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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 1,247/7,251


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Shiny Hunt

ShadeKinoSoul is currently hunting Growlithe (Hisuian).
Hunt started: 18/10/2022

Chain: 47

Game Records

Trainer ID: #691938238
Registration: 18/10/2019 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1669:55 Hours
Total interactions: 309,246
Money: 50,467
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Cheddar Cheese.
13 Days ago
So…who do I recognize? I have a suspicion that at least a few people changed users
13 Days ago
Wow; I forgot about this site.
14 Days ago
I leave for a while and come back to IVs and Family Trees
2 Months ago
Update to my Things Hyped about SV now that I beat SV

- Was Hyped For

Ceruledge, Smoliv - Still amazing; used on my main team

The new gym puzzles - Some are cool the others are eh

4 Player Multiplay - Still amazing; just don’t have 3 friends who don’t have SV

Gigachad Professor - Turo ftw

Terrastalizing - Ended up using it less than I thought

Customization - Let me get out of this damn uniform

Penny - Second Favorite Character in the Game Franchise, Arven is my first favorite

- Wasn’t Hyped For

Sandwich Making - I swear if this damn avocado falls off this sandwich again.

TM Crafting - Didn’t even craft or use TMs

The Pokemon just standing there in the overworld - Well they move abit more… Wish they could run in battle like PLA

Mela - I still don’t like her design
2 Months ago
Do y’all even remember me?
2 Months ago
I’m alive but by barely
2 Months ago
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Oh nice
5 Months ago
1. Favorite Anime: One Piece / Diasterous Life of Saiki K
2. Favorite Show: Pokemon
3. Favorite Color: A nice deep purple
4. Favorite Food: Orange Chicken, Chicken Alfredo, Meatball Sub
5. Favorite Activity: Rping
6. Favorite Animal: Sugar Glider
7. Favorite Soda/Other Drink: Fanta or Pepsi
8. Favorite Song: Open your Heart by Crush 40
9. Favorite Book: The Pokemon Adventures Manga
10. Favorite Dessert: Tiramasu
5 Months ago
I know it won't happen but I hope that level ups in Scarlet and Violet happen after battles, the lvl gain sound imo ruins any immersion you could have
5 Months ago
Any interesting Pokemon focused rps? Cause I've got one in the works
5 Months ago
Still afraid of kids
5 Months ago
DEAR LORD INTERRACTING IS SO MUCH SMOOTHER ON SWITCH, next gonna see if I can access discord
5 Months ago
Posting this from my switch!
5 Months ago
Things I am and am not hyped for [Scarlet and Violet]

- Hyped For
Ceruledge, Smoliv
The new gym puzzles (Unless they're as choppy as those Sunfloras)
4 Player Multiplay
Gigachad Professor

- Not Hyped For
Sandwich Making (IMO Curry made more sense due to usage of Berries and not food that looks made for a toddler play set)
TM Crafting (Why must I commit Snom genocide to make Icy Wind)
The Pokemon just standing there in the overworld, hopefully that changes
5 Months ago
The existence of wild Alpha Magmortar and Electivire say that their evo items are actually a natural resource despite seeming to be incredibly man made.
5 Months ago
Oh look guys its my greatest achievement, Wario Land 4 on the Gameboy Advanced
5 Months ago

Apply Pie is delicious
5 Months ago
Interact Exchange?
2 Years ago


1st Os Shiny Dracovish
Thanks to my GF, who helped me get it



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