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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 856/3,923


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✨️ The Kecleon Shop ✨️

Hello traveller! Are you in need of Event Pokémon? Or perhaps looking for some Shadow Pokémon? Look no further than our Kecleon Shop, run by Expecto_patrONIX and me, Lavender_Luxray and definitely not run by any Kecleon whatsoever.
Consider visiting our shop here!


Art by Lavender_Luxray. Do not repost this art!

✨ About me ✨

She/Her | 23

~★~★~Hello, welcome to my page! ~★~★~

I'm a huge Pokémon fan and PH seems like a lot of fun too! Feel free to sent me plushies as I find the art really cute. If I can, I will try to send plushies back!

Everything in my for sale/trade box is (almost) always available! Palpad message or private message me with offers if you're interested in buying or trading for them! (Some might also be for free). Visit my shop too, co-run with Expecto_patrONIX (link is on my profile!).

But please, do not send random private messages! If it's not related to PH stuff, I will likely ignore it, especially if it's from minors (it makes me really uncomfortable). I'm totally fine with casually interacting on feeds or helping out with PH stuff, though!

Other stuff about me:
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My top 3 favorite Pokémon are Luxray, (Unovan) Samurott and Gardevoir. I also really like Spheal, Bulbasaur, Silvally, Flygon, Reshiram, Espeon and Cubone.

I am a Shiny Hunter and hunt a lot in the mainseries Pokémon games. My favorite shinies are Luxray, Flygon, Gardevoir and Milotic!

My favorite Spin-off Pokémon game series is Pokémon Ranger (very underrated in my opinion!)

I like to draw and I occasionally make plushies. I also collect Pokémon plush IRL

✨ Completed Hunts ✨

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Shiny Luxray (Chain #122). Obtained: 22-2-23
Shiny Gallade (Chain #170). Obtained 28-3-23
Shiny Gardevoir (Chain #156). Obtained 22-4-23

Feel free to interact and help me train them!


Last Action
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #475971276
Registration: 06/02/2023 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 300:23 Hours
Total interactions: 748,036
Money: 50,255
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


I would love it if I got some eggs from the daycare soon...
Today, 13:11
Hello all! Expecto_patrONIX and I have decided on an additional way to enter our #KecleonShopOpening giveaway! You can also comment on the original giveaway announcement post for 1 extra entry (once). You can find this post in the feed of my profile or by scrolling down after clicking on #KecleonShopOpening !

Additionally, if the post gets on the trending page, we will give anyone who is already entered one extra entry as well. Good luck!
Today, 07:59
Help out AlmightyConqueror with their Rowan Quest by feeding their Dragonite, if you can! #FinalTime
Yesterday, 07:08
By CT-9904 - 1 Hour and 23 Minutes ago.
I'm leaving and so I'm gonna do a giveaway


2 entries MAX per person
Like = 1
Share = 1

1st place = choice of either Kanto bird trio or 1447070 pd (in addition to some items)
2nd place = the option 1st didn't choose (in addition to some items)
3rd place = all my legendaries and shinies
Yesterday, 01:13
Hello all! To celebrate the opening of the Kecleon Shop run by Expecto_patrONIX and me, Lavender_Luxray, we have decided to host a big giveaway! To enter, follow these steps:

1. Heart this feed (1 entry)
2. Share this entire post and/or share the hashtag #KecleonShopOpening (1 entry, daily)
3. Add us to your friendlist (2 entries if you add both of us)
4. Subscribe to the forumpage of the shop here! (optional)

1. Shiny Kecleon
2. 1 Event Keggleon and 1 Frosty Kecleon
3. 1 Event Keggleon and a Kecleon Plush
4. 1 Event Keggleon
5. A Kecleon Plush

The giveaway ends at June 9th 11 PM CET. Good luck everyone!

P.S. the first three people who order from our shop will get one free Keggleon each!

Link to the shop: Kecleon Shop.
4 Days ago
Do we know for sure if the Mew event is happening this year? If so; when does it usually start and how many DP is required to get a regular Mew?
8 Days ago
I love it when you want to bid on an auction and the servers go down for a bit, so your bid doesn't go through 🫠
11 Days ago
I just completed the Alola dex by lending the last Pokemon I needed from expecto_patrONIX and with the help of PenguinPowerful s wonderful Pokedex Lending Service. Thank you all so much for helping out, I can now hatch my very own Type:Null 🥺
14 Days ago
Looks like a new event is happening tomorrow, huh. Excited to see what it'll turn out to be 👀
16 Days ago
Finally obtained a Ditto! Thank you for trading with me on the GTS~
18 Days ago
I'm singlehandedly going to fill up eggs in the Tall Grass before I'll get an event egg, aren't I? 💀
19 Days ago
Umm... apprently I got a Shiny Gardevoir from regular wondertrade and I've only just noticed now.... thank you, I guess! (I hope it wasn't done by mistake...)
21 Days ago
Yoooo? I just got a random lab shiny!!!
21 Days ago
23 Days ago
0 more Dream Points have to be spent at the Dream World Shop until new Plushies are added to the shop.

25 Days ago
I would love to get another event egg from my breeding pair please 🤞
1 Month ago
Managed to get the Shiny Ho-Oh Plushie! ✨️
1 Month ago
Updated my profile pic! No big changes this time, just a new picture of Luxray 💙
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #156)!

OMG! She's modest nature too, which is great for Gardevoir!
1 Month ago

✨ Future Shiny Hunts ✨

Shiny Event Pokémon (unsure which yet, maybe Sandwebble )



~✨~✨~ ~✨~✨~



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