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Trainerlevel: 91

Trainerpoints: 3,101/24,933


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Beedrill27518 / 2,269
Numel23653 / 1,657
Sunkern24323 / 1,527
Mothim24577 / 1,801
Mankey22842 / 1,519
Swirlix201,038 / 1,261

Shiny Hunt

dusk_keldeo is currently hunting Swirlix.
Hunt started: 21/05/2022

Chain: 1

About Me

0656 2956 4314main acc
8178 8669 1743 second acc

I currently have 112 / 150 emeralds!

I currently have 20 /100 old vinyl

Some things you should know about me:
I am autistic
I can't stand people who do unfair "business"
unless someone makes it very clear they are selling something, you simply don't ask for it, it's rude
I am 22
I can't play/interact much cause I have lots of work and do stuff at the last second

unless someone makes it very clear they are selling something,
you simply don't ask for it, it's rude and

Planned hunts:
egg dex
SM absol
steampunk deino

mega stones needed: 2/2

=mascot no.1
=mascot no. 2
= mascot no. 3

chain 110

=chain 58 =chain 1366
=chain 1177 =chain 66
=chain 334 = chain 2046
=chain 336 = chan 602
=fishing =3rd on site
=chain 2920 =chain 864

Gem goals

I currently have 4,206 /10 000 ice gems

I currently have 4,311 /10 000 ghost gems

Game Records

Trainer ID: #348110028
Registration: 20/05/2015 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 05/Sep/2022
Game Time: 2580:58 Hours
Total interactions: 4,583,741
Money: 434,805
Starter Pokémon: Mega Venusaur


By Bristlefrost - 10 Hours and 18 Minutes ago.
Okay since I'm quite far behind I'll do a giveaway! Like this post, share #BFFwithOldProfRowan and comment proof of feeding Lily or having fed her . You can get extra entry if you guest interact or if show proof of feeding on a different day.

Prizes are: One person will get 4 dragon gems
One person will get 3 dragon gems
One person will get 1 dragon gem

May add to these prizes. Ends when Rowan snatches Lily away.
6 Days ago
With only 24h left to live, you can barely go across the globe... I feel like
7 Days ago
I wonder if we will get a custom solar eeveelution, like a super nova one
7 Days ago
6 dust so far, 2 evolved solar eeveelutions done, gonna spare up for the shinies too, just in case I want to hunt them some day
7 Days ago
Interactions please
8 Days ago
You found 6x Dragon Gems in this treasure box!
11 Days ago
anyone need some missing plushies?
12 Days ago
Anyone got any music they recommend ? Yt links only or just song name
14 Days ago
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x The Art of Defense found!

The key breaks and becomes useless
14 Days ago
Why i keep falling for the wrong idk, but this is getting ridiculous
14 Days ago
Spoke to an old friend today, she asked: how long has it been? Me calculating and knowing it was right before the pandemic and almost saying: before everything went to the... Mmm been watching walking dead too much...
16 Days ago
16 Days ago
the legendary birds are findable in the tall grass (none actually in it btw)? how would they even end up there?
17 Days ago
So which planet would be linked to the other eeveelutions if you had to guess?
Earth for leafeon( no brainer)
Uranus for glaceon (ice giant if I remember correctly)
Venus for sylveon(kinda no brainer)
Umbreon? Saturnus/moon (rings I guess)
Espeon? Mars/eclips?(no clue)
22 Days ago
Eggs hatched: 34,991
Shinies hatched: 549
Adopted lab eggs: 7,023
Adopted daycare eggs: 22,779
Adopted tall grass eggs: 2,250
Pokémon from the Gem Collector: 522
Pokémon caught at the Beach: 22,491
Pokémon caught at the Honeytree: 104
Pokémon adopted at the Safari Zone: 27
Total interactions: 4,536,589
Berries fed: 19,424
Game Center
Coinflips: 65,018
Concentation matched pairs: 7,065
Bought lottery tickets: 10,057
Higher or Lower attempts: 337
Higher or Lower correct guesses: 1,046
Solved hangmen: 3,444
Opened treasure boxes: 12,269
Wheel of Fortune spins: 183
Spent Golden Game Chips: 232,992
Completed rumble missions: 16,360
Boss battles won: 145
Boss battles lost: 6
Harvested berries: 314,474
Watered plants: 114,073
Produced seeds: 128,345
Cooked products: 9,338
Bulletin board orders: 614
Set up auctions: 3,461
Gem Cauldron products: 135
Furfrou Haircuts: 30
Royal Tunnel attempts: 640
Royal Tunnel correct answers: 11,907
24 Days ago
Evening walk: shiny ledyba and yungoose, early route vibes
26 Days ago
1071 dp daily minimum to get back to the amount used for the shiny plushie (7500) at the end of the shiny plushie period, that's rather hard
27 Days ago
quick question, what are the 10 easiest berries to harvest?
27 Days ago
Waw, only one shiny sprite I could get already, that's promising.
27 Days ago



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