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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 2,653/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Corviknight39400 / 4,533
Binacle311,779 / 2,977
Cottonee31246 / 2,977
Ampharos351,437 / 3,572
Luxray352,076 / 3,572
Koffing312,810 / 2,977


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #373868843
Registration: 23/05/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 711:35 Hours
Total interactions: 483,215
Money: 40,461
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Part of the reason why I chose this username is because, whenever I get an email from pokeheroes, it starts with "Hey, Friend!" It's like I'm getting a message from a buddy, and it never fails to brighten my day a little.
Also the confusing "friend has been added to your friendslist!" message is pretty funny
3 Months ago
Shiny hunting must be horrible for the Pokémon. Imagine. You are Pokémon number 32, newly hatched from the egg. You get your first glimpse of the world, of your new trainer. You are filled with excitement and hope, gearing up for future adventures!
You are immediately chucked into a box. You cry but no one answers. No one ever will. Nothing to do. Your life darkness. Isolation. No one will save you. You will never leave the box. You and hundreds of thousands of others suffer the same fate. Worthless. Not wanted. Forgotten.
All because you were the wrong color.
5 Months ago
"Why did the snail die when he heard your opinion?
Because he took it with a grain of salt!"
Hows that one, guys
10 Months ago
If you're ever short on money, you should become a mercenary. Cause they make a killing!
1 Year ago
Guys, I found out where hippopotamuses go to learn! Its called "hippocampus"
1 Year ago
Thanks! You guys are cooler than the guy I keep in my freezer
1 Year ago
I was at the dollar store and the products started floating. I guess the prices were so low that stuff was literally flying off of the shelves lol
1 Year ago
people be constantly moping and complaining about their problems instead of trying to fix them and then wondering why their lives haven't gotten any better
1 Year ago
NEVER use chicken broth instead of water to make pancakes. Worst mistake of my life
1 Year ago
When you lay your eggs in the skull of another unlucky victim 😍
1 Year ago
milk so good you can call it legendairy
1 Year ago
inbred cat
1 Year ago
Purebred cat
1 Year ago
Poke heroes needs to change it's rules so that only people at the age of 13 can register an account. Jesus Christ on a paper plate, the stuff that goes on here is terrifying.
1 Year ago
What type of music do flowers listen to?
... Death petal. :-D
1 Year ago
shredded cheese is really grate
1 Year ago
Damn I see people being all self deprecating on here. STOP. By making these jokes, and using yourself as a punchline, you are only reinforcing negative thoughts. This is a perfect way to make yourself feel worse, and make other people concerned. I would know. Instead of making jokes with the punchline "I want to die hahahaha" you should get some help, because you deserve it.
1 Year ago
when a woman has an adams apple it's not an adams apple it's a madams apple
1 Year ago

Hey. I am friend. Thank you for visiting this page. I hope I can be a friend to you and many others.

Message me at any time. I love to put my paradigm out there and compare it to those of others.

I send missing plushies to disappeared/ permanently locked users. Message me some permanently locked or 1 year or more inactive users, I'll add them to my list and give them some plushies.

But I'm afraid I've said too much. Take good care of yourself, buddy.

hurr remind to self come back to the site and finish your hunt durr 1 million nuggets urrr


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