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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 301/2,551


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About Me

So I like Kid Icarus, SSBU, Pokemon, and Animal crossing.

My favorite Pokemon are Sylveon, Drifloon, Gardevoir, Shaymin and Meloetta


Favorite games: Kid Icarus, SSBU, pokemon

Smash bros main:
Jigglypuff, Pit/Dark Pit

Mains I want: Dedede, Ice climbers, Daisy

Favorite SSBU DLC's:
all so far!

3ds friend code (PM me your friend code so I can add you as well :>): 1994 - 2728 - 2868

shiny hunts

name: Icia.
chain 46
tall grass eggs

broke chain

chain over 100
1 mega (chain 142)



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ThePesk is currently hunting Gastly.
Hunt started: 24/12/2018

Chain: 161
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #905969800
Registration: 20/03/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 500:35 Hours
Total interactions: 88,491
Money: 416,853
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I just found out that my favorite ship is pretty disliked
uh oh
28 Days ago
So we all know Alcremie right?
Well I just got the realization
Alcremie (in my mind) looks like floor ice cream
"Floor ice cream gives you health!" Pit says in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Coincidence? i thINK NOT---
1 Month ago
Mimikyu is precious
1 Month ago
so I'm in a discord server with me and my friends and one of the channels is going pretty well

me and my friend are spamming "Zoo wee mama" as much as we can
it's as beautiful as it sounds
even better, no-one has noticed
I love discord
1 Month ago
I fused Dark pit with a tulip so I can say Pittulip
1 Month ago
me: yo pass me the aux cord
friend: you better not play trash
me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7H1hi3lsCU
1 Month ago
uh oh
I got shadow Gyarados
time to give it a KI:U nickname because I'm still addicted--
1 Month ago
I found a Pokemon game on my phone and for some reason I wanted to name myself "ThePeskyDrifloon"
there was a7 character limit
the first 7 letters were "THEPESKydrifloon"
I found it so funny I made it my username for basically everything
kinda pathetic but eh
1 Month ago
so I drew a spooky picture of Garfield
I'm scared of my own creation
1 Month ago
2 Months ago

Me: I can imagine Pit getting stuck in a washing machine/dryer

Everyone: Is concerned for my mental health

Me: I can also draw it---
2 Months ago
While I'm am a little salty there's no evidence of a new Kid Icarus game

We got good DLC trailers and Animal crossing: New Horizons gameplay at the end

2 Months ago
Wooloo's an actual bean
I love him
2 Months ago
I made a mistake
I took Michael Jackson's face
and put it on Pit's
send it to a friend
and said "I never learned how to ree-heed"
what did I do
2 Months ago
honestly what is my life anymore
2 Months ago
hey quick thing
Zapdos, Magearna, Cobalion, Heatran, Lugia and a Regirock UFT on Pokefarm
I've had them for a while and there honestly taking up space so anyone who wants them for free pm me
2 Months ago
The legs on the bus go step step step
3 Months ago
so kid icarus made me cry
am I weird or is this normal?
3 Months ago
so uh
I got kid Icarus: Uprising and I accidentally started without knowing the controls and I have'nt opened my 3ds for a while because I don't want Pit to die. Help
4 Months ago


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