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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 851/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Magearna218 / 24
Shuppet13 / 6
Shuppet11 / 6
Shuppet12 / 6
Shuppet13 / 6
Shuppet11 / 6

Idk!ploosh hoard!

hai how you doin!

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Abt. me

Hello welcome to my Profile ill tell all abt me:
I am a fox furry :D (plz dont be rude towards me for being a furry)
Single or Taken: Taken✨
Sexuality: Lesbian and Agender
Pronouns: They/Them/Their/It's/It
Gender: Agender
Fave color: red
Disorder: Autism
Fave show: Hazbin Hotel, helluva boss, Stranger things, and My Hero Academia.
Fave podcast:6 minutes
Fave animal: Dogs and guinea piggies.
Fave game:Roblox (I like to drop kick orphans there),Minecraft
Fave food: Sushi and ramen
Fave book: The miscalculation of lightning girl
I do some animations (I've done 2 so far and working on one right now! ^^
Usernames I had and now I have:Octo_boy121--->Naruto-Uzumaki---->SCP-049---->Izuku_Midoriya>King_Techno>Red_Bean
Block: if you block me first then I would block you back and if you are being mean or cussing then I would block you and for reasons and don't attack me or use your friends to ask why or attack me.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #991770339
Registration: 05/05/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 796:20 Hours
Total interactions: 72,950
Money: 105,676
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


I've added something new in my contacts ^^
4 Days ago
School is in 2 weeks greeat hhhh :/
4 Days ago
My week been interesting that my downstairs got flooded- luckily my house is getting fixed at this point
5 Days ago
Good luck everyone!
5 Days ago
so how is life going for y'all!
7 Days ago
Hullo everyone how is y'all doing (it's like almost 2 and im sleep deprived :')
11 Days ago
I hope this year at school is better than last year (last year sucked :/
18 Days ago
hello everyone how are y'all! (i keep going offline a lot but I'm trying to be on here a lot but I might end up having a break so ya!
29 Days ago
did anyone do anything fun yesterday? (i got an energy drink yesterday so that was nice and there was a wild fire yesterday 20 mins away from my house so that was also nice XD
1 Month ago
There was a wildfire in a park and a dollar general 10 or 20 minutes away from my house. It was in my neighborhood area and so many people evacuated,I've lost power for a few hours and was very scared and shaking but everything is okay now hopefully no one's house got burned down.
1 Month ago
how is everyone doin (im a bit sleep deprived and its like 3 am
1 Month ago
wooooooo tomorrow volume 2 of stranger things comes outtttt
1 Month ago
in a thunderstooooormmm (yayyy)
1 Month ago
eeeeee yay finally rain todayy (hopefully i get a tornado warning :')
1 Month ago
idk if it's me or not but I randomly hear a vacuum (its 12 am my time) like who the fluff vacuums at 12 am (everyone is asleep
1 Month ago
yesterday me and my friend went to hot topic and then we went to austins park and pizzas (i raced on the go karts with my dad and went on the roller coaster like 20 times and hurt my leg XD
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
mah birthday issss innn 2 dayyyysssss :D (im exciteddddd)
1 Month ago
I've added the game that my friend and I made on my contacts list! (if yall have any suggestions pp/pm/or comment !)
2 Months ago
i woke up at 11 am today by the tornado siren (hhhh i forgot it was a test today and i started freaking out but i am now awake for the day) my family and I went to the park with a lake i got to see ducks and i saw an egg it was fun
2 Months ago

Pokeheroes family:

Sister- KaiFIREYREDninjago2007
guinea pig-
dog- AmaterasuNarancia
Spider on my wall-Hollow-Masks
Demon Snek-The_Radio_Demon
The guinea pig-Mommy_Flare
Thicc Chicken-Aspen
Smol demon dragon that steals your garlic bread-MadisonDaDragon
the cool uncle that lets you drive his golf cart-UncleNugget
my chaotic witch sibling-SmolBeanRey
The Sneek-Gl1ch-
Lil human fox-~Eevee~
My other sis:SpeedWag0n
more will be added soon!



Pixilart:Red Bean @RedTheHusky

Gmail:[email protected]

Roblox:Pusheenthecat138 (display name:RedBeanTheFox)
Animation TikTok:RedBeanAnimatons @redbeananimations

Spotify:Red Bean

Shiny Hunt

Red_Bean is currently hunting Shuppet.
Hunt started: 28/07/2022

Chain: 40
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