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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,926/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Blitzle20737 / 1,261
Raticate (Alolan)792,602 / 18,961
Illumise381,626 / 4,536
662,962 / 13,267
Ursaring42918 / 5,419

My Current aims...

- Level 200

-Complete Kanto Dex ~ complete
-Complete Johto Dex ~ 121/127
-Complete Hoenn Dex ~ 46/155
-Complete Sinnoh Dex ~ 32/138
-Complete unova Dex ~ 30/175
-Complete Kalos Dex ~ 102/117
-Complete Alola Dex ~ 24/144
-Complete Galar Dex ~ 16/129
-Complete Hisui Dex ~ 3/27
-Complete Retro Dex ~10/40

-Level 10 Silent Forest

-Level 10 Rocky Cave- Completed!

-Level 10 Windy Prairie - Completed!

-Level 10 Fiery Furnace - Completed!

-Level 10 Eternal Tower

-Hatch my first Shiny! - Completed!! Tropius!!

Unlock maps
-Marine Cave - Terra Cave - Sky Pillar - Volcano Cave - Hollow Space - Vortex of time - Spooky Manor - New Island moon - Full moon island - Submarine Volcano


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MercurySuisei 29 Days ago
kelskels 1 Month ago
TooManyRodents 2 Months ago
TooManyRodents 2 Months ago

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galaxy051 hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #629620300
Registration: 26/04/2023 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 182:45 Hours
Total interactions: 354,485
Money: 297,317
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Have I somehow missed being able to get a mew egg? I did get a plushie where was the option to get it's egg?
2 Months ago
200 pokemon that need to go in my sale tabs! I NEED the space they MUST go! Most Tropius, Ponyta/Rapidash, Blitzle/Zebstrika have silver and/or gold iv's. Offers most welcome!
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Blitzle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #51)!
Congratulations! A shiny Blitzle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #56)!

2 Months ago
I've just about had it trying to catch Nappy! just stay in the ball!!
2 Months ago
So breeding tropius, i'm lucky if i get 1-3 eggs a day, now aiming for a shiny ponyta and the things breed like rabbits! almost an egg an hour, wake up this morning to 6 eggs...!
2 Months ago
LOADS of Tropius for sale! most with 1-2 Silver and/or gold stats pm me!!

bargain price of only 550pd for silvers and 600pd for golds! or any reasonable offers
2 Months ago
Missing Kalos:
666:Vivillion -Fancy? Pokeball? Pride?
669- Flabebe - Blue
669- Flabebe - Red
671- Florges - Blue
671- Florges - Orange
671- Florges - White
671- Florges - Yellow
676- Furfrou - x3 (or Pharoh, La Reine, and Kabuki)
677- Espurr (Everstone)
696 - Tyrunt
705- Sliggoo
708- Phantump

The saving uppers...
718 - Zygarde - in all forms
719- Diancie

PD Awaiting, and Thank you to anyone who is willing to trade the above :)
2 Months ago
Missing Johto:
176:Togekiss (or a soothe bell!)
199: Slowking (or a kings Rock)
201:Unknown F,G,N,T,Y,Z
208: Steelix (or Onyx/metal coat)
221:Piloswine (or swinub!)

PD awaiting! Thank you to anyone who is willing to trade the above :)
2 Months ago
Is there any way of finding out how close you are to getting a badge or sprite?
2 Months ago
Anyone needing/wanting any Tropius? most have 1,2,3, S or G iv's. I NEED SPACE they need to go!!
3 Months ago
Yaaay! Caught a shadow ponyta!! Just the one I wanted (cost me a bomb as had to cancel catching others so many times to get the chance lol)
3 Months ago
Does anyone have a female Aurorus that they would swap for a male? mine just went and evolved before I could put a stone on it! :( now hoping to breed an Amura
3 Months ago
Any friends online that I could trade you my poliwhirl so it can evolve into politoed, to then trade back to me?
3 Months ago

Although my last feed had 10 likes,I'm gonna do a giveaway😊.
How to enter:Heart this feed, share, #seeyouguysooon
(People from my blocked list cannot join the giveaway)

1st Prize:All of my pokedollars and nuggets and 3 shiny of your choice from my collection(Shiny unown not included)

2nd Prize:My whole inventory and 2 shiny of ur choice

Consolation:(5 winners)
A shiny of your choice from my collection and 1 mega able

Giveaway end in 23rd of June.Good Luck!
3 Months ago
3 Months ago
I just hatched my first shiny!! :D
3 Months ago
So got to shadow radar!! ... what length of chain do I need to get to for there to be a shadow? feel like i'm having no luck.

Also with this event, feels like i've been clicking forever, no sign yday of Zeraora... maybe today i'll have more luck... ugh...
3 Months ago
Johto Missing:
155 - Cyndaquil
158 - Totodile
176 - Togetic
177 - Natu
182 - Bellossom
186 - Politoed
190 - Aipom (thought i had this one??)
199 - Slowking
201:Unknown bcdefghjlmnopqrstuwxyz?
207 - Gligar
208 - Steelix
209 - Snubbull
212 - Scizor
230 - Kingdra
233 - Porygon2
235 - Smeargle
236 - Tyrogue
237 - Hitmontop
239 - Elekid
240 - Magby
242 - Blissey
244 - Entei
245 - Suicune
246 - Lavitar
247 - Pupitar
251 - Celebi

If you have any of these for trade pm me :)
3 Months ago

Hello Folks!!!
How u all doing??
So as u guys know I have completed my Alola Dex
Here is the egg...

So I am hosting a giveaway!!!
Like this feed and share this hashtag #AlolaEgg

The prizes "coughs" are:
1st Position : 3 Nebula Stones
2nd Position: 1 Nebula Stone..

3 Months ago
Red Key & Box,
Green Box & Key,
Pink Box & Key,
Brown Box & Key... Pm me best offers!
3 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

galaxy051 is currently hunting Blitzle.
Hunt started: 03/07/2023

Chain: 105

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