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Trainerlevel: 78

Trainerpoints: 16,227/18,329


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Collecting Boxes/Keys

I'm looking to buy Boxes/Keys.
119 118 81 80 71 69 66 66
62 61 69 73 83 78 27 27
My goal is to open a total of 1,000 Boxes.
Total Nuggets spent:
Total PD Spent:
Total Mystery set:

Shiny Hunt

Xerao is currently hunting Catercream.
Hunt started: 10/05/2022

Chain: 9


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #524352039
Registration: 22/07/2014 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Apr/2023
Game Time: 4322:06 Hours
Total interactions: 2,608,829
Money: 3,155,875
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Hoopa's shiny is bad I don't know why GF made it look like that.
4 Days ago
I just had a thought. Instead of having Wide Lens for the Daycare where we can see what the eggs is going to be why not have it where it just tells you the eggs is or even show you it's an event egg you are needing instead of having to wait 10mins to see if it's the event egg you need or are hunting.
5 Days ago
selling these in the GTS:
Eternal Rock x1
Hard Rock x1
Magma Stone x1
Mega Stone x7

Looking For:
Mystery Boxes and Keys of equal price for each item.
5 Days ago
What are the odds of getting event points from mystery boxes?
8 Days ago
What is the max level for all rumble areas?
9 Days ago
You have to be really lucky to catch a Beldum in BDSP or just use a Master Ball on it. For me I'm not going to try to catch it I'm waiting for Pokémon Home to be ready for it.
9 Days ago
Need to hatch 1 more Hoopa and it will be my 50th and shiny and after that I'm going to see if someone is selling a shiny Hoopa because I do not want to get to 100 of them.
10 Days ago
Anyone have an extra female Tendenne?
10 Days ago
I wish there was a way to see how many egg you hatched on past days.
11 Days ago
I might be able to beat Oak in this Oak quest. Who knows but I know that Gyarados is gaining levels pretty fast and I do have some rare candies.
11 Days ago
I won't be beating Oak.
11 Days ago
Interaction exchange? Feed a berry to Gyarados please.
12 Days ago
feed Gyarados a berry. It's 8 levels below Oak's.
13 Days ago
Please feed ???? a berry. I want to beat oak.
14 Days ago
-Oak quest-
Magikarp with ???? as it's nickname? really couldn't come up with a better name?
16 Days ago
So I'm not going to get the shiny charm in legends arceus. Only because trying to get Tornadus and Thundurus are extremely hard to get. so who needs the shiny charm.
18 Days ago
Wish I can trust people in the GTS who are selling mystery boxes/keys because when I see how much they are wanting for it and I do offer what they want my offer gets declined. So yeah.
20 Days ago
I have 207 nuggets I'm willing to sell for mystery boxes/keys (not black mystery box/key)
20 Days ago
just caught a Shiny Moltres in Ultra Moon after 626 SRs
21 Days ago
Minecraft is messing up for me. 1 I can't access the marketplace on the home screen. 2 When I pause the game the marketplace section cannot be clicked and it also says Invalid session (Try resetting your game). 3 when I get on my last world I made I have to keep removing dirt that I had already got rid of the last time I was on.
All of this has been going on since I got back to playing Minecraft since I have played it for over a month.
21 Days ago

Stuff to know.

Please do not comment or message me if you have me blocked I can't do that back plus it's rude to do.

I'm an introvert and socially awkward.

-more to come when I can think of things to add here-