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Trainerlevel: 6

Trainerpoints: 22/113


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
19092,486 / 108,871
12940,951 / 50,311
18382,146 / 101,017
18745,198 / 84,375
Hop pop
14920,404 / 76,077

About Me

Hi! I'm The-Line-in-the-Sand11. For your own sanity, you should probably just call me Line or Sand. I signed up for this website because one of my friends is on here so don't mind me floating around lol. I don't know that much about Pokemon, but I have played around half of Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia, so there's that I guess.

Fandoms: I'm currently obsessed with the Dream SMP (I promise I'm not a cringy stan though!), Hermitcraft, and FNAF too. I also like Deltarune, even though I've only finished chapter one. I'm currently trying to get into Kagerou Project. I'm also technically in the Cookie Run Kingdom fandom? I play the game regularly but I just start playing again after like... 5 months soooooo...
Video games: As I said before, I've played Deltarune, but I normally play Cookie Run Kingdom and sometimes Minecraft (ironic that I'm so obsessed with DSMP and Hermitcraft, both Minecraft servers, but I barely play the game myself lol) I'm in the process of finishing playing The World Ends With You and Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia.
Anime: Anime's pretty cool! I've currently watched all of Seraph of the End, season 1 of the Promised Neverland, all of Guilty Crown, and about half-ish of Saiki K. I've also started Toilet Bound Hanoko-Kun (yeah I know weird name don't judge) and I'm on episode 7-ish of Shadows House. Um... yeah my anime taste is kiinda all over the place, lol.
Roleplaying: Roleplay's pretty fun! I can't say with confidence that I'm good at it though, lol. If you ask me to a roleplay and I think it looks fun, I'll probably join. (Provided school isn't kicking my butt lmao)
Music: I love music! My favorite genre is j-pop/rock, so I mostly listen to that. I listen to E ve, Zutomayo, Co Shu Nie, and I'm getting into Haze (solely because I like hikikomori rock lmao). I still listen to some english music though, mainly Mitski and Lovejoy.

About Me cont.

The other panel got a bit long, so here's a little more stuff about me:

Gender: Demigirl
Pronouns: She/they
Sexuality: Not really sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm Pan/ace-spec.
Zodiac sign: I'm a Libra. However, I'm very introverted towards people I don't know so the whole "Libra's are known to be extraverted" thing they say on horoscope websites? Yeah, no, lol, that's not me.
Birthday: Oct 11

I live in the US of A in the Eastern time zone, so if you're trying to reach me and I don't respond, that's probably why. Either that or I'm at school. Otherwise, I'm usually pretty good at responding to things.

Misc Things

Favorite song: I've got a different one for like, each band/singer I listen to lol
E ve: Last Dance or Dramaturgy
Lovejoy: Perfume
Mitski: That's Our Lamp or Should've Been Me
Zutomayo: Study Me
Co Shu Nie: Fool in Tank
Inabakumori: Loneliness of Spring
Fish in Pool by Hekuto Pascal is also a lovely little song that more people should listen to

Favorite Color: Lavander Purple
Favorite Video Game: ...Cookie Run Kingdom
First Pokemon Game: Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
(current) Favorite Pokemon game: ... Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (it's the only one I've played -.-)
Favorite Season: Falllll

Meme Dump

Most of these are DSMP memes I found on google so here you go

(The context for why the last one is made up of Tommy and Tubbo screaming is because they're from SAD-ist Evelyn Evelyn animatic so... yuh)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #115543456
Registration: 13/05/2022 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 19:00 Hours
Total interactions: 1,123
Money: 16,729
Starter Pokémon: Marshtomp


So I went to a birrhday party for one of my aunts today, and they had the words "happy birthday" spelled in letter balloons
But some of the balloons fell off
When we left it said "pp thday".
4 Days ago
Me: Oh boy I sure can't wait to look at my YouTube recomended!
My YT recommended: Game Theory video with Ranboo in the thumbnail
Me: *falls off chair*
11 Days ago
12 Days ago
Me writing in my yearbook: I can write whatever I want in here, it's not like my mom's gonna look at it
My mom: so why did you cross out this one person?
Me: I've made a grave mistake-
14 Days ago
I take back my previous feed, my brother let me watch youtube on the tv so now I actually feel like reading :D
14 Days ago
I need to do something besides readingggggg
But my brother's already using the tv
And I don't have a phone yet
So I only has my kindle e-reader -_-
14 Days ago
First giveway I've ever participated in, ~wow~
14 Days ago
After five hundred years /j
15 Days ago
Lol my Seaking got to level 69
15 Days ago
Aaaaaa my kindle won't let me open palpad
19 Days ago
The school took away our chromebooks
I am now trapped in the black and white void of my kindle e-reader
19 Days ago
It's time to activate "begging my mo for a phone mode" now because I have to turn in my school Chromebook in 2 days
Wish me luck guys ._.
23 Days ago
sorry that one post about crk kept reposting guys! Pokehereos kept re-posting it every time my stupid Chromebook auto-refreshed the page
smh -_-
26 Days ago
istg Pokeheroes doing some weird s*it reposting the feed I made yesterday over and over again-
26 Days ago
I'm so happy :DDDDDDDDD
27 Days ago
Finally got my pride pfp!
It's Aimsey, and the art style is lovely, and I love it so much =)))
(I'm actively refusing to use the :) emoticon except to tell people that I refuse to use it)
27 Days ago
I got finally got earbuds and lemme just say: these are the weirdest thing ever. The ones I got aren't even supposed to be noise-cancelling but I can barely hear myself talk, like holy s*it-
1 Month ago


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