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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 2,202/13,133


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About Me

I go by the name Aero

I'm 29, male, Bi, Single, & Ugly af
-6 Hr behind server
-Shiny Hunter
-Uses Premier Ball to catch Shiny Pokémon*

*If the Pokémon can be caught in any Poké Ball. This does not include Alola Starters, Fossil Pokémon, Gift Pokémon, Shedinja, & Ultra Beasts.

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Shiny Hunt

Xerao is currently hunting Delibird.
Hunt started: 06/12/2019

Chain: 430


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Trainer ID: #524352039
Registration: 22/07/2014 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Feb/2020
Game Time: 3121:00 Hours
Total interactions: 1,237,779
Money: 6,465,500
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Anyone have extra Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble? I'm only needing 2 of each and I'm not wanting to hunt them yet just need them for the dex also willing to buy them if need be
Today, 01:44
[Pokemon Go Piplup Community Day]
I got 5 Shiny Piplup and 1 of them is female and I wanted to get at least 1 female Shiny Piplup from this Community Day and there is still time for me because it's only 12:57 PM
Yesterday, 19:57
looking for 2 Gookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble
1 Day ago
So I came up with another character for one of my series and she is based off of Ember McLain from Danny Phantom. Her name is Ember B. Phoenix
1 Day ago
Congratulations! A shiny Delibird hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #397)!
9/15 hatched and 6 more to go
2 Days ago
I'll be needing 2 Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble at reset
3 Days ago
Well I've been getting hacked Pokemon by Flexii.YTUBE 3 times and 1 from ITSK33N.TV E from the wonder trade on my Pokemon Ultra Moon and so far I got from
Shiny Tapu Lele with Flexii.YTUBE as the OT instead of the Akala OT and 3 perfect IVs, 3 Fantastic IVs, and Pokerus
Shiny Victini with 5 perfect IVs
Shiny Guzzlord with 5 perfect IVs and Pokerus
From ITSK33N.TV E:
Non shiny Manaphy with 6 perfect IVs
To be honest I don't care that they are hacked Pokemon I'm just going to keep them because I like them and I don't battle other players on the games besides the NPC players
3 Days ago
So either I got really lucky or Nintendo knows how to make sure their 3DS can take some liquid damage. To let people know what happened one of my roommates dogs peed on my Galaxy 3DS while it was on and it wasn't damaged by that so either I got really luck or Nintendo knows what to do when it comes to making their products.
4 Days ago
is it safe to click on links yet or is that still not fixed?
5 Days ago
So I got the Pokedex entries done for my Dream Curse Munna and Musharna.

Dream Cursed Munna:
- Once infected with the Dream Curse this Pokémon is constantly in a stage of sleepwalk.
- No one knows how Munna was infected with the Dream Curse, but the end result isn't good.
- Pink rings appear on this Pokémon are the results of having the Dream Curse. No one knows how or why this happens.

Dream Cursed Musharna:
- This Pokémon is always sleeping due to the Dream Curse but is still able to attack as if it's awake.
- A new type is given to this Pokémon when it holds a Moon Stone while affected by the Dream Curse.
- Pink rings around its body is slowly draining its psychic powers. This is the effect of the Dream Curse.

Not sure if it's safe to click on links yet but these are links from PFQ and will show you the sprite I made. I promise I'm not hacked.
6 Days ago
So every link on pokeheroes bad now or just certain ones? Because people say do not click on any links around Pokeheroes
6 Days ago
I would love to figure out a Pokedex entry for the Munna I just done and well as the Musharna sprite I did but not sure how to make one or what it will say but I'll figure out something
They are named Dream Cursed Munna and Dream Cursed Musharna
7 Days ago
I would love to make a Munna Sprite similar to the Musharna Sprite on my Profile pic before but not sure how I will do it
7 Days ago
So I made this and now need to figure out how/what I'm going to use it
8 Days ago
Once I'm done with this Delibird hunt I'm going to do more hints for the SWT till I figure out what I want to get a shiny for myself/other people
9 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Delibird hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #286)! (F)
Congratulations! A shiny Delibird hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #287)! (M)

Twin Delibird
10 Days ago
I'm either having terrible luck or they made getting any shiny/albino/melanistic so much harder to get now. I have a chain of 300 eggs and only got 1 shiny Scorbunny and 2 albino Scorbunny
11 Days ago
Got my shiny Ditto on my Ultra Moon and I used the Leppa berry Recycle trick which was better than using the Leppa berry Harvest trick
12 Days ago
I draw random things and never really finish them mostly because I either can't figure out what I want in it, I can't draw legs/feet or arms/hands, or I think of something else and start drawing that.
I have 2 drawings so far that aren't finished but I have a name for them which is for my series I'm working on but the story is still being heavily worked on and I mean I'm trying to figure out what will work but to many ideas that don't work with each other
13 Days ago
So does anyone have any goals/resolutions for this year that they are set to do or get done? if so you can comment it if you like
18 Days ago

Pokédex Completion

I'm willing to help you get those Pokédex completion Pokemon if you so choose to do so. There are some guidelines/rules along the way.
1 - I am willing to help you complete each Pokédex but that does not mean I will trade every Pokemon I have just so you can complete it. Let's be honest that's so many Pokemon to trade and will take a long time to trade.
2 - Start trading back the Pokemon once you have completed the dex you wanted to complete. This is so I can help other people as well.
3 - I can't really tell you what Pokemon you need to complete the dex you want finished. Only reason why is because I may have already finished the dex before getting that certain Pokemon.
4 - Before sending a trade to me please message me via Pal pad or PM. There's no notification for someone sending a private trade. Also I will get to your message as fast as I can so please don't expect an answer right away.
5 - I may not have a Pokémon available to help you complete the dex you want finished. See 2 for the reason as to why or I just don't have the Pokémon yet.
6- Mega Pokemon and event Pokémon are not necessary to complete the Pokédex. So don't worry about getting them to complete the Pokédex.

Delibird Natures I Have


*means it hatched shiny


5,011,988 /10,000,000
Cyndaquil (Retro)
Togepi (Retro)
Mew someday I will get one