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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 4,400/13,939


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Glistering Cool Stuff!

Shiny Legend


Shiny Vivillon Pattern


Retro Shiny

Chillin' and all casual!

I'm casual about this game, I refrain blocking unless you're extremely obnoxious, which I would still find alternatives to blocking. In these 2 years, I haven't blocked anyone and yes I'm friendly<3🎉
I eat pokemon
I try to put fun texts to my GTS trades and plushies etc + it makes everyone happy 😊 and it's fun to do it too! Go have a nice day!💕
(Feel free to contact me if you want to buy anything in my for sale box! I'd love of you could quote a price first<3)



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taurtis 1 Day ago
Deniedjuggler27 1 Day ago
Bayleef 3 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #995578511
Registration: 30/04/2020 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 06/Jul/2023
Game Time: 1884:05 Hours
Total interactions: 3,828,817
Money: 3,632,191
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Congratulations! A shiny Vanillite hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #126)!

That's the last shiny and I'll be selling each Vanillite egg @ 4kpd. Send me gift with the money.
I may take a while to send to egg link cause I don't play much in mornings and afternoons, just at evenings(my time)
7 Days ago
If it wasn't obvious enough, in kinda less active than before these days...
So what happened is I simply got less interested in ph🙁 as life goes on as a student but anyway I'll still be around, occasionally coming in to engage the tall grass hahaha!😜
Palpads to me will take longer to reply and I may not really bother with setting trades that much unless it's to help people! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Cheers!😊
8 Days ago
Selling my lickitung hunt! 🎉✨
Each egg is 10kpd if it's shiny, it'll be yours! You can "gift" the pd
It's a "hard" hunt, so let that golden tongue get a taste of your sweet sweet candy stash🍬🍫🍭. Maybe then will it grow some tooth to accompany that long tongue 👅!
13 Days ago
Havnt been the most active recently with the lunar new year celebrations(search it up if you've never heard lol) but I'm back again now, somewhat. It's weird but I find that ph is a game I play more of when I've got to attend lessons:/ Maybe it's how it fits the quick 5 min break times!🤔
Anyway I come back with the offer of selling my lickitung hunt! 🎉✨
Each egg is 10kpd if it's shiny, it'll be yours!
Let that golden tongue get a taste of your candy stash🍬🍫🍭
13 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Axew hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #250)!
Oh god! User striker22 hatched this shiny Axew after sending me a limited plushie for an egg🥚.
While I no longer need anyone to send plushies, the deal of 15kpd/egg has been lowered to 14kpd/egg!🥳🎉
23 Days ago
Yay found my Shiny Vivillion Marine About more than 100 encounters lol!🥵 It was toooo close, I saw the shiny exit my screen quickly but it finally reappeared at <1min mark!
Though I had to do many more rounds for it hahaha 🤣
24 Days ago
This offer was successfully exchanged with xxx.
Offered by: Homework_sis
Offer Looking for
Dragon Gem (x11)
Rock Gem (xxx/95)
Ahh of course I accidentally set the wrong trade up... 😭
26 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Axew hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #133)! Got all 3!🥳
Gotta praise the good ol' RNG lord's for granting me the 3 shiny✨ Axews recently!
It's a pretty lucky chain so out it goes for rent.🎉 It's 15kpd/egg! And yes, before you come at me for the price, it's of "hard" rarity😢 and ~10k ehp🙁.
I appreciate any buyers 💕 and totally understand if you're not interested because it's slightly costly:)🎁
28 Days ago
Ahh we're losing users lol. But on a serious note, don't ever force yourself to play a game if you're bored. Wish you peace!😀
29 Days ago
Wow happy birthday. Funny giveaway name eh!
1 Month ago
Want to complete your Plushie collection? 😀Whether you are a collector or a hoarder, send me 1kpd🎁 and I'll send a plushie your way.💕🧸 (Missing will take priority, state otherwise<3)
Oh and I'll be attaching little messages in these plushies (typically about the Pokémon)🐘🦓🐅
1 Month ago
Damn that bounty of 1mil pd hahaha... Bad sad to hear you going more inactive:/
1 Month ago
Wish ya a happy birthday too!
1 Month ago
Homework_sis is currently hunting Numel.
Hunt started: 19/12/2022

Chain: 547
13✨ 15🌑 0 ✨🌑
Looks like I have to end this hunt soon...
Eggs are dry; Mega cuff running out; 2X day coming soon etc ...
It was a fun hunt, I'll be sure to retry when the conditions are right:) 🐅
Good luck hunting, everyone. 😀Wish you better luck than me ✨(not that I deserve an SM at such an early chain lol) 💕
1 Month ago
Yes new year, new stuff.
(Also set up some shadow trades in gts:)
1 Month ago
New year vibes inching upon us...
1 Month ago
Lol happy birthday... To your zaican hahaha! Love how pokemons have birthday giveaways too<3
1 Month ago
Wow so many giveaways now that new years coming!
1 Month ago
Wow that's one generous giveaway!
Hmmm what happened for me exactly lol:
- Rejoined the game hahaha!
- SM riolu, Ponyta, banette
- Got into shiny hunting here again✨
- Grinded and grinded
- Made the numerous new friends here!🥰
Wonder what will the new year bring🤔!
1 Month ago
It's Christmas ⛄! Send your Christmas gifts🎁 to me and I'll return with a plushie with message:)
Have a blessed Christmas everyone!
1 Month ago

Future hunts

Ultra Beast hunt 72/100

Zekrom hunt 32/100

Palpad me if you have please/or even better, just directly set up private trade! thanks<3
P.S. I'm like a really friendly guy, won't get angry easily so like yeah let's all just have fun



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