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Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 1,811/6,673


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Rigatoni (9thOS)
239153,651 / 172,081

About Me

Nickname: Suineko | Realname: Carley
Gender: Yes. Wait that's not-
Location: In the woods of Florida, USA
Birthday: Aug.27.1992

-Mean, in the nicest way
-Prone to rage
-Friendly, selectively

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Shiny Hunt

Suineko is currently hunting Impasta.
Hunt started: 03/02/2019

Chain: 105

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #436104487
Registration: 07/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Aug/2019
Game Time: 885:38 Hours
Total interactions: 231,278
Money: 20,898
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


I have to remind myself if i'm going to sleep then I need to sleep at or before 3pm or i'm going to be melting and sweating from the sun aiming into my window.

You would think I would get blinds but, my paranoid self thinks the cats will eat them I will go back to having to get new ones once a month again.

I wish they sold wooden ones easy and cheap. I swear I never see them in the stores. Probably could try online but, eh.
(Somebody come make me some, dark oak wood to match the brown curtains. please thanks.)

Actually, I forget my window size. I used to know from us having to go buy some all the time. Thanks and RIP cats that used to eat them.
Yesterday, 20:50
"You received 1x Uxie Egg Voucher!"

Finally got another lake trio~
Now just Mesprit and i'm done with them. >:3
2 Days ago
[And I oop]
3 Days ago
Wow..shadow radar is being nice to me and letting me get shadowmons under 100 chains.

Now to save up for another slot somehow.
7 Days ago
> Pasta eggs
[Increased chance of mega-able!]
> No Pasta eggs
[Increased chance of shiny!]

Why have you forsaken me?
In your eyes forsaken me?
8 Days ago
Sad bonus day once again because daycare decided to be dry and not have pasta eggs.

Oh well, at least Rigatoni got some nice levels.
I might try to get one more shiny and then stop the hunt. I would love to have a shiny to sell but, I don't think this hunt will be that nice.
12 Days ago
Seeing videos about people roasting Sword and Shield animations is funny and I enjoy them because it's true. I have not seen any new trailers for the games other than the starters being announced so, I didn't know or think there was an issue.

The one I watched was the one about Wingull animation. Which looking at the footage made me legit say "Ooh noo...why did they leave it like that? They're still working on that right? RIGHT? Nintendo, tell me it's lies!". ; u;

Or they can just made some cheap DLC or something later to improve it if they have to?

Not sure why I care since I won't be able to play it. No Switch, lel. We shall see. We got some time.
13 Days ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 6 Years now!"

No new one yet once again.
I wonder if there's a new one coming, So far it's been a new one coming out after me getting it the 3rd time.

Now I have 3 Slurpuffs and 3 Komalas. ; w;
14 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Impasta hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #86)!"

18 Days ago
Selling lots of thing on the GTS for PD.
You can offer nuggets too.
As long as it's a fair offer, I might accept it. :3

(Still swapping dark boxes for dark keys)
19 Days ago
Ravioli, ravioli, please give me shiny pastaoli...this hunt is getting stupid.

Sure it's still under 100 eggs but, so many vine eggs instead of pasta eggs.
You know how it be.
30 Days ago
I think it's been 3 days since pokefarm was borked but it feels like 4 days. Sad times.

I've been too busy playing GPX to get my hatch and clicking fix. Since I can't hatch anything here, lel.
So much for that plan. Maybe when I get tired of gpx i'll come spend time here. ; u;b
1 Month ago
Still now pokefarm so now I gotta do pokehereoes. ; w;

But hey, I did say I wish I had time for this site sooo....win-win situation. I was doing to some good clicking when I woke up so that's a good start. I think I did 2k in 2 hours maybe?
It's faster on my phone though so, might not click as much since i'm on pc, lol.
Thanks WiFi. u mu

I'm going to try to click more still anyways. Don't mind the screaming from your local PF players who might flock here in the meantime while the support people make us suffer.
1 Month ago
Swapping 5 Dark Blue Boxes for 5 Dark Blue keys. :3
1 Month ago
[Swapping 100kPD for 100kC.]
I would like to swap my dollars on pokeheroes for your credits on pokefarm.
- I have 700kPD for swaps.
- Not really in need of gold right now.
(I wouldn't mind Zophans huehue)

Exchange rates would be (to me) :
1kPD/C:1Gold (5G:1Z)
(Example: 100kC/D = 100G)

You can comment here or send a message.
(Whenever I get my brain working, I will add this and more to my trade thread)
1 Month ago
had 700ish golden chips.
2 golden boxes, some golden and normal game chips.

Got a Drill and Monitor from the golden boxes.
1 Month ago
Me on Pokefarm: Gib me melan teepee!
me on Pokeheroes: Gib me the pasta eggs!

Always yelling at the screen one way or another. ; w;
1 Month ago
"Hey, Suineko! We recently found 18 eggs in our daycare."

Oh sure, when I don't visit the site all day you guys want to make eggs. *squint*

Let's see if any of those are pasta eggs though. Knowing my bad luck maybe like, 2 of them are. Would be great to get 5 at least.
1 Month ago



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