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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 13,514/21,251


This user's party is empty.


x972 x529 x195 x2,514 x183 x1,235
x493 x1,137 x720 x1,235 x1,438 x542
x1,675 x1,607 x826 x1,347 x528 x1,284


I'm collecting these items for future hunts
*to get to max chance

Shiny Hunt

Xerao is currently hunting Pidove.
Hunt started: 17/05/2024

Chain: 100

Shiny Harvest Sprites

Chef: Cook 10,000 dishes.

Nappy: Catch 500 Pokémon at the Honey tree.

Hoggy: Make 10,000,000 interactions in total.

Timid: Have at least 10 different berries at Level 100.
1/10 LV.100 Berries.

Aqua: Adopt 50,000 eggs from the lab.

Staid: Catch 10,000 Pokémon at the beach.

Bold: Adopt 7,500 eggs from the Tall Grass.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #524352039
Registration: 22/07/2014 (9 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Oct/2024
Game Time: 5018:29 Hours
Total interactions: 3,498,040
Money: 353,043
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Looking for Purple Feathers, Orange Feathers, Grey Feathers, and Ultra Saddles.
Yesterday, 09:30
Got my 3rd event Pokémon
2 Days ago
New eggs. Interaction exchange?
3 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Arceus hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #56)!
4 Days ago
Not sure what's up with PFQ but it's loading slow. So I guess I'll be on here until it's done being slow.
4 Days ago
how does Solaris evolve?
5 Days ago
I really think I need to stop hunting Arceus. Another day with no eggs and on a day that would help hatch them. I'm starting to think I should not hunt legendary Pokémon that can breed since they don't make eggs often and I have to wait a day or more just to get eggs again.
5 Days ago
I've had things happen on PFQ that I had no idea that could happen. Like an egg hatching just as you claim it from the shelter. It also says hatched by shelter team.
6 Days ago
I see why they got locked.
6 Days ago
I was replaying my Pokémon Ultra Moon and I encounter a random shiny male Salandit. Sadly I don't have any premier ball for it but it doesn't matter because once I send it to Pokémon Home I sending it in a surprise trade.
7 Days ago
Answer to my last feed
1. Truth - I do like milk and Strawberries but I hate the taste of strawberry milk.
2. Lie - I do like Ogerpon and think it's cute but not one of my favorite legendary Pokémon.
3 Truth - I do have a cat named Peanut Butter, although I wasn't the one who named her. It was her last owner who ended up abandoning her so I took her in.
8 Days ago
2 truths, 1 lie
1. I like milk and Strawberries, but I hate Strawberry milk
2. My new favorite legendary is Ogerpon but I still really love Mew.
3. I have a cat named Peanut Butter.
9 Days ago
I would like to make a banner (or someone else can) of some kind for the Item Stonks List that people can use on their profile, signature, or elsewhere.
10 Days ago
I now have a shop up.
11 Days ago
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Arceus in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!
12 Days ago
Interaction exchange?
14 Days ago
got 2 eggs from the daycare I guess they have to take a break i guess until they make more.
15 Days ago
I'll give the daycare until the 7th to get me eggs. If no eggs show up I'll take it as a sign not to hunt legendary Pokemon that can breed.
15 Days ago
🎵I'm a spectator to my own downfall
Out of body, watching myself fall in emotions
And I'm hoping that they'll be kind but they won’t
And now I’m choking on an ocean of anxiety's promotion
I’m a spectator to my own downfall
Out of body, watching myself fall in emotions
And I'm hoping that they'll be kind but they won't
And now I’m choking on an ocean
And you know where this is going, yeah🎵
16 Days ago
So should I give up this hunt? No eggs equals no shiny to hunt.
16 Days ago

Stuff to know.

Please do not comment or message me if you have me blocked I can't do that back plus it's rude to do.

I'm no longer lending out PD or Nuggets to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are honest about paying me back I've had enough people say that and not do it.

I'm an introvert and socially awkward.

-more to come when I can think of things to add here-