Wolf is not in a good mood. But gonna change that.

Anyone who messages ill interact with party
8 Months ago
Sellling old pokedex
11 boxes.
And 2 keys
Boxes: red(1) pink (2) purple(2) light blue(2) dark blue(2) green(2)
Keys: green(1) pink(1)

First come first serve
8 Months ago
I dont know how to make gifs work in bios XD
10 Months ago
Hello and good morning/afternoon/night pokeheroes.
10 Months ago

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Collection of gym badges

This is a collection of my gym badges from my time on here. For when i decide to go to the fourm and challenge the gyms there.

Purchased art

This is where (when im not lazy) art i bought, or my bf bought, or otherwise, will be set.
Pic 1= my shark bf
Pic 2= myself