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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 4,271/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Roggenrola649 / 57
Butterfree1260 / 469
Pichu15434 / 721
Swablu218 / 37
Togedemaru13385 / 547
Remoraid455 / 61


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Miles || 19 || they/them

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Trainer code is 2278 5707 9205 : )

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #27622322
Registration: 11/05/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 385:00 Hours
Total interactions: 911,337
Money: 1,403,618
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


noooo I'm so dumb I accidentally send a 5 nugget sky gift D,:

I was certain it was a new day so I didn't realize until after I sent it :,)
22 Days ago
uh-oh, we're trying the wailord quest AGAIN
1 Month ago
Also, thought I was just about to be done with dealing with unemployment, since I'm working again and just have one more week I have to claim, but I saw today that they sent me an "urgent" message yesterday saying a bunch of bs I gotta do, so that's gonna be just So fun.
1 Month ago
Y'all know if Dappervolk is launching tonight? I heard about it in April from someone on here, and it looks really cool. It was supposed to launch yesterday but I forgot to go on so I checked today, and it looks like the launch got pushed back a day. I'm hopeful though!
1 Month ago
gays rock
1 Month ago
well, last 8 hours to try and make a comeback. here she is
2 Months ago
y'all should feed my wailord a berry before reset :,) I'll have to use a lottttttt of candy if I want to win, but I'm closer than I've been in the past so idk what I want to do.
2 Months ago
YES I GOT ANOTHER ZAPDOS EGG!! Gonna try to trade it for one of the other two legendary birds—still trying to finish up my Kanto dex, but not at all in a rush, so I don't really feel like spending the pd on buying them. At least both of them. So! I'm happy!
2 Months ago
Please feed my quest wailord a berry!!
2 Months ago
Question, regarding the beating Oak quests: on double days, do Oak's pokemon gain twice as many levels as they would otherwise, or does it stay the same? If anyone knows! (Accidentally deleted this the first time I posted it, oops.)
2 Months ago
(rip i accidentally deleted a post i just made... time to type it up again. sigh.)
2 Months ago
first zeraora egg after ~ 20,000 interactions
4 Months ago
don't know how long it's been there bc there was a while where i didn't really come on here, but! Just noticed there's finally a sableye plushie!! eyyyy
4 Months ago
Ayy, finally obtained the left in the dark badge. Am a little perplexed, but hey at least I have it!
4 Months ago
Heyy, haven't been on here in a while, so, sorry about that. Been super stressed depleting all of my social energy during work, and now that I have two weeks off of work, I've p much just been sleeping. Anyways, I made a dragon cave account (like half an hour ago) because I felt like it, but. The eggs can die?! I didn't know this going into it?? Now I'm ): ?? here is my cave fam
4 Months ago
#MyFavoriteMemory — I just know I could never sleep Christmas nights as a kid, out of excitement. We would decorate for santa and that always felt special. Mostly bc I was going out of my way to make someone (big fake chimney guy who thought was real at the time) happy, which felt good.
7 Months ago
it's currently 1:54 for me — just read a text sent like an hour ago from my boss asking me if I could come in at 2, and I was notttt mentally prepared to work today :') + my mouth is still numb from dentist and I have to talk like constantly @ work, so I'd probably bite both my cheeks and half my tongue off if I went in?
8 Months ago
yooo i got to pet a 6 week old weimaraner puppy at work today and he was adorable, so I'm thankful for that :3 #ThanksGiving
8 Months ago
Thought just now—I think people complain because it provides a sort of catharsis for them? speaking of which my day was exHAUSTing loll
8 Months ago
woah, 2 shinies hatched in one day, boiz! I know it's not entirely uncommon, but hey it's a first for me :)
8 Months ago


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