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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 8,743/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
M. Yukinooh [1OS]
(Mega Abomasnow)
659704,225 / 1,631,026
Reimu Hakurei
658984,229 / 1,541,385
Fluctus Draupner
661457,457 / 1,555,551
Snow Halation
(Black Kyurem)
659102,201 / 1,631,026
12814,852 / 49,537

About Me

█▓▒░Rumor of the Ambiguous User░▒▓█

Hiya! PH old-timer here. Just another common player~

Discord name & tag: drafang62#2739

Plushies I collect

Plushies I don't have are much more appreciated!

If you send me a Shiny/Limited plushie, I'll try to return the favor ASAP!
Plushies I don't have:
(excluding shinies & limited)

○20 DP: Deerling (Winter), Rufflet, Skrelp, Dewpider, Fomantis

○25 DP: Flabébé, Crabrawler, Salandit

○30 DP: Purugly, Vanillish, Heatmor

○35 DP: Braviary

○40 DP: Luxray, Archen, Sawsbuck (Summer, Autumn, Winter), Bouffalant, Oricorio (Pa'u, Sensu)


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Newest gifts
Niruth 10 Hours ago
Mareep_Of_Every_Season 14 Hours ago
Mareep_Of_Every_Season 14 Hours ago
Crescentsa 15 Hours ago

The Stricter About Me

1. I roam the Notification Wall, GTS and the forums very often. Just consider me commenting on your feeds to answer site questions as normal.

2. If you want to talk to me, send me a battle request, question anything about the site (even though I'm not a moderator) or buy something from me, just Private Message/ Pal Pad me (first)! I won't be hostile as long as you don't annoy, bash or be plain rude to me.

3. Feel free to add me! But for me to accept you on my friendlist, just don't post more than 3 feeds at small intervals.

4. I've never scammed anyone, so it should be safe to make a trade with me. All Pokemon in my boxes other than the UFT boxes are never up for borrowing/sale, unless I trust you.

5. I'm really forgetful, so please remind me of my actions once in a while. I can also mix up and post in the wrong thread like:
+ Gift the user above you a plushie
+ Gift the user above you a Sky Gift
+ Gift the user above you a Christmas Gift
+ Gift the user above you a Valentine Card
If I do that, then I'm incredibly sorry and will send you the correct gift, as long as you don't block me.

6. If I'm rude to you, please point it out by PM/PP-ing me so I can be a better person.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #728204232
Registration: 14/01/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1667:36 Hours
Total interactions: 911,319
Money: 817,203
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Not to sound nitpick-y, but shouldn't the chest diamond of Shiny Dialga plushie have a lighter shade of blue compared to the normal one?

For comparison:
Dialga | Shiny Dialga | plushie | shiny plushie
(repost due to a slight url mistake)
23 Days ago
SCS reminded me that clicker games like PH are really not my type after all. My arms lack stamina and keeps performing worse every mass-click session =_=
24 Days ago
I see many people post about how they did 2,000+ interactions while I did as fast as I could and got to 1,500+ ints then I'm totally spent.

How do you guys do so many? I'm genuinely curious.
24 Days ago
I wonder why out of all final stage starter plushies (excluding mega), Meganium is not 70 DP but 100 DP. Is it an error?
1 Month ago
Found all Easter Eggs!! Finally, after 4 years....
2 Months ago
Tbh, the people who exchange their nuggets for PD are so great to free2play people like me. Shoutouts to them!
1 Year ago
So I'm finally back after a long time being busy with life. I really need a refresher on all things I've missed since before October (?)...

Found 18/20 eggs today! I've learned a lot since last Easter~
1 Year ago
I wonder... what is the chance of getting a Shiny Mega without premium, but with Shiny Charm and flute usage? I hope it isn't less than 1 out of 100,000, because I will pass out if it's real. >_<

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someone got Shiny Mega Sala da Menci before me at this point. I'mma play it chill
1 Year ago
>last easter egg link on newest posts forums

why didn't i think of that
2 Years ago
>13/15 eggs
> has almost checked everywhere

i think my sanity is sliping awy form mee becas fo thsi eevnt
2 Years ago
lsahdflashflsjflsjn nvbidhvoahfoa

I'm back!
With a brand new avatar!


home sweet home
2 Years ago

Undertale clearly is a ripoff of Len'en. The most obvious proof for this is the fact that the main-character and many other characters of Undertale are "oh, what a coincidence" without a defined gender. How high do you think is the chance for this to be just a mere coincidence. Well, I am not finished yet. [...]
2 Years ago

Shiny Hunt

drafang62 is currently hunting van Bagon.
Hunt started: 17/06/2019

Chain: 13
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