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Trainerlevel: 81

Trainerpoints: 8,808/19,763


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
117219 / 41,419
Mazenta 841 / 9OS
37733 / 4,038
Heilong 6OS-1OS
960176,274 / 3,459,601
Wisakedjak Kanata/2OS
1,6136,670,274 / 9,762,684

About Me

Christian Canadian
24 y.o. | Bilingual (Eng/Chi) | INTJ

Warning: I am judgmental.
If you don't respect yourself
How can you expect others to respect you?
Have integrity and own your responsibilities.


* Online =/= Wishing to engage in conversation.
* I am blunt, sarcastic, and have opinions.

If I'm on your list or vice versa: I will not trade with you, for the duration of said blocklisting; and you are banned from my raffles and giveaways.

Buying/Trading/Selling Policy
* I'm not buying anything from anyone unless I make a "Looking For" feed.
* If I DO NOT make a post about selling/trading, then it is NOT for sale/trade.

Shiny Hunt

Argentis is currently hunting Relicanth.
Hunt started: 21/08/2019

Chain: 1

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #140814225
Registration: 04/01/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Mar/2020
Game Time: 5617:49 Hours
Total interactions: 5,701,427
Money: 2,315,193
Starter Pokémon: Charizard



Tall grass.

Heart for the current version.
Comment a pun for the previous version (if you remember it).
Today, 13:32

Won’t lie, I expected a 2000 chain.
Today, 13:08
Japan update: on my way to Kyoto, just left a ryoken with an onsen this morning.

The warnings for staying in an onsen pool are real. Don’t stay in too long or fainting will be a reality.
Today, 00:37

Beta testers: Tests new features or mini-games for bugs. Also writes reports on their thoughts on the new feature.
Yesterday, 13:36

Two words: birthday banners.
2 Days ago

If PH were not a collection-heavy game at its core, what would it be?
4 Days ago

What if there were costumes available for Pokemon, as some thought would happen as a result of the Beauty Contest being present?

That over the presence of move usage and its 5 or so styles (COOL, CUTE, CLEVER, TOUGH, BEAUTIFUL). Which, I imagine, would be much more harder to implement.
5 Days ago
In semi-related news, I got to rent a summer woman’s yukata earlier today.

Low-key wished they’d let me wear a ronin costume, but I’d been advised to not rock the boat too hard as a tourist.
5 Days ago

Would PH be enhanced if it had a multi-language option, or is it better that 97% of it is in English? (With the exception of country clubs in the forums, private messages, palpad messages, the occasional non-English notification feed)
6 Days ago

Opinion poll:
* LIKE if you prefer the living dex (that is, you need a pokemon at its specific evolution in order for it to show up in your dex)
* COMMENT A PUN if you prefer the anime/games version of the pokedex (through encounters, or from previously owning a pokemon before it evolves/trading it away; your collected pokedex data does not change)

There's no right or wrong way to feel about this. I'm primarily curious as to which people "on average" prefer.
7 Days ago
For the land of the rising sun, it’s awfully dark ‘round here.

Made it to Tokyo with only a minor headache for the trouble. Yup.
7 Days ago
Heads up: headed to Japan and should arrive in 12 hours, God willing.

Stay classy PH. Or calm, rather.
7 Days ago
And finished my puzzle entry. Just as my tablet dies.

How convenient.
8 Days ago

Word choice is what matters.
8 Days ago

I've been asked why I keep posting this hashtag. My answer is that in clicking it, one can see feeds regarding thoughts and ideas brought up with it. A sort of tagging system, though not smoothed out nor with particular unification--though enough unity to show I'm not alone in these thoughts.
9 Days ago

Is it better to shout and hope that you're heard, or to hope you spontaneously acquire telepathy to make your thoughts heard out-loud?

Sometimes, I truly wonder.
10 Days ago

A suggestion that has floated around for a good chunk of time (even before this hashtag was being used) would be for another coder or site-coder position(s) to open up on staff.

Given that I myself have no skillset in coding a website, I'm curious as to what pros/cons could be brought up regarding the subject.
11 Days ago

Although the option to quit PH is always available, via the log-out button, it's not what resisters ultimately want.

What we do want, at the end of this, is a better PH. It won't happen unless we fight for the changes needed to make that a reality.
12 Days ago

What we are looking for:
* an open discussion regarding game mechanics (such as the site's RNG)
* accountability in mods and Riako
* a definite list of inappropriate words that would result in a warning ON SITE (perhaps built into a check-page, much like the "Does this break my chain?")

Largely inconsequential personal update:

It is emotionally exhausting to be present in a hospital wait room. Perhaps even ironic that the "passing of" that I was waiting for happened shortly after I took leave of the hospital.
13 Days ago

In regards to the live-interview. There was a small (but significant) miscommunication.

Initial request for an interview.

Riako has said that he would be happy to answer questions to help improve PH, though not necessarily through a live interview.

Upon realizing this mistaken assumption, Solaire has since requested to schedule an interview.

I apologize for my mistaken assumptions about the live-interview, per my post a few days ago.
14 Days ago

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